"This I Promise You", Part 4

by Becca

"The poor child" Catherine stated in a barely audible whisper, but she knew Trowa had heard her. "Trowa?...other than what obviously looks like a severe beating...you don't think...I mean....is it possible that..." She started, but the words seem too painful for her to say.

Trowa knew what she was getting at, he too had bee thinking the same thing, judging by Duo's terrified reaction, he might just be right. He looked down at the smaller teen, as the boy continued to clutch his hand, his eye's darting back and forth between the two of them. Duo was obviously in need of sleep, ontop of the medical attention, warm clothing, food, and a bath.

"Its....its a strong possibility Cathy....I just pray that fate isn't that cruel and the Duo had managed to escape before....before who ever did this to him, did anything else......." he said to his sister, as he looked at the tear streaked, bruised and bloodied face of his friend.

The both of them held somber expression on their faces as the thought of what could and probably did happen to the younger teen, flooded their minds. They were brought out of their thoughts however, when the object of their concern let out a painfiled whimper. Sending both Trowa and Catherine into action.

"Right then!...We need to get him out of those clothes now Trowa!...you talk to him, reassure him that all your going to do his get him comfortable...I'll go see if there's anything of yours he can wear, that wouldn't swallow him whole...as well as get the supplies you'll need to take care of those cuts and bruises...o.k." The energetic, Take charge, no nonsense young woman told her adopted brother.

Trowa gave his sister a faint grin, then he turned his attentions back towards the smaller boy in question as Catherine went in earch of dry clothing, bandages, as well as something to clean him up a bit.

"Yes....thanks Cathy" Trowa said to the young red-brown haird woman, giving her a warm smile before turning to attend to his friends needs.

Then she was off, scampering about looking for this, grabbing that and hoping that they don't traumatize the smaller boy any further than he already was.

Trowa had sat down in the chair next to the bed. He could see the smaller ex-pilot clearer now, taking in the bruises, the cuts, the trembling from both being cold and afraid. Trowa slowly reached out to brush the damp bangs from Duo's forehead. He felt and saw the smaller boy flinch, but made no indication that it was intentional.

"Duo?" Trowa started, still unnerved by the smaller teens lack of chatter, and by the excessive crying. He knew that Duo hardly ever cried and when he did, it was almost never infront of anyone else. "Duo....I need you to listen to me ok?." Trowa stated, then smiled warmly as the younger teen slowly nodded his head in confirmation. "Good...:::takes calming breath::: now Duo...I need to get you out of these wet clothes....I promise you...that's all I'm going to do K?" He told his friend, not mission the flash of panic that crossed the smaller boys face, and eyes. "Its o.k. Duo...I meant what I said...I'm not going to hurt you....no one will hurt you here....you have my word.....Catherine....she went to go and get some bandages, and some warm, dry clothes for you to wear ok" said the green-eyed young man, as he tried to convince the smaller teen that he was safe.

Duo looked at Trowa, he listen to what the handsome, green-eyed youngman was saying to him, he didn't know what to do ::Can I really trust Trowa?:: Duo thought, his mind was a jumble of past hurts as well as very recent ones. ::Heero also said he would never hurt me either...but he did:: The smaller, braided haird teen thought sadly. ::He hurt me in more ways than even he could know...it never would have happened if he hadn't of broken his promise to love me, unconditionally, no matter what....and now, now no one will ever want me....they'll never love me the way I want to be loved....the way I always thought I should be loved, who's going to want me now...no one...not after they find out what happen...they'll all turn away from me...how can I trust Trowa...we've never really been friends, hell...my own would be lover...stole his little toe-headed beauty away from him...how could he want to help me...he should hate me...he probably dose hate me...after all...it was my fault that Heero turned to Quatre...no one else's:: thought the beautiful, violet-eyed young man as fresh tears leaked from his eyes and down his face, causing the taller, green-eyed teen to worry even further.

"Duo?..." Trowa started as he watched the smaller boy pull his hand away from him, new tears streaming down the braided haird youths bruised, heart-shaped face. ::What in the?...what now?:: he thought as he watched the smaller boy turn his head away from him.

