I Want You To Need Me

by Becca

[ Note...this takes place two months after the songfic CRAWL]

[ Note.....parts of this story are told with thought....whenever you see this :::::, it means that their thinking....and this symbol * means their arguing with themselves]

[Note....somewhere in the story it will tun into a songfic for a while...then back to a normal fic]

[WARNING!!!!!....This story contains Shouen-ai/Yaoi....that means Male/Male relations....BOY LOVE AHEAD.....if ya can't deal....then please don't read it!!!]

[Note...this is a 1x2, 3x4 and 5 fic]

[Note...might be a bit OOC]

[Note....Any Flames sent my way ::::evil grin:::: and I make YOU the subject of my next story! :::::Innocent, sweet, angelic look::::]

Part 1

{Scene...Dorm room}

A young man about 15 walks up to a dorm room and checks the room number, before noticing that there's a faint illumination coming from the crack underneath the door.

":::sigh::: Looks like I have a roommate" The young man said just before he tried the handle of the door. "Locked...good thing they gave me the other key" he said as he tried the key in the lock, then gently pushing the door open and walking into the small door room.

As the young man looked around he saw three familiar things. 1. he saw that there were two beds nothing unusual about that considering he has a roommate. 2. a backpack, a moss green pack that looks very warn, but still good enough to use, the pack also had several red stains on it. and 3. his roommate, typing away on a laptop that was on the desk. The roommate himself was a nice looking young man also about 15 years old (maybe 16), his posture was perfect, his hair was dark brown, bangs hanging messily over his forehead and into his eyes and he was wearing a green tank top and black biking shorts.

The young man who had entered the room sighed, the grinned to himself as he walked over to the bed he knew was his.

As he put his pack down on the bed he heard the familiar voice of the rooms only other occupant.

"What kept you" The other boy said, his voice was low and even as he continued to type what ever the hell he was typing.

"Oi, Heero....no... It's nice to have ya here... or... I'm glad your my roommate instead of some busy body guy who would probably be asking ya stuff like....whatcha doing?...or.... why do you have that gun?....or... mine telling me why you're setting up explosives in our room?" The other young man joked as he started unpacking his pack.

The other young man just shook his head and secretly grinned to himself knowing that the other boy was too busy unpacking to even notice.

"So Heero?....I'm assuming that were here on the same mission....mind telling me how you knew I would be here when I didn't know you would be?" The other young man asked, his voice filled with humor as usual.

Heero, the other young man in the room turned away from the computer and looked at his newly arrived roommate and fellow teammate.

"Because Duo..." The stoic pilot started. "Trowa, Quatre and Wufie are here as well...so it was only a matter of time before you'd show up." Heero stated matter of factly, as he watched the other boys face light up a bit at the mentioned of the other three pilots.

"Oh...so were all here...wow...must be a big mission if we were all sent here huh?....so Heero...what's the mission?" Duo asked the other boy.

"I don't know....my orders were to just show up, enroll and wait...when I got here, Trowa and Quatre were already here...Wufie showed up on Monday...and then you today." Heero stated, his face never wavering from its normal impassiveness.

"Yeah...that pretty much sums up what my order said....:::sigh::::....I guess now that I'm here we'll be finding out soon enough what were all here for" Duo stated, his demeanor showed that he was tired, but he still held his ever present cheerful grin and sparkling michevious eyes.

As Duo went back to unpacking, Heero studied the other boy closely. He noted that the cheery talkative pilot seemed tired. he also watched how the other boy moved, it had been nearly a month since he had last seen the violet eyed beauty and he wanted to soak in everything about the other boy , how he looked, how he smelt and eventually how he felt...he hoped.

Ever since that day when Heero had realized his feelings for the braided haird boy, he had been plagued by dreams and nightmares concerning the other pilot. One nightmare had him waking up soaked in sweat and screaming Duo's name, ever since then he had made it a point to know exactly where the Violet-eyed vision was at all times, just incase. Heero was jerked outta his thoughts the moment he heard Duo say his name.

"Hey Heero?" Duo started, there was an uncertain tone to his voice.

"Hm" Heero said, all the while he thought to himself :::*That was great Yuy....the least ya could have said was* "What Duo?"...*sheesh now was that so damn hard:*:: Heero thought to himself, more like berated to himself.

"I was thinkin....don't cha think people might get suspicious about us....I mean...First Trowa and Quatre...then You and Wufie and now Me...wont the school officials think its kinda weird...I mean...5 new students in the last two weeks just showing up and enrolling." Duo voiced his concerned, as he turned to look at the other occupant of the room.

Duo had a valid point, it would look suspicious for all five of them to just show up outta nowhere, but Heero had taken care of that.

