Earthian (Fallen Angel)

Blair's Song

Sheer strings are singing in the wind

Listening to a Valentine's song,

And falling in love with you.

Tonight we'll be lovers just like a movie

Under the moonlight we hold each other

Looking at your serious profile,

I just want to hold you.

If you're crying 'cause of the secret,

Don't tell me tonight, keep it in your heart.

If I say something to you, it's all a lie

And time just melts in your teary eyes.

I will not let you go tonight.

The words we exchanged all disappeared

And only the smoke of cigarettes tears us apart.

I have no strength to fix our broken feelings.

I don't want to go back anymore,

But my feelings are still there.

I may have been dreaming and

I feel those cold words now,

And I realize you are walking so far away from me.

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