"This I Promise You"

by Becca


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Part 1

The war was over, it had been for nearly seven months now. People were happy and relieved as things started to get back to some semblance of normality.

On a large spacious estate, on the colony L15 five young men were gathered in the living quarters of the main house, four were at the table while the fifth leaned up against the wall listening to the near one-sided conversation being held by the other four.

"Were....were really sorry....we didn't mean for this to happen, but it did." A young blonde haird man started as he looked across the table to two other young men. "We don't know exactly when it happened...we...we just know that we can't deny it any longer we tried to fight it...really we did...but then things just kept happening and...and we just couldn't pretend anymore" He said to the two young men sitting across from him, next to him sat a fourth young man, a Japanese boy with messy dark brown almost mossy colored hair, he was holding the blondes hand under the table and giving reassuring squeezes as he spoke.

The other two young men were silent, whether it be from shock or for fear that they would say something they could never take back no one knows.

"We honestly didn't mean to hurt either of you.....but, we know that we have...I can tell by the looks on both your faces" The young blonde said, he was close to tears as he continued to talk. "We should have said something before now, but we could never find the right time....and...and..." He started, before he was quickly cut off by one of the other young men sitting across from him.

"I see" said a youngman with a waist long braid, his eyes were blank, his normally cheery outlook was nonexistent as he pushed away from the table, his eyes darting between the little blonde and the young dark haird man sitting next to him before they rested on the dark haird youngman.

"Wha?' The young blonde said, startled as he saw the look in the violet eyes of his friend.

"No need to explain further....I understand" The youngman with honey chestnut colored hair and long braid said as he stared at the dark haired youngman sitting next to the small blonde. "I should have known...." The obviously hurt youngman stated as he broke eye contact with the dark haird youngman and turned his gaze toward the blonde. "Take care of him....I was obviously not what he needed....::::hesitates:::...or ...wanted" The violet eyed youngman stated, before turning from them and making his way up the stairs to the bedrooms.

"Duo!" The young blonde called as he watched the braided haird youth leave the table and made his way up stairs. The young blonde stopped when he saw the other youngman, who had also been across from them, stand not saying a word, but just staring at both young men across from them.

The silent boy, the one who had stood up after his comrade and friend had left, looked at the two youngmen across from them, He saw in them what he himself had felt for the blonde. The one who is no longer or will ever be his.

The other two young men looked at their silent friend, both gasping as they see a silent tear trail from his right eye, down his delicate cheek and then land gracefully onto the table before he turns away from them and also made his way up the stairs.

As the other three boys in the room watch the young, silent man go up the stairs to the bedrooms, the young blonde finally lets the floodgates open and weeps uncontrollably, only to be comforted by his new lover and companion.

The last young man in the room, a young Chinese boy with jet black hair slicked back into a neat ponytail, had watched the whole display, his heart going out to the two youngmen who had just left the room. while his face was starting to show the disgust he felt for the other two. As he watched the young blonde break into tears and watched his new lover envelope him in a comforting embrace he couldn't help to think ::::Well what the hell did you expect them to do....give you their blessings....your the ones who betrayed them.....I expected it from you Yuy.....but not from Winner::::: "chhh" He thought as he listened to the young mans sobbing, then he pushed himself away from the wall with an audible sound of disgust before he too made his way up the stairs to the bedrooms. :::::I must commend Maxwell....I'd say he handled himself quite well....I bet Yuy and Winner thought he would make a scene....I must confess that I would have thought that myself....after all he is the flashiest of us five...and Barton....he too handled himself well....I could tell that they were both hurting though...Maxwell probably wanted to tear them both apart for their betrayal...*pauses*....I almost wished he had.:::::: Thought the young Chinese man as he walked to the room he had, until now, been staying in.

Upstairs in one of the rooms on the left. Trowa the silent boy who hadn't said a word as he left the table, was packing his things. He didn't have many possessions, mostly things he had acquired here and there alot of them were from his gentle lover Quatre, the blonde boy who had just broken his heart on this day. He left the things that his former lover had given him, not needing the reminder of what he once had and lost. Zipping up the pack he looked around the room to make sure he hadn't forgotten anything when his eyes fell on the picture that was beside the bed, *their bed*.

He picked up the picture, it was of him and Quatre on the beach, one of the many things they had enjoyed together. A tear fell on the picture as looked at it, then gently setting it down back on the nightstand. He reached up, and pulled the chain that he wore around his neck, taking the chain off and revealing a simple golden ring. He placed the chain with the ring, around the picture, leaving it as a reminder. Then he gathered his pack and his jacket and headed out of the room.