Duo just wanted to leave, to get as far away from people, especially people who say they won't hurt him, but do anyway. ::I should have never come here....why did I come here?...why did I think coming to Trowa would be any different?...*Because he is different baka*...huh?...*Trowa is different....out of all of the pilots, he knows better than anyone what your going through...trust him Duo....you have to trust someone...trust him to help you...you know he's not going to hurt you*....but...he wants to tell everyone?....*No....he wants to help you....he's not entirely sure what happened to you...but you know he suspects and he still wants to help you...let him Duo...by letting him help you....maybe....just maybe...you'll be helping him as well*::: the handsome, braided haird pilot conflicted with in himself, searching for answers to questions that he didn't know. :::but...if I let him help me, he'll find out for sure when he Calls Sally and Wufei...she'll know...she'll do tests and then everyone will know *Their your friends Duo...yes...their bound to find out the total extent of your injuries, of what really happened to you only five short hours ago...but they care about you Duo...you have to know that*...But...I don't want them to know...I don't want anyone to know...I'm so weak...how could I let it happen ... HOW!::: he screamed to himself as his conscience tried to convince himself to let the other ex-gundam pilot help him :::*It wasn't your fault Duo...you couldn't do anything...there were to many of them...you're not weak...and I'm sure Trowa won't think that of you...you know he wouldn't think that....and neither will Wufei and Sally Poe*....I know...your right...but...I just...I'm so tired...and I hurt everywhere...why did they do it...why did those men hurt me like that...why?...*Because their sick Duo...they got power out of what they did to you ...and they enjoyed it!...let Trowa help you Duo...he wants to help you....let him...if he's the only one you can trust...then let him!*....Hai, Trowa won't hurt me...and he won't let anyone else hurt me either::: Duo told himself as tears of sorrow, pain, shame, and guilt streamed down his face. He turned back to look at Trowa, what he saw in the others eyes broke down the last of whatever defenses he had put up and he started to sobbing in earnest again, causing the taller, green-eyed youngman to react and pull the smaller boy into his arms, enveloping him once again in a protective, comforting embrace.

Trowa had been watching the play of emotions that ran across the younger boys face, even with his head and face turned away from him, he could see the war that was raging inside his braided haird friend. When Duo turned to look at him, he almost knew what the smaller boy had been thinking, and when Duo broke down for the second time in an hour, he knew that Duo would trust him completely now, and for some reason, that scares the hell out of him.

"Duo?..." Trowa started, as he held the smaller teen in his arms again. He ran soothing circles over the violet-eyed teens back as he talked gently to the anguished filled ex 02 pilot. "Duo...please...let me help you" Trowa begged his friend, aware that Catherine had re-entered the room, carrying a t-shirt and a pair if boxer shorts for the smaller pilot to change into, as well as a medical kit and more blankets. Trowa smiled at his adopted sister as she place the items carefully onto the bed.

"Trowa?" the beautiful crystal eyed young woman called quietly as she put the items gently onto the bed.

"Its alright Cathy...he's just not ready yet" The handsome, green-eyed young man told her, before turning his attention back to the terrified, exhausted, bruised young man in his arms. "Duo?....Duo please...let Cathy and I help you....we just want to get you out of these dirty, wet clothes....you have a fever that needs to be taken care of and I would like to clean those cuts and scrapes before they get infected, if they aren't already" he told the violet-eyed beauty that trembled and sobbed in his arms. Trowa gave his sister a helpless look, he didn't know what to do, Duo was so different from Heero, Quatre and Wufei, they were more sensible. Duo, however, was not and now that Trowa was almost positive as to what had happened to his young friend, he was determined to help him, no matter what.

Catherine gave her brother a tearful look. The smaller boys continuous sobbing had caused tears to weld up in her own eyes as well, then seeing the look on her brothers face, she didn't know what to do.

Trowa could tell that Catherine felt just as helpless and useless as he did. He closed his eyes as he waited for the storm of emotions to pass through the smaller teen, hoping and praying that when it was over, that Duo would let them help him.

After what felt like hours, but in reality was only a matter of minutes, Duo had controlled his sobbing and looked up at Trowa with, big, beautiful, violet eyes pleading to sincere, gorgeous greens.

"Duo?...are you going to let us help you?" Trowa asked, not entirely certain if the eye's that held his own were saying yes.

Duo looked at Trowa, then at Catherine. He could see the genuine concern in their eyes and on their faces, he knew now that he could trust them both. Looking into beautiful, caring green eye's Duo shook his head positively, indicating that he did indeed want them to help him.