"Your right Duo...it would look suspicious" Heero started, noting the somewhat surprised look on the smaller boys face.

"Huh??....I am?" Duo said as he stared at the stoic pilot. He scratched the back of his head and gave Heero a surprised look.

"Yes you are....that's why I have already taken the percausion and changed a few things in all of our records...this way if were seen conversing with eachother...no one will be the wiser" Heero stated, as he turned back to his computer, checking for any mission reports.

"Really?....but Heero if you showed up after Trowa and Quatre.....then..." Duo started before he was cut off by Heero.

"I changed it after Wufie showed up...and then I just kept monitoring for your records....when they finally got into the enrollment records I changed some things.....it was fairly simple...and no one will suspect anything" Heero stated to the other boy, he was tapping away at his computer.

"Right...so are you going to fill me in on what my records now say just incase someone should ask and I have absolutely no idea what in the hell They're talking about?" Duo asked the stoic boy, he knew that he knew Heero knew what he was doing, but he still couldn't help it. :::Well...at least this way I'll get him to talk to me...a little....:::sigh::::...to bad its about business instead of normal teenage boy stuff.....I wonder if he ever thinks about anything other than his missions.::: Duo thought to himself, then he realized that Heero was talking to him.

Heero filled Duo in on everything that his files said as well as his own and the other pilots, he also told him that the other three pilots were in the same dorm as them, as well as most of the same classes.

After he finished telling Duo what he needed to know he went back to his computer while Duo went and took a shower, then got changed and ready for bed.

Duo was unaware that Heero was watching him as he walked out of the bathroom toweling off his long luxurious hair, still gleaming of water from his shower. He had a towel wrapped around his thin waist as he pulled out what he would be wearing to bed. Then he unconsciously let the towel drop, totally oblivious to his own sensuality and to the Heero's watchful eye as he slipped into his boxer shorts and a t-shirt.

:::Gods, how I've missed him:::: Heero thought as he practically drooled over the other unsuspecting boy.::::*thats enough Yuy!....were on a mission....and your acting like a perv*.:::: Heero's mind snapped at him as he watched the other pilot from the computer screen. :::*This can't be normal....your suppose to like girls...not other boys*...*yeah but the sound of Relenas voice makes ya want to jump out of a 20 story building*.....that was just one time:::....*yeah...and everytime she comes near ya,....ya want to shoot her*....well wouldn't you....I mean...she's annoying.:::: Heero argued with himself. :::Besides....with a body like Duo's....who would want her::: Heero inwardly smirked as he thought about the other boy, then he groaned on the inside as he realized he was thinking about the other boy the way most boys would think about a girl.

While Heero held a debate inside his head, Duo had finished changing and was now sitting on his bed brushing his damp hair out and watching Heero.

::::He's soo serious all the time....I wonder what he thinking about right now?::: Duo thought to himself as he brushed his hair out and watched the stoic pilot from across the room. ::::Sheesh....knowing him....he probably eats, sleeps and daydreams about missions and all the people he can take out of the equation...:::sigh::::....oh well .... :::::yawning:::: ....I'm too damn tired to try and figure out one Heero Yuy tonight.....if I'm gonna be ready for whatever this mission is....I need sleep:::: Duo thought as his he continued to brush out his long mane of honey chestnut colored hair.

Heero had continued to watched Duo through the reflection of the computer screen :::::What I would give to run my hands though that hair.....and....too smell him up close....*oh no....he's perving again*....hey...I only had three chances to be able to find out his sent...and the first two didn't count cause I didn't know how I felt then:::: Heero inwardly groaned to himself as he watched the other boy in the room. He noticed that Duo seemed kinda quiet which was unusual for him.

Duo was just finishing brushing out his hair, when Heero turned back around to face the braided haird pilot. Heero took a good look at the long haird gundam pilot before he spoke.

"When was the last time you slept?" Heero asked, still holding onto his impassive mask and tone.

Duo, who was startled by Heero's observation of him, looked up at him and frowned.

"Umm...sometime yesterday....I didn't get much sleep cause I was ordered to come here and I was half way across the galaxy when I got my orders" Duo told the stoic pilot as he rebraided his long mane of hair.

"Hn.....you should get some sleep then" Heero told the other boy as noticed the fatigue in the others movements and in his beautiful violet eyes. Then Heero saw that Duo had started to rebraid his hair and he absentmindedly let out a small whimper of protest.

Duo could have sworn that he heard Heero whimper a bit as he started to rebraid his hair, but then he just shook it off ::::I must be ALOT more tired than I thought....I could swear that I heard Heero let out a whimper when I started to rebraid my hair....*but that's impossible....this is Heero were talking about*...I know that....like I said I must be ALOT more tired than I thought.:::: Duo thought to himself as he finished braiding his hair and watching his roommate.