As he came out of the room, he looked at the door across the hall. gathering up his courage, he made his way towards that door, listening for any noise. What he heard was a quiet sniffling sound coming from within the room.

Inside the room the other jilted love, was also packing his things and leaving monentos of the time he had spent with Heero, the Japanese boy who had just broken his heart and ruined his friendship with not one, but two of his friends. The smaller boy gathered things and placed them in his pack, whether he was aware of the figure standing in the doorway or not, he gave no indication to it.

Duo quietly shuffled about, gather odds and ends and filling his pack, he like Trowa didn't have alot to start out with, being a street rat he learned to travel light. Every now and then he would sniffle, indicating to the silent boy standing in the doorway that he had been crying. Then Trowa watched as Duo also reached up and pulled a chain out of his shirt.

Duo pulled the chain out of his shirts and looked at what was hanging from it. It was a promise ring, a ring that had told him that he and Heero would always be together, now to Duo, it was a promise of nothing!, Nothing but lies. Bitterness swimming through his eyes as he looked at the ring.

Trowa watched as Duo practically ripped the chain off of his neck, snapping it and breaking the clasp. :::Kinda symbolic I guess:::: Trowa thought as the Chain broke. Then he watched as Duo also walked over to a picture that was on the nightstand by the bed, *their bed*.

Duo picked up the picture frame, the picture was of him and Heero at carnival that one of the colonies were having the day they had to hide out. Duo smiled a little as he remember the heck of a time it took him to get Heero to smile for that picture, and still, he looks more like he was about to kill the cameraman and Duo. Duo's smile faded as he set the picture down on the pillow on Heero's side of the bed. His love had always insisted of sleeping on a certain side. Sighing, Duo placed the ring and the broken chain onto the picture, before turning away and gathering his pack.

He turned to see that Trowa was still in the doorway. Duo smiled at Trowa, it wasn't one if his spectacular ones, ya know the kind, the ones where after you see it you can't help but smile too. It was more of a "I know how you Feel" smile.

Trowa made his way into the bedroom, stopping just a foot or two infront of the smaller boy.

Duo looked into the sad green eye's of his friend, seeing the pain that mirrored his own and knowing *Exactly* how he feels. Duo pulled the taller, silent boy into a hug. Burying his head into Trowas shoulder and wrapping his arms around the silent boys back, while Trowa rested his chin on the smaller boys head, feeling the soft honey chestnut hair against his skin and smelling the sweet sent that was just Duo's, he too returned the hug, each letting silent tears escape their eyes over the betrayal of their loved ones.

The two of them stood that way for a long time, neither one daring to let go for fear that they would fall completely apart, but then they knew that they had to.

Duo was the first to break the contact, but before he did he gave Trowa a gentle, soft kiss on his cheek before whispering into his ear.

"I'm so sorry Trowa.....I'm sorry that they hurt you, that they betrayed us this way....I'm sorry" Duo said in a quiet, uncharacteristic voice that was so unlike the braided beauty that Trowa was so use to. Then he pulled away and gathered his pack again.

Trowa had heard Duo's words, had felt the smaller boy as he pulled away from him. He struggled with trying to find the right words to comfort Duo, but he didn't know what he could say. He knew how much Duo had been inlove with Heero, how much he had wanted to be a part of the Japanese pilot's life, and then to have it ripped away by his own little blonde haired lover, what could Trowa say. And Trowa hadn't missed how Duo had some how taken the blame for their loved ones indiscretions

As Duo gathered his pack and made his way over to the balcony, he turned back towards Trowa.

"Take care of yourself Trowa-san.....find happiness someday....you deserve to be happy Trowa....don't let what they did to you destroy the love I know you have in your heart to give." Duo told the usually silent youngman as he prepared himself to leave. "I'll see ya around Trowa Barton....and I mean it....Take care and find the peace and happiness that you so deserve" and with that said, Duo disappeared out the balcony.

Trowa walked over to the balcony to watch Duo leave, his heart aching over the words that Duo had said to him before he had left and Trowa had, had time to respond to.

"You too Duo....You deserve to find your own happiness someday.....you deserve to be loved by someone who is willing to love you back unconditionally...and by someone who will ever break their promise to you or....your heart." Trowa said to himself, to god, to anyone who was bloody well listening. "Take care Duo Maxwell....and stay safe!" Trowa finished as he watched the black cladded boy disappear out of view.

