"This I Promise You", Part 3

by Becca




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This I Promise You

Part 3


After Colony L8 {sometime later}


"Aaaaahhhhhh!" the terrified young man screamed as Catherine moved towards him, then he tried to scramble further away from her, before huddling down on the ground and curling up into a tight protective ball, whimpering pathetically.

Catherine watched, not only in horror, but in pain as the young man scrambled away from her and then curl into himself, her heart going out to the terrified teen. All she wanted to do was take him in her arms and sooth away what ever was causing his pain filled reaction. She could see moisture on his cheeks that glisten along with the blood.

Coming to her senses, and realizing that the boy needed help, she frantically shouted for the one person who might be able to give it.



Trowa, who was still in his trailer, was puttering around, straightening this or cleaning that. Not one for just sitting still, and trying to keep his mine occupied, When he heard Catherine cry out his name.


Hearing Catherine's urgent cry, Trowa literally dropped what he was doing, and ran to see what was wrong, breaking the dish that he had been drying in the process.

Catherine was still desperately trying to calm the young man down, when Trowa came flying around the corner. He had a worried expression on his face, and his gun in hand when he ran up to Catherine.

"Cathy!....Cathy what is it?....what's wrong?!" Trowa demanded to know as the young woman ran up to him, to stop him.

Trowa was looking the young woman over, making sure she wasn't hurt, he noticed blood on her fingers and his beautiful green eyes widened in fear and anger. "Cathy!" Trowa started, taking her hand into his and wanting to know if she was alright "What happened?....are you alright? did someone hurt you?" he asked her, his voice was frantic with worry.

"Trowa!...Trowa calm down...I'm fine...it not me...Please Trowa,...you have to calm down or your going to scare him more than he already is" Catherine told the usually silent green-eyed teen, as she tried to get him calm and in control, at the same time gently pulling him over towards the crates where the terrified young man was.

Trowa was confused to say the least, he looked at his adopted sister with sorrowful, big, green eyes, and a look of total bewilderment splashed across his normally calm, stoic face.

"What?!...scare who?...are your sure your alright Cathy?...you have...your..." He asked her, as he gestured towards her hands and the blood on them.

Catherine looked at her hands, then realized why Trowa seemed so unusually upset with out knowing what was up.

"Oh Trowa!...No.. I'm fine really...its not my blood its..." her voice trailed off as she turned towards the crates, worrying her lower lip between her teeth. :::oh...should I tell him?....or should I just tell him it was nothing...then after he leaves have one of the roust-about escort the young man to a hospital::: She thought to herself, well aware that Trowa was watching her, questions in his beautiful green eyes. :::God...what am I thinking...that poor child needs help...I can't believe how selfish I was thinking of being....all just cause I'm afraid I might loose my little brother again...no...he would never forgive me if anything further were to happen to that young man...I know, he knows Trowa...I've seen him before.:::: Catherine contemplates, before coming to her senses and turning back towards the handsome, green-eyed teen.

"Cathy?" called the handsome, young circus performer, as he watched her face and wondered what she was thinking and who she had been talking about, as well as where that blood came from.

"Oh Trowa....come quick!" She told him, taking him by the hand and gently, but quickly, dragged him over towards the crates. Once there, Trowa could hear faint whimpering sounds.

"Cathy?....wha..." Trowa started as she pulled him over towards the crates, then he heard the whimper coming from them and he turned towards her, hoping she could explain.

"Here!" Catherine thrusted her lantern into his hand then guided him further into the crates. "I...he's...I think he's a friend of your Trowa,....something's happen...he's terrified and he wont let me near him....he gets hysterical if I try and touch him." Catherine told the youngman she treats like a brother, seeing his eyes widen in both shock and disbelief, before he turned and made his way between the crates, lantern in hand, and gun still drawn.


Trowa's eyes widened when he heard what Catherine was telling him, as soon as he had heard enough, he spun around, taking the lantern that Catherine had handed him and his gun, and approached the crates, where he could still hear the whimpers.

As he treaded further, Trowa, detection movement, lifted the lantern to see who or what Catherine had been talking about.

Sensing that someone was approaching him, the terrified youngman let out a terrified cry and tried to get as far away from who ever was moving towards him.

"Aaahh!" the scared young man cried out, scampering further back into the crates, then curling up into a whimpering, terrified ball.

The young mans actions had startled Trowa a bit, but it didn't stop him from advancing on the scared, huddled figure, who seemed desperate to just hide from him. Trowa put his gun away and continued to move closer to the terrified youngman, raising the lantern somemore so that he could get a better look at him.


"Trowa?" Catherine had called from where she was, watching, waiting, and praying that her brother didn't get hurt. At the same time keeping the gathering crowd, who had also heard Catherine's frantic call to Trowa, back so that they wouldn't scare the other youngman further.