Both Trowa and Catherine were pleased with the smaller boy's decision. Trowa gave Duo a gentle, reassuring squeeze, then he and Catherine proceeded to help Duo the best they could.


Space port 6509-orbiting outside of A.C. L8


Meanwhile, as Trowa and Catherine took care of Duo. Wufei, Sally and Noin had been frantic trying to find their wayward friend.

"Yes sister...if we hear anything we will contact you immediately....I'm sure he's alright...probably got side tracked is all" Lucrenzia Noin stated as she talked to one of the nuns at the orphanage that Duo was supposed to have dropped supplies off at.

"Thank you Ms. Noin...everyone here loves that child...we'll be praying for his safe return" stated one of the nuns at the orphanage that Duo had visited "I must be going...but please...do let us know if there's any news on Duo"

"Will do sister" reassured the pretty ex-oz solider as she ended communications.

Lucrenzia Noin was worried, looking over at her two friends, she could see how worried they were as well.

"Well?" questioned the exotic and very agitated Chinese teen.

"Sister Agnes said that Duo left there over five hours ago...they haven't heard anything....I'm getting really worried about him" Noin stated as she walked over towards Sally Poe, seeking comfort in the arms of her lover.

"Damn!...where the hell can he be?" Wufei was worried. "He may seem like an airhead sometimes...but Duo is not irresponsible...he would have checked in if he wasn't going to be back anytime soon" grated the Chinese youth as he paced up and down.

"Wufei?...I'm sure he's alright...maybe he.." Sally started when she was suddenly cut off by an incoming transmission.

{{Incoming Transmission}}

{{::Urgent sounding::"Trowa Barton to Chang Wufei and Sally Poe...come in *Please*...this is an emergency!"}}

Wufei hurried video communicator :::Emergency!...from Trowa...it has to be serious:::

"Wufei here....go ahead Trowa!" Stated the handsome, exotic, Chinese teen.

{{:::His normally stoic face held a hint of fear in it:::"Wufei....I need you and Sally Poe to come to the Circus right away....it's an emergency!"}}

Wufei looked at Trowa, then frowned ::he looks o.k. to me...what could be so important that he needs both Sally and I?:::

"Trowa?...the circus...Why?...we have a small crisis of...." Started the handsome, dark haird Chinese boy, before Trowa cut him off.

{{:::sadness, as well as urgency in his voice:::"Its Duo....he...hes been hurt and he's here at the circus...*please* Wufei...you and Sally need to hurry...I'll explain everything when you get here"}}

Wufei looked at the screen, then at Sally and Noin, who were already scrambling to gather the supplies Sally would need.

"Were on our way Trowa!" Wufei stated, a hint of fear in his own voice.

{{:::Sounding releived:::"Thanks Wufei"}}

"Trowa?!....how badly is he injured?" the concerned Chinese youth needed to know.

Trowa hesitated, looking over at Duo, before turning back to answer Wufei's question.

{{:::Sounding sad and knowing::: "His external injuries are pretty bad....some internal ones...I'm almost positive that there are others...but...:::His voice trails off::"}}

Wufei did not like the sound of that :::Other injuries...gods....what happened to him?...and how did he end up at the circus instead of the hospital?::

"But what Trowa?" Wufei wanted to know, as Sally and Noin stood behind the young Chinese man.

{{:::Closes his eyes....when he opens them all his emotions are in those handsome, green orbs:: "*Please* Wufei...when you get here...I'll fill you in on everything that I know...Duo needs Sally now...he's in alot of pain...and...and he needs a *total* examination"}}

Sally looked at the view screen, she could tell by the look in Trowa's eyes and the hint of pain in is voice, that whatever happened to their irrepressible Shingami pilot, was not good.

"We'll be there with in an hour Trowa" Sally stated, then she hurried off to gather additional medical supplies for her patient.

Wufei knew by the tone in Sally's voice that she thought Duo was in serious condition, and opted to not keep the cheerful, braided pilot waiting.

"You heard Sally, Trowa...we'll be there in an hour...I want OT know what happened and why Duo is there and not in a hospital" Stated the concerned, angry Chinese teen.

{{:::resigned::: "Like I said Wufei...I'll tell you everything I know...when you get here...Please hurry....Trowa out!"}}

Trowa cut communications with Wufei and went back to tending to his other friend. Wufei however, was contemplating his conversation with the normally silent, green-eyed, ex-03 pilot.