As Trowa made his way out of the room, he wasn't shocked to see Wufie standing across the hall infront of the door to his own room.

" Maxwell gone?!" Wufie stated more than asked, as he looked at the tall silent youngman who was also standing in the hallway preparing to leave.

Trowa just shook his head in affirmation, then with sad green eyes he turned towards the Chinese pilot.

"It's been a pleasure serving with you Chang Wufie" He told the Chinese pilot as he extended his hand towards the other.

Wufie tooked the offered hand and shook it.

"Its been a pleasure serving with you as well Trowa Barton....as well as with Maxwell." Wufie told the tall light brown haired youngman. "Until we meet again" he said to Trowa.

"Until we meet again" Trowa said with a small sad smile before turning and heading for the stairs.

As Trowa went down stairs, Wufie went into his room and grabbed his pack as well, he knew now, that it was time to leave and that he had stayed to long anyway.

"You too Maxwell.....until we meet again." Wufie said just before he stepped out of the room and waited.

Downstairs, Quatre was still sobbing and Heero was still trying to comfort his little lover. Then they both saw Trowa heading down the stairs, pack over his shoulder and coat in his hand.

Quatre, seeing that Trowa was leaving, jumped up out of his chair and ran over to the taller young man..

"Trowa!....w...where are you going?" He asked, rather stupidly I might add considering what he and Heero had done.

"I'm leaving" Trowa simply said to the little blonde, his sad green eyes looking straight ahead as he started for the door.

"B...but why?....why go?...I...I know what Heero and I did.....but...Trowa?.....can't we still be friends" Quatre asked the taller youngman, trying to keep his former lover from walking out the door. "I don't want to loose the friendship we all share" Quatre pleaded, his aqua colored eyes filling up with salty tears again, any minute spilling over into uncontrollable water drops.

"Despite what you and Heero did....I'll always be there when ever I'm truly needed, but I can't stay here....it hurts to much....what you and Heero did was wrong...and it not only hurt me....but it hurt Duo as well....we both paid a high price for the trust that we put into the both of you, and you took that trust and twisted it into something that I just can not....nor will not forgive right now" Trowa told the little blonde as he watched the tears fall from those aquamarine eyes, his own tears starting to form again as well. "I'll always love you Quatre." Trowa told the little blonde as he gently reached out to wipe a few tears away from the blondes face, he was well aware that Heero was watching him...."You were the first person I had felt safe with in a very long time...and for that I will always cherish you....but right now....being your friend or Heero's....it hurts to much....maybe someday we'll get back the comradery we all shared, but for now....I need to be away from the both of you." and with that Trowa once again headed for the door

"But Trowa!" Quatre exclaimed, more tears streaming down his face now.

Trowa just continued to walk towards the door as he listened to his former lovers pleas to not leave, to stay. As soon as he reached the door and had it opened he turned back towards Quatre and Heero, noticing once again that Heero had his arms around the smaller young man and was trying his best to comfort him. Then Heero looked up and Caught Trowa's eyes before the later spoke.

"In case you care Heero" Trowa started, a hint of contempt in his voice, catching both youngmen off guard by the offhanded comment. "Duo already left." Trowa said in his normal, graceful quiet voice, then he turned and walked out the door leaving two of his friends behind and hoping to someday see his two other friends.

Heero's head snapped up the moment he heard the off-handed comment by Trowa, he could her not only the pain in that voice, but the hatred and disgust as well, both of which he rightfully deserved. Then he heard Trowa tell him that Duo had already left, he looked down at Quatre, who had looked up in startlement over hearing that Duo had already left.

Quatre had hoped that they could work all this out, he had hope that their friendship would still be intact, he had his hope up way to high. He saw the look on Heero's face the moment Trowa had said "In case you care" and then he told him that Duo had left already. Quatre gave Heero a look saying it was alright, he knew that Trowa wouldn't lie, but he also knew that Heero had to go see for himself.

Heero gave Quatre a reassuring squeeze, then he hurried up the stairs to the room that he had shared with his former love. It didn't escape his attention as he opened the door to the room that he had shared with the braided haird youth, that Wufie was standing by his own door, watching and obviously waiting.

