Anime Song Lyric Index

Why a song lyric index? Mainly because I absolutely love the songs from a lot of my favorite anime, and some of them have incredibly cool lyrics. I hope to eventually have either mp3's or, at the very least, sound files to go along with the lyrics, but for now they have to stand alone.

Index by Series

Bronze/ZetsuAi 1989
Crimson Scar From ZetsuAi, in English and Romanji
End of the Chapter The ending song from Bronze

Blair's Song Sapphire's song to Blair, from the second OAV

Everybody! Shake it buddy!The opening theme
Starlight Heaven The closing theme

Gundam Wing
Just Wild Beat Communication The opening theme, in English and Romanji

The Absolute Destiny Apocalypse The pre-duel song

Weiss Kreuz
Opening Theme

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