Sven's Thoughts

She frightens me,
I know not why.
She loves me,
And I do not feel
The same way.

I cannot tell,
For fear,
Of the destruction
I might cause
Too much, too many
Have died,
Because of me.

I cannot tell,
I must play
She frightens me (to death)
And yet I've felt,
Her fingers dance upon
My flesh.
Felt her lips,
On my own,
Soft and gentle.

Why am I afraid?
The one who lies,
Beside me now
He knows.

One Last Time (Sven)

Where am I?
Oh, pain!
Such pain….
Such agony
Surely death is not
Too far?

Oh, where am I?
Who are you?
Who kneel above me?
Flash of red,
Splash of blue,
I know you.
You, my friends-
My love-
Help me.
Please help me.
I need you,
One last time.
Be there,
Oh, please.
If I never ever
See you again
One last time, tell me-
A planet?
Where I may heal?
Get me there,
Oh, love.
One last time.
Help me.
I need you-

Alone (Keith)

I am so alone.
I feel it.
In my blood, my bones
Crushing my heart
Bleeding my soul.

I must not show it.
I must not.
I have responsibility.
They should not have
To worry about me
I am their captain.

I am so alone.
Oh, God!
So lost.
I am alone.
I was never
Good enough
Strong enough
For them.
OH, God.

They must not know!
No, no!
Because of me!
One is,
And another...
Lies close
To Gods hands
Oh, my Lord...
What am I,
To do?

One last...
Depends on me.
I cannot lose
OR I shall lose

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