"Catherine....what's on earth is going on?...is that blood?...are you alright?...did that person in there hurt you?" asked the owner of the circus, who, was like a father to Catherine and was slowly becoming one to Trowa as well. Concern was paramount in the older mans voice.

"No Messenger....I'm fine really,....he didn't hurt me...honest" Catherine told her surrogate father, trying desperately to reassure him as well as keep him calm.

"Then what's going on...where'd that blood come from?...who is the in there and what dose he want?" demanded the circus owner, now that he knew Catherine was all right, he could show more anger.

"Messenger...please,...please clam down...getting angry is only going to scare the child more than he already is!...its his blood that's on my hands....not my own...something.::Pauses::..something terrible must have happened...I think he's a friend of Trowa's" Catherine tried her best to explain at the same time trying to calm the man down.

"Catherine?!" Messenger started in his sternest voice, but he knew it wouldn't do any good, not with Catherine, or with Trowa. "Catherine....we should have the roust-abouts take care of this....not you or Trowa....what if he gets hurt.

"He won't...its just one boy...he can't be no older than 16 at the most...please...lets just wait and see what Trowa can do...you didn't see that child Messenger....he's covered in cut's and bruises....and is absolutely terrified, especially if someone comes near him...please...please just wait...please" Catherine begged, knowing that Messenger wouldn't be able to resist, no matter how stern he tries to be, Catherine turns him into putty, and Trowa's starting to wear down his hard exterior as well.

Messenger looked at Catherine's face, seeing those pleading. Crystal, gray-blue eyes, and almost trembling lips turned him into mush.

"Alright....we'll wait to we see what Trowa says...o.k." He told her, before he found himself with and arm full of the young woman, hugging him and thanking him, he sighed, he knew he was whipped.

"Thank you!" Catherine exclaimed, as she threw herself into Messengers arms and hugged him, just like a daughter would a father after the father had given the daughter something that she had very much wanted.


While all that was going on, Trowa had been slowly trying to get closer to the terrified, whimpering, curled up figure. He was close enough to touch the young man now, raising the lantern again and trying to get a better look, Trowa could make out the curled up young man, the dark blue coat, black cap, shaking body, and the whimpers. Trowa couldn't see the teen face because he was curled away from him.

"Hey?....come on...let me help you" Trowa told the young man, in a gentle, soft, quiet voice as he got closer to him.

All Trowa received was a whimper and the youngman trying desperately to get farther away from him, but Trowa wasn't going to give up.

::::I don't like this....Catherine said she thinks that I know this person, but...I can't tell,....its too dark and he's to scared to talk to me...I wonder who....:::: "Oh God!" Trowa said out loud, breaking his train of thought as it came to him who this could be. He moved closer to the terrified youngman, and reached out to touch him. As soon as he did however, the smaller man let out a terrified scream and tried to move even farther away from him, as his scream died down into another whimper.

"Aaaaahhhh!" screamed the scared young man, after Trowa reached out to touch him, before the scream died down to a terrified whimper.

As the young man tried to move farther way away from Trowa, Trowa was able to get a good look at that terrified, bruised face, causing him to gasp in shock, as well as horror.

"::gasp:: hhuuhh!....Duo!" Trowa gasped out as he recognized the young man as one of the former gundam pilots and a friend.

Trowa could see the smaller teens face more clearly now, as well as that tell tale braid of his. The smaller ex-pilots face was covered in bruises and cuts, his hair, although was still braided, had fallen out of the braid in both strands and clumps, making him look a little more like a girl. Trowa wasn't sure how Catherine could tell that Duo was a boy with him looking like this.

"Duo!...Duo its me....its Trowa!" Trowa told him, trying to get the smaller teen to snap out of what was obviously a form of shock. "Duo...please....let me help you...I won't hurt you...I promise" stated the taller teen, as he advanced again towards the smaller boy. Trowa saw Duo start to panic again, but he knew that he had to convince the terrified youngman that he wasn't going to hurt him. ::::Gods....what the hell happened to him?....Who.....who made him like this?....why is he so terrified?...Oh god please don't let it be what I think it is...please...fate couldn't be that damn cruel....could it?" Trowa thought to himself, as he edged cautiously closer towards his friend.

Duo continued to back away from the other young man, his face showed nothing but fear, his usually bright, cheery eyes, were now haunted and panic stricken. Trowa could tell that the smaller teen's heart rate had to be up, and his breathing was fast. Trowa also noticed that Duo was favoring his right arm as he would scramble back away from him.

"Please Duo....its alright...its me....it's Trowa...come on Duo,....you know, deep down, that I am not going to hurt you....please don't keep trying to get away from me....your only going to injure yourself further" Trowa told his scared, braided haird friend, in a calm, quiet, gentle tone, as he inched his way closer to the terrified young man.

