Crawl: Author's Notes and Comments

by Becca

Warning!!!!! This is my first songfic, my first yaoi umm kinda (no I mean This is kinda a yaoi more like a hint of it...I will be writing my first Shounen-ai/Yaoi ever, also there is two different versions of this there will be two different versions of this songfic.

Authors note: k first of all...I wrote this before I finally got to see the Show....anyhoo...The reason I bring this all up is cause the only real info I had on this show (which by the way I is one of my all time fave's even though I hadn't at the time ever seen it...8 others including WieB Kreuz/Wisse Kreuz (never saw that on either), YYH, Ronin Warrior/Samurai Troopers, Fushigi Yuugi and um...don't laugh this was the show that got me hooked on Japanese Anime.. Classic Voltron **innocent look...starts to whistle = O ** ) is from what I have managed to dig up from about 200 hundred sights that I have visited on this show (which by the way I found out truly by accident cause I was looking for stuff on Ronin Warriors/Samurai Troopers). Also I umm, never thought about reading the yaoi part of the fanfictions before until a friend of mine told me about this one story that she started to read by mistake (Yeah I know what your thinking...Yeah right...right?...that's what I said too lol) anyhoo...she realized that it was about two of the guys from Ronin warriors/Samurai Troopers, but she said that it was so beautifully written that she couldn't stop reading she told me about it and I reluctantly did read it (its not that I have a prob with Guy/Guy relations...doesn't bother me at all...I just didn't think that it was something I would want to read about...Well I was wrong!!) After I did read it I was crying and laughing and soo enthralled with how beautiful the story was that I didn't care who it was that had fallen in love...Hell I was even Wishing for it to happen...So needless to say...I have found that I totally enjoy reading Yaoi/Shounen-ai Fanfics (however I'm not to thrilled with Lemon...actually lots of lemon I'm not thrilled with..Tastefully done Lemon in a beautiful way I like and can handle...mostly cause I am really shy and that kinda stuff tends to well...get to me...unless it's done in a beautiful way and not a PWP type thing where that's all they do...BTW I'm 20 years old so)....needless to say again this is not a PWP type Songfic and there is no Lemon...however my Actual Fanfic Story will prob have some..not sure yet **smacks self on the forehead cause she rambling...then mentally tells herself to stop that**

O.k...I think I covered everything wait forgot am not there for I had to pick up and find the meaning to certain words (You wouldn't believe how long it took me to figure out what the Heck Baka meant...I had suspected that it meant "Idiot" or something along those lines, but I had to be sure.) so Please please if your Asian and or you know those words and I should somehow have them out of context or spelt wrong and they make a word that totally Offends you...PLEASE DON'T KILL ME...I AM APOLOGIZING AHEAD OF TIME FOR IT!!!! K...K I think that's it now....Any comments or suggestions or anything feel free to E-mail me...criticism whether good or **sniffle** bad I will except...Just don't Flame me...Cause if ya do...You just might regret it**evil look**...Got it,..good! **innocent sweet look**.

Category: Songfic **note** There will be two versions of this fic, cause there are two different versions of the same song.

**note** This Song is perfect for Duo and Heero!

Content: Umm Angst, some Violence, possible Shounen-ai/Yaoi, and umm whatever else you find.

Focus on: Duo and Heero (my two faves) with Quatre, Trowa and Wufie too. (hey I like all of them...their all gonna be in it!)

Parings: umm eventually 1x2 and def 3x4...and yes Wufie is in it too (I'm not cruel...I like Wufie...just not with one of the other with Releana heheh ::grins::)

Rating: I'd say PG-13 maybe PG (actually this one I think everyone can read)

The Song: Its called Crawl by the new rock group Thisway...there is two versions of this song...(same song different lyrics)

**Authors quick note** I suck at describing battle scenes...only cause I haven't seen the show please bare with me K...Also **ducks to avoid getting hit by things being thrown at her** Version one of Crawl will be the prologue for The FanFic that I'm gonna write called "I Want You To Need Me" (most of that will be Fanfiction, part of it will be a'll understand when ya read it) and then Version two of the song will be the epilogue of the story, oh yeah..also I don't own Gundam wing or its characters nor do I own the song that this fic was inspired from(although I wish I did) otherwords I have no suing me would be totally one more thing...this is song describes both Duo and Heero!

Oh Yeah....Some of this is Probably OOC...and I am a terrible speller!

O.K..I'm done now...No Really I am...Honest I am.**crosses her heart**

O.k..Enough with the crap that no one reads's the first version of CRAWL!

On to the fic!

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