"This I Promise You", Part 2

by Becca

He reached into his shirt and pulled out the chain that hung around his own neck. Watching the two rings side by side, his heart clenched as he realized how much he and Quatre must have hurt him and Trowa by declaring their love for eachother. How much he had probably ruined a perfectly good heart by falling in love with another, by breaking a promise that he should have kept. And them the tears fell.

A few moments later, Heero emerged from the room he had once shared with the braided haird young man he still loved, but now because he was now in-love with another, he had to choose and he chose the one who could give him a part of himself that the other couldn't, and in the process ruined two, possible three friendships.

Heero was not oblivious to Wufie, who was still standing infront of the Door to his room, he could tell that the young Chinese man had something to say, he could also see that he too, was about to leave.

He turned his attention towards the silent, but deadly young Chinese man, he could see the look of disgust as well and a little sadness on his handsome, exotic face.

"You leaving?" Heero stated more than asked as he watched Wufie pick up his pack and push off from the door.

"Yeah....its time to go" he said, his voice straining to keep it even and less accusing. He wasn't winning this battle.

"I see...you don't....you don't have to ya know" Heero told the other young man with caution. He as gauging the exotic boys reactions, and trying to keep and already tense situation to a minimal.

"Yes....yes I do have to..." Wufie started as he walked past Heero to get to the stairs.

"Wufie" Heero said in that tone of voice that was a cross between a plea and order.

Hearing Heero use that tone of voice with him just set him off, he spun around to face Heero, his eye's blazing, his face contorted into a cross between a frown and disbelief.

"Don't use that tone with me!.....what you and Winner did to Maxwell and Barton was not only Dishonorable....but it was wrong!" Wufie stated, as he glared at the now silent Japanese boy standing only a mere 3 feet away, down stairs, Quatre was listening to the whole exchange that was coming from just right above the stairs. "Barton truly loved Quatre....you knew that and you knew that Winner loved Trowa, but you got in the way of that didn't you....and Maxwell....what you and Winner did to him was more than unforgivable....You both should have at least had the common decency to discuss what was going on....not just gather them together....set them down and tell them that you no longer want to be lovers because you two have found eachother.....that is more shameful than anything I have been a witness to!" Wufie continued, he was still glaring at Heero, but now, if he could, he would also throw daggers at him. "I knew about Maxwell's problem.....how he was afraid to be intimate with you....how his past of living on the streets had messed him up enough to where certain things were just to hard for him." Wufie told the normally stoic pilot, who at the moment looked some-what out of sorts.

"H....he told you?" Heero asked in what sounded like disbelief to Wufie.

"Not really....I kinda figured out for my self....then I asked him about it...::::pauses::::...he can run and he can hide..." Wufie started, knowing full well that Heero would understand.

":::::sigh::::...But he wont tell a lie" Heero said, finishing what Wufie had started.

"Exactly....and Barton....I'm not exactly sure what it was he was lacking....but whatever it was, *your* new little lover must have needed it and found it in you....because I swear I could have heard Barton's heart shatter when you sat them down and told them." Wufie stated, he gad gone this far, he figured why not go in for the kill. "And Maxwell....well you should have just killed him, cause you two practically ripped his heart right out of his chest....and you know what the worst thing is Heero?" Wufie said, as he asked His question of Heero....knowing damn well that Heero knew the answer, but he was going to make him hear it anyway. "I'll tell you what the worst thing is....The worst thing is....that I don't think Maxwell will ever be able to put his heart back again.....it would have to take someone truly special to fix that heart....as well as Barton's." And with that Wufie left Heero standing in the hallway of the rapidly vacating estate, standing there to think about what he had done.

As Wufie made his way down the stairs, he was well aware of the little blonde young man. He could see Quatre crying again and knew that his words had impacted them both, but he didn't care. He had stood there and watched as two of his four and only friends, destroyed the other two right infront of him, and he was not going to let people that he had trusted with his life get away with that.

"I'm sorry for offending you in your home Winner-san...I'll be taking my leave now.:..:::pauses::::...the both of you..." Wufie started as he looked at Quatre, who was desperately trying to hold it together. "Take care of eachother....give eachother what ever it was you couldn't find in Barton and Maxwell....Do not make their pain and loss be all for nothing" Wufie told the blonde headed boy as he clasped his hand on the younger boy's shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze before he too head out the same door that Trowa had left though.

Quatre watched as Wufie, the last of his dear friends walked out of his home, probably for the last time. As he watched, the words that Wufie had said echoed through his mind and a fresh set of tears filled his eyes as he felt his lover's arms wrap tightly, but gently around his waist.

Turning into his lover's embrace, he couldn't help the wail that escaped his trembling lips, as realized how much they had hurt their friends and loved ones.

"Oh God Heero!.....what have we done!" Quatre wailed as he broke down in his lovers arms and sobbed for the friends that they had, the loved ones that they hurt and for the fear that he may never see them again.

Heero held his little lover tighter as the blonde haired cried over the loss he was just now feeling, realizing that he didn't just loose a lover, but he had also lost three friends, three people that he cared for just as much as he cared for Heero now.

"I don't know Quatre.....I don't know" Heero told his love as his arms tightened the embrace and he too felt the loss that was just now breaking through his defenses.


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