Trowa could see that Duo was watching his every move, and was listening to him too. Terrified violets, met extremely concerned greens as their eyes locked, as Trowa continued to slowly advance towards his friend, noting that Duo didn't try to escape this time.

"Duo?" Trowa asked, his voice gentle and soothing, concern etched through out his voice. "It's o.k. Duo...please....let me help you....you need medical attention, warm, dry clothes, and your probably hungry too.....please Duo...let me help you." Trowa pleaded with his young friend, as he knelt, barely a foot away from the smaller boy. He could see the inner conflict his friend was having with himself, he saw the absolute terror in those violet-blue eye's, the pain that radiated in every move the smaller boy made.

::::Trowa?.....Trowa....he's...he's a friend....he won't hurt me....I know he wont hurt me....is that why I came here?...is he why I knew I'd be safe if I came here?::::: The handsome, violet-eyed, young, ex 02 pilot, contemplated as he watched the tall, handsome, green-eyed ex 03 pilot move closer to him, talking gently as if he was dealing with a enraged lion instead of a 16 year old boy.

Duo was still watching Trowa, his mind was foggy, the fear he felt was overwhelming, but he knew, deep down, that his friend would not, and could not hurt him. His lower lip started to tremble, he still shook uncontrollably, and he whimpered slightly. He could see Trowa, slowly extending his hand out to him, not touching, but offering to comfort him. Tears started to leak from Duo's eyes as he took in the honest concern in the green eye's staring back at him, watching him, feeling for him. Before he knew what he was doing, Duo launched himself at Trowa with a painful, anguished cry and buried himself in the others strong, comforting arms, crying helplessly as he wrapped his own arms, tightly around the taller teen.

"Aaahhmm!" cried the smaller boy as he flung himself into the taller boys arms, and immediately started sobbing.

Trowa was a bit stunned at first when Duo hurled himself into his arms and started sobbing mercilessly, but the shock wore off almost as soon as it had started and he wrapped his arms around the trembling teen, running his hand comforting through the long, soft, chestnut colored hair, while his other hand was rubbing the trembling teens back, in soothing circles and whispering soft, caring, comforting words to reassure the smaller boy that he was safe and that no one was going to hurt him again.

"Shhh....its o.k. Duo...everything is going to be alright...I promise...I won't let anyone else hurt you Duo....its going to be alright." Trowa told the terrified young man, as he gently stroked a hand through the chestnut colored hair. His arms wrapped in a comforting, protective embrace, as he rubbed the smaller boys back, and listened to the heart wrenching sobs of the boy in his arms. It was about this time Trowa heard a concerned femine voice.

"Trowa?" Catherine had called from just a few feet away, in a soft gentle voice.

Trowa had felt Duo's arms tighten around him, when Catherine had called out to him. He also noticed that he started to shake violently, and tried to burrow himself further in the arms that held him, when Catherine had spoken.

Furrowing his brow, Trowa continued to talk to Duo, telling him that Catherine wasn't going to yell at him, and that Catherine is just as worried about him as he was. That seemed to help, cause the next thing Trowa knew, he could breath again, as Duo loosened his grip on him.

"It's o.k. Duo...Cathy isn't going to yell at you, or hurt you.....she a good person Duo and she's really worried about you,...so am I Duo" Trowa told the violet-eyed beauty, who continue to sob uncontrollably in his arms.

Catherine watched the two youngmen quietly, she could tell by the way Trowa was talking to the youngman that they were indeed friends. :::Gods....I wonder what happen to that child?... was he in an accident?....no...no his terrified reaction came from some kind of abuse" she thought as she watched to two younger boys. She thought about how terrified the smaller teen was and then her mind started going over what could have happened to him. "Oh god please....please don't let it be what I think it is!:::: Catherine thought to herself as she continued watching the two boys, she watched how gentle Trowa was with the smaller boy, she watched the scared young man in her brothers arms start to relax a little, but she could tell that he was far from calming down. Catherine was brought out of her observation by the sound of Trowa's soft, quiet voice.

"Cathy?" The handsome green-eyed teen called to his surrogate sister, as he continued to hold and comfort the scared boy in his arms.

"Humm?" Catherine said as she was startled out of her reverie.

"Could you please go and get me a blanket, Duo's clothes are soaking wet and I want to get him inside before he comes down with a cold on top of everything else" Trowa asked quietly, afraid that if spoke any louder that he might scare the young man he still held tightly in his arms.

"Hai, I'll be right back...do you need help getting him inside....he doesn't look like he weighs to much, but..." She said to her adopted brother.

"No...that's o.k. Cathy....the state that Duo's in right now....I seriously doubt if he would let anyone else near him." Trowa stated, as he shifted the boy in his arms and prepared to stand.

