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Taryn's Tales from Other Fandoms

Consider yourself warned:

Yaoi Mission

Please note the following warning labels following the story titles:
Yaoi: Stories containing material that deals with male/male relationships. They are not necessarily graphic, but don't read them if the thought of two men in a relationship bothers you.
Lemon: Stories with adult content. Should not be read by anyone under the age of 18, period.
Lime: Contain references to adult material, but are not graphic
Violence : Stories contain scenes which are violent. Reader discretion is advised.

Additional Story Descriptions:
AU: Alternate Universe- the story takes place out of the series timeline
SF: Songfic- a story revolving around the lyrics to a song
VF: Videofic- basically just a description of action, kind of like a music video
NC: Non-consensual situations (rape)
X: Crossover with another series
UF: Unfinished

Ai no Kusabi

by Anna

Memory Yaoi Set right at the end of the OAV series.

Repercussions Yaoi A short piece set right after the end of the series.

by Christi


by Taryn

Screaming Yaoi SF Set during the first OAV video; this is the slightly revised version if you read the original.

Cowboy Bebop

An Angel's Descant Yaoi, but not overtly. A very short accompaniment to Mission 5: Ballad of Fallen Angels


Shooting Stars Yaoi Angels and Angst

Gundam Wing

The Dangers of Messing with Goats Possibly yaoi if you squint hard enough. Pretty much just a pointless challenge fic.

Job Search Now that the war's over, the GW boys need jobs. Another challenge fic.

The Telltale Braid Yaoi AU as hell. Inspired by a lovely picture by Jenn. 1x2

Robotech: Invid Invasion (The Third Generation, whatever)

Dwindling Solitude Yaoi Lime I don't remember who originally requested a Rand/Lancer story, but the idea just wouldn't leave me alone.


And the Award Goes to... Yaoi A multi-anime parody

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