Heero entered the silent, empty room and he knew in his heart that Duo really was gone. He looked around the room, he noticed the things that Duo had left, they had been all the things that he had given to that violet eyed, braided haired beauty. He walked over to the bed, noticing the picture frame resting gently on his pillow, then he noticed the promise ring and the chain it had been hanging from.

As He picked up the chain, the ring still dangling from it, his hands shaking, his eyes stinging, he remembered when he had given Duo that ring and he remembered the one Duo had given to him.


"Ne, Heero?.....what's this?" Duo had asked as he took the little box that Heero had handed him.

"Open it baka....then you'll see" Heero had told the happy braided haired beauty as he slid his arms around the small, thin waist of his love

Duo opened the tiny box and gasped when he saw what was in it.. A beautiful simple little silver ring, with two hearts entertwined together. Duo looked up at Heero, his eye's filling with tears as his heart ached in joy.

Heero hugged his love from behind,watching the tears trickle down the smaller boy's face, he had known that Duo would like the gift.

"Oh Heero!.....thank you!" Duo said as he turned around and gave his love a hug and then a passionate kiss, that practically knocked Heero off his feet.

Then they broke apart and Duo went over to the dresser and pulled out something and handed it to Heero, a huge smile lighting up the braided boys face.

"What's this for?" Heero had asked as he looked at the box that Duo had produced in front of him.

"Its for you silly" Duo said, grinning from ear to ear "Open it baka....open it!" Duo told Heero with excitement as he bounced up and down.

Heero, trying to hide the grin forming on his face, opened the box. When he did, it revealed a ring exactly like the one he had gotten for Duo. He looked at it in amazement before turning towards Duo.

"Duo?....how?" was all Heero could say as he looked at the ring hanging off of the chain it was on.

"I....I've had it for a while....I was waiting for the right time to give it to you....now was the time" Duo told the normally stoic, but at the moment stunned pilot.

Heero looked up at Duo and saw the love and joy in those beautiful violet eyes, then he crossed the short distance between them, taking Duo's mouth in another hot, passionate kiss, this time nearly knocking Duo off his feet, actually it did knock him off his feet and right onto the bed that the two had been sharing for nearly a year now.

Heero rained fiery, hot, wet passionate, kisses all over Duo's face, neck and chest.

Duo gasped and squirmed under the pleasant torture he felt coming from his love, then he felt Heero's hands moving over his body, gently undoing buttons on his shirt.

"::::gasp:::: hhuh!" Duo gasped again as Heero's hand felt him through the fabric of his pants.

Heero was starting to loose control of himself the more he touched and kissed Duo, he wasn't sure if he would be able to stop this time.

Duo was enjoying himself, up until he felt Heero's hand trying to undo his belt on his pants, then the panic set in, the memories hit like a ton of bricks crashing into a wall.

"Heero?!....:::Gasp::: huuhh.....Heero!....I can't...I'm not ready.....:::pant....pant::::" Duo had told his love, he knew that it was unfair to keep doing this to Heero, he knew how much Heero wanted to make love to him, and he so desperately wanted to make love to Heero as well, but his past memories of being on the street keep haunting him.

Heero continued his ministrations, trying desperately to get Duo to realize that he wasn't going to hurt him, but he could feel the other boy tense underneath him, he could hear the gasps, that weren't of pleasure, but of fear.

"Heero...please...:::gasp:::.....s..stop Heero!" Duo told the other boy, even though he was responding rather nicely to what Heero was doing , his fear was more powerful.

Heero forced himself to stop what he was doing, he had to, he couldn't hurt Duo, but damn! He was getting frustrated.

Heero slowly stopped his aggressive, insistent ministrations on his love. Looking underneath him he could see Duo's flushed cheeks and bruised lips, then slowly he slid off the smaller boy, pulling him into his arms as he rolled over to the side, tucking his now sobbing love's head underneath his chin. He started to rub Duos back and gently caress his hair.

"I'm so sorry Heero...*sob.....I want to.....I really want to ::::sniffle....sniffle:::: b...but I'm not ready....I'm scared....its the only thing in this whole damn world I am scared of....*sob*...." Duo said to his love as he felt Heero gently rub his back and caress his hair.

"Its o.k. Duo....I understand....you're not ready....and I won't force you.....you have nothing to be sorry about....I promised that we would wait till your ready....and we will" Heero told the sniffling young man who now, rested his head in the crook of his neck. He could feel the wet warmth of salty tears on is neck. Heero, for now was just content to hold his love in his arms....for now.

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