"I understand...I'll hurry and get the blanket....I'll tell Messenger to make sure everyone stays back too" Catherine told the handsome green-eyed teen, before she sprinted off to do what Trowa had asked of her.

As Trowa shifted the smaller boy's weight so he could stand, he felt Duo tense up and then shudder. When he looked down, he could see that Duo's face was scrunched up in pain, as well as fear.

"Duo?....are you alright?" Trowa asked his violet-eyed friend as he looked down at him.

Duo didn't answer, he just tightened his grip and whimpered a little, his lack of speech was starting to worry Trowa.

"Duo?....Duo please talk to me....tell me what happened, tell me who hurt you?" he asked the smaller boy, but all he got was more heart wrenching sobs that made him tightened his hold on the younger boy, soothing him with more comforting words. "I'm sorry Duo....I won't ask again until your ready...everything is going to be ok...once we get you some medical help and checked over to make sure nothing is broken." he told the long haird boy in his arms, noticing for the first time how small the other boy actually was.

Upon hearing the words medical help, Duo tensed up, and became even more frightened, then raised his head to look at Trowa and gave a whimper as tears still continue to stream down his bruised, delicate, heart shaped face. He had started trembling again, and was struggling to pull away from Trowa.

Trowa was surprised when Do seem to be struggling to get out of his arms. He could see that the smaller teen was still crying tremendously and suddenly seemed frightened. Then he realized what it was that had scared the former gundam 02 pilot.

"Hey....hey its o.k. Duo....I'm not going to let just anyone tend to your medical needs....I'll call Sally ok....she's not that far....you trust Sally...don't you?" Trowa told the younger teen, noticing that he had stopped trying to pull out of his arms, but he continued to cry as he buried his head into Trowas chest again. Then Trowa heard Catherine coming back and he turned in her direction.

"Trowa!.....here's the blanket....Messenger moved everyone back so that you can get by....are you taking him to your trailer or to a hospital?" the bright eyed, pretty woman asked, noticing that the mention of a hospital caused the smaller boy in her brother's arms to shiver and clutch Trowa tighter.

Trowa took the blanket from Catherine, gently tucking it around Duo's sore, aching body. He knew that his young friend had to be in a lot of pain, and was obviously suffering from emotional distress as well.

"Thank you Cathy" Trowa said, before continuing. "No...no hospitals Cathy...I don't think that he could bare having people he doesn't know touching him....Once we get him in my trailer, I'm going to call Wufei and Sally...She's a doctor and will be able to help." Trowa told the young woman, as he tightened his hold on the younger teen and got to his feet, shifting Duo so that he was held comfortably in his arms.

Duo whimpered, and then clutched Trowa tighter again, when he had heard Catherine mentions taking him to a hospital. ::::No....no please not a hospital....not with all those people touching me....prodding and probing me...please ...oh gods I can't do this....I have to leave....they can't know what happened....please God....why didn't you just let me die...why!:::: Duo thought to himself, then he heard what Trowa told the lady that was obviously his friend, she looked familiar to Duo, but was to scared at the moment to remember.

Trowa carried the smaller teen out throughout the crates, he could feel Duo tighten his hold on him again when the were out in the open and the rest of the Circus performers were there. He could hear the questions, the comments, the gasps, even though no one couldn't really see the boy, what with the blanket wrapped around him. Both boys could hear several people voice their concerns for the violet-eyed young man Trowa held as he mad his way towards his trailer, with Catherine right behind them.

Once inside, Trowa gently laid Duo on his bed, mindful not to injure the young man any further. He was well aware of the terrified look on the smaller teens face, as well as the violent shaking, and the fact that The ex pilot wouldn't let go of his hand.

"Duo?....Duo how badly are you hurt?" The taller teen asked, worry etched all over his face as he leaned forward, slowly so as not to frighten the younger boy some more, then he place his hand on their other head feeling the heat that radiated from it, he frowned.

Catherine who had been only a couple of feet away, worrying her bottom lip between her teeth, saw the frown that crossed her brothers handsome features.

"Trowa?...Trowa what is it?" she asked, her voice and eyes held nothing but concern for the smaller boy.

"He's burning up!...I need to get him out of these wet clothes...but I'm afraid at how he would react" The young green-eyed man told his sister. "He...:::stops...then shakes his head negatively::: Duo" Trowa started as he gestured towards the young man who had been staring up at them, tears still sliding down his face, but the sobbing had died down to occasional whimpers and sniffles. "He had a bad experience when he was little.... living on the streets...he...he had to fend for himself.... and there were alot of people who tried to take advantage of him" Trowa explained to Catherine, watching her expression, her eyes filled with tears, then he saw her look down at the younger boy, who was clutching Trowas hand, as if he was afraid the taller teen would disappear if he let go.

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