Everybody! Shake it buddy!

lyrics: Tsukasa Hamaguchi

performed by: KIX-S

I want to live without any hesitation.

Even if I receive all of your love...

...Crying and smiling every day is exhausting.

I might forget your face, even if you look the same as before.

It's not nice to call me out of the blue.

I'm not always free, you know.

As I complain, I'm very nervous...

Hurry up... Hurry up...

I'm headed your way.

I'm just so happy!

Everybody! Shake it buddy!

Dance, dance, dance!

Let's just be a little more gentle.

Under the moonlight tonight,

Let's dance, dance, dance!

Forgive everything and let's dance!

Smile again tomorrow and I love you...

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