:::Trowa seemed so...well...upset....definitely not a traight Trowa has shown alot of...what the hell could have happened to Duo?::: Wufei thought over, his mind playing back the conversation he had with Trowa, then before he could get further sucked into questions, he heard Sally's voice.

"Wufei...lets go!...We need to hurry...I don't like the way Trowa sounded...he was to...vague" Sally stated as she boarded the Shuttle, followed quickly by Wufei and Noin.

"Right!" Stated both Wufei and Noin as they boarded the shuttle headed for AF L8. All three young people held concern looks.


After Colony L8 {after Trowa's convo}


Meanwhile, Trowa and Catherine had managed to get Duo cleaned, dry, and comfortable with only a minimal amount of stress to the younger teen.

Then after they had finished, Trowa had told Duo that he would be right back, causing the smaller teen to panic. Catherine had jumped right in, telling Duo that he was going to be all right and that she was going to stay with him till Trowa got back. Duo didn't seemed convinced, that is until Trowa told him that it would be all right and that Catherine is his sister and would never harm him. That seemed to relax the younger boy enough to where, when Catherine took his hand and held it, he didn't flinch too badly. Trowa had assured the violet-eyed young ex 02 pilot that he would only be few minutes and then he would be back.

That's exactly what Trowa did as soon as he ended his urgent message to Sally and Wufei, and he's been by Duo's side ever since.

Catherine watched her adoptive brother as he sat on the bed, next to the smaller young man, holding his hand as he dozed. A sad look crossing her beautiful features, as she watched the two youngmen before her. :::the boy is so small....almost as small as that little blonde haird boy that Trowa loved so much...how could anyone hurt a child that way...gods I pray that a beating was all that happened to that child...please....Trowa's right...fate can't be that cruel....can it?::: she thought to herself, as she slowly, quietly sat in the chair next to the bed, taking her brothers hand into her own and offering what little comfort she could.

Trowa gave his sister a sad, sweet, gentle smile, before gently squeezing her had to let her know that he knows she's there for him...for both of them. Then he turned his attention back to his unexpected guest, silently praying that he'll be all right and hoping against hope that he's wrong about what he thinks happened to his violet-eyed friend.

To be continued......

Copyright 2000 by Rebecca Stewart


Becca~*...:::Blinks...then looks at the audience:: "Um...K...um...so what do y'all think?? ::looks over at her GW Boys...notices that Heero hasn't let Duo go since part two of this ficcie...then notices that Quatre has been glued to Trowa the entire time as well::: Umm...as y'all can see....Heero and Quatre aren't to happy with this ficcie ::Frowns:: even though I told them this was the one and only time that they wouldn't be paired with their chosen mates. ::sighs::

:::looks around the room....notices that Wufei isn't here...then looks at Trowa:::

Becca~*.."Um Trowa...sweetie...have you seen Wufei?"

Trowa~*...:::Blinks...then gently tries to shift Quatre a little so he could breathe enough to talk:: He said that he was going out, but didn't say where.

:::Becca frowns....then is about to ask another question when Heero interrupts her:::

Heer~*...:::Cuddling Duo close, while clutching the violet-eyed boys braid possessively, his voice is flat as he talks::: "He went out with Relena"

:::Everyone turns to look at the stoic pilot of 01, wing Zero....even Duo, with shocked and bewildered looks on their faces::

Becca~*...:::Blinks owlishly before speaking directly to Heero::: "and *you* know this *how*?"

Heero~*...:::Doing something totally out of character...Heero looks at Becca...then smirks evilly:: "I know...because I have a trace on Relena so I know where she is at all times and can avoid being in the same place as her" :::gets up....tugging on Duo's braid and getting a annoyed look from the smaller pilot::: Lets go!" :::Heero pulls Duo to his feet and the two of them leave the room, making a beeline straight to their room, closing the door and locking it:::

:::Becca, Trowa, and Quatre all look in the direction that Heero and Duo went...Becca and Quatre were blushing bright red and Trowa was smirking, then he snuggled his little blonde closer to him on the sofa as they finished watching the movie they were watching:::

Becca~*...::Turns to the audience again:: Um...o'kay...well now...um...I guess I'll see y'all again when I get part 4 out...::giggles:: oh brother....Wufei is not going to like the fact that we all know about his date with Miss Relena ::Grins::...Anyhoo...Bye and please let me know what ya think about the fic!!

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