I Alone

by Taryn

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The song "I Alone" belongs to Live and Loco de Amor Music.

It's easier not to be great
And measure these things by your eyes
We long to be here by his resolve
Alone in the church by and by
To cradle the baby in space
And leave you there by yourself, chained to fate.
I alone love you
I alone tempt you
I alone love you
Fear is not the end of this

Lotor paced the confines of his room in Castle Doom like a caged animal. Shards of glass from the broken mirrors crunched under his booted feet on the cold stone floor. Anyone who happened upon the prince of Doom would have seriously doubted his sanity. He muttered to himself incoherently as he paced, pausing only to emphasize a particularly vehement curse by kicking a piece of glass at the wall.

Suddenly Lotor stopped pacing, threw back his head, and howled in agony. "Allura!" In a rage, he swung around and surveyed his chamber, looking for a new outlet for his destructive temper. Finding nothing intact, he sank down to the floor and buried his head in his arms. He welcomed the cuts in his skin from the broken glass as a reminder that he was not a complete cyborg. "There has to be something Hagar can do," he told himself in despair. "She can create robeasts from living creatures. Surely the old witch can make me whole again." He cursed the Alliance butchers who had done this to him, but the familiar litany failed to distract his shattered mind.

"Allura." The whimper escaped him against his will, but did it really matter now? Only one person could ever make him whole again, and she saw him as a repulsive monster. If only he had his beautiful looks back, he could make her understand. He could make her see how much he loved her.

Why didn't she understand? He would never hurt her. He loved her too much to ever see her in any type of pain. If only she'd give him the chance…

But no. Every time Lotor had her alone, that damned captain showed up and ruined everything. If Lotor had vowed revenge on the Alliance butchers who passed themselves off as doctors, the torments he had in mind were nothing compared to those he planned for Keith. Lotor jumped up and resumed pacing frantically, almost powerless under the grip of his hate.

"He's poisoned her mind against me!" he raged. "She doesn't love him. She can't possibly…" Lotor threw himself at the wall and pounded it with his fist, heedless of the blood that began to run down his good arm. He had to make her understand. He'd seen something in her eyes when he was beautiful again, something he hadn't seen in years. "Desire," he told himself. "She wanted me. She would have given in to me! But then he showed up." Lotor snarled. He would rip Keith's throat out with his bare hands! "No," he told himself with a cold smile, "that would be much too quick. He has to die slowly. The last image he'll see will be his precious Allura in my arms. Willingly, when his control over her breaks."

He laughed in delight at the thought, and in the nature of the dream dimension, he lost himself in the visions that began to unfold before his eyes. Keith lay in a pool of blood on the ground, crying feebly for Allura. His power over her faded with his life, and Allura suddenly broke his hold and ran to Lotor, throwing herself into his arms and kissing him passionately. "It was always you, wasn't it, Lotor?"

"Yes, my love," Lotor whispered, lost in the dream. "He was poisoning your mind. I alone love you."

"Yes, I see that now," Allura breathed, staring deep into his golden eyes. "I love you. I always have, but Keith held me back."

"Sh, my dear, I understand. Let's leave all this behind. Nothing matters now but you and I."


Hagar stood in the doorway to Lotor's chambers and surveyed the destruction. She shook her head at Lotor, covered with his own blood and smiling at a dream only he could see. "How could you do this to your own son, Zarcon?" she whispered. Turning to go, she took one last look before shutting the door and leaving Lotor in the peace of his dreams.


Allura stood alone in the observation room of the Castle of Lions, watching the sunset stain the clouds and sky blood red against the evening stars. Tears welled in her eyes as the memories of the day's mission flitted through her mind. She turned as she felt a gentle hand on her shoulder and smiled when she looked up at Keith.

"Dinner's ready," he told her softly. Hesitating a moment, he took both her shoulders in his hands. "Ally, are you okay?"

Allura's smile turned sad. "It's just so tragic, Keith. How can anyone live like that?"

"I don't know," Keith answered, watching her closely.

"Keith," she began, then paused uncertainly, biting her lip.

"What is it?"

"Do you think there's a chance that he could be saved?"

"What?" Keith cried, his gentle expression giving way to incredulity. "Allura, he's a murderer. If he had his way, you'd be chained up in his bed right now, and the rest of us would be dead!"

Allura shook his hands off her arms and turned back to the window. "All he has ever known is hate, Keith. It's not his fault…" Her voice trailed off and she shook her head. 'Only love can save us now,' her mind finished the thought. "It's not important. Let's go."

She smiled up at him as they left the room, but Keith noticed that her smile did nothing to alleviate the veil of sadness covering her eyes.


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