Heero was still watching Duo when the other boy had started to rebraid his hair. As soon as the long haird youth had started to braid his hair again, Heero had let out a tiny little whimper of protest . ::::No!! don't rebraid it!!!:::: Heero's mind screamed...then he realized he had made a small sound of protest against the other boy rebrainding his hair. ::::*Smack.....what are ya trying to do....alert him to your feelings?..... baka!....your not ready and he's not ready*....I know....but I don't know how long I can keep all of these feelings to myself.....right now...I just want to walk up to him....grab him...throw him down on the bed...and kiss the living daylights out of him till were both dizzy and gasping for air:::: Heero thought to himself as he tried to keep the smile that was tugging at the corners of his mouth from showing, as he thought about how he wanted to show the object of his affections how much he cared for him. ::::*Uh....you do realize that if you did do that....you would probably scare the crap outta him....especially since your not certain as to what his preferences are*....:::sigh::: I know....that's why this is going to be one hell of a mission.....me and him sharing the same room and me trying to keep my hormones from ragging....*Yeah....well your the one who made sure he would be rooming with ya....baka1*....its only so I can keep[ an eye on him more...you know how he gets on a mission.....*riiiight*:::: Heero argued with himself again , before he turned around to see what Duo was doing. He had noticed that it seemed a little to quiet in the room, especially since Duo was in the room.

As Heero turned to see why Duo was so quite, he noticed that the long haied pilot had fallen asleep, his brush lying nest to him on the bed and his braided hair clutched in his hand.

"::::sigh:::" Heero sighed as he watched the slumbering boy, he had noted that Duo had fallen asleep in strange position.

The smaller boy was slightly curled up ontop of the blankets, with one hand resting under his cheek and the other hand clutching his braid, he had his legs curled under him a bit and his butt slightly sticking up in the air. Heero thought it was the cutest thing he had ever seen.

Smiling to himself, mostly cause he knew that no one could see him do it, he got up and walked over to the sleeping pilot and rearranged the boy under the covers where he would be more comfortable, then giving into temptation, he leaned down so that he could take in the other boys sent. :::Mmm....he even smells nice::: Heero thought to himself, before his mind registered what he was doing. *Will you stop that....*Smack*...what are you trying to do...wake him up?* I....well....*Your Heero Yuy....cold hearted, cold blooded, mission driven GUNDAM Pilot!!....right now you're acting like a lovesick girl....actually...YOU'RE ACTING LIKE RELENA!*:::: Heero's minds screamed, then he suddenly jerked away from the beautiful slumbering Deathscythe pilot and stumbled back over to the computer. "What in the hell is wrong with me....why am I acting like this" Heero said to himself, shaking his head he sat down at the computer once again and checked to see if the new orders have come in, They hadn't.

Heero sighed, then he powered down the computer, got up and went over to his bed. As he pulled the covers down he could hear little mumbling noises coming from the other pilot.


"Kuso!...don't you ever shut up?!" Heero exclaimed with a growl, more to himself than to Duo.

Duo had stopped talking and looked at Heero, he noticed that the "Perfect solider" seemed a bit more agitated now, but there was something in his eye's that made Duo worry. He couldn't quite figure out what it was, but there was something..::::aw shit!...he's gonna kill me...that's what it is....the mission...damn!...I must have screwed it up some how...where the hell are the others?....what the hell happened?:::: The longhaired pilot thought to himself, he had a distinct hint of fear in his eyes as he put on his cheery mask that everyone was use to.

"Umm...only when I'm sleeping Heero" Duo told his fellow gundam pilot as he put on a cheesy grin that made him wince in pain as it caused the bruise on the side of his face to hurt.

"Not even then....you talk in your sleep too" Heero informed the smaller boy, as he walked over to the bathroom noticing that Duo was in some pain, then he stopped and looked back at Duo, then spoke again. "Don't move...and don't try and get up!" Heero ordered the other pilot with the long chestnut braid. "I'll be right back." Heero stated before he went into the bathroom, leaving a very confused and suddenly frighten Duo.

{End Fashback}

Heero grinned to himself as he settled in for the night.:::::Tomorrow proves to be an interesting day I think:::: Heero thought to himself, then he turned over so that he could watch the other boy as he slept. ::::*Soo Yuy?....when are you going to tell that braided beauty about how you feel about him?*::::: his conscious mind asked. ::::Soon....I hope....I just pray that he doesn't decided to kill me after I tell him:::: Heero thought to himself as he drifted off into a dreamless slumber...his last thought


To be continued.........

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