by Raini

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' I just can't believe this is happening! Keith, this is all your fault!'

'My fault! If anyone's to blame it's that psychiatrist!' Keith stopped to look each of his team-mates in the eye, 'I hope you all realise just how serious this situation is. We're all in big trouble if they attack and we're not ready for them'

'No shit Sherlock!' Lance snarled. 'Two psychopaths have teamed up with the sole purpose of destroying us! I don't think 'big trouble' is quite right, it's more like we're up shit creek without a paddle!'

'Lance! Compose yourself. Getting upset will only aid the enemy. '

'Compose myself?! How the hell an I supposed to do that!? We're screwed! He knows everything about us! Our every weakness... Hell he even knows what our favourite ice-creams are!'

' I know Lance, but that's no reason to panic...'

'I happen to think that's a fucking good reason to panic!!'

Hunk sighed as he watched his two comrades and friends argue. Realising that it would be futile to attempt to intervene he turned to his best friend and was shocked by the expression on his buddy's face.

' Hey, Pidge? Buddy, what's wrong?' Pidge turned to him, his already huge eyes made even bigger by the complete lack of colour in his face.

' We're going to die, aren't we.' It wasn't a question, not really. Not if there was only one answer that could be given in reply.

'You're right. I can't see us getting out of this one alive either. Shit. I wish we'd never listened to that bloody psychiatrist!'


' It's the only way, if you want to cure your friend from his obsession. The medicine I've prescribed him will only help him so much. What he really needs is to confront the focus of his obsession. Lotor.'

As far as the Voltron force was concerned, the very concept of putting Sven and Lotor in the same room was beyond bad... It would be safer to try and control natural forces like the wind and rain then those two. But it was Romelle's decision, and she was convinced the psychiatrist could cure her husband of his obsession. So it was that two days after she signed the papers Lotor was removed from the high security prison that had been his home since his capture just over a year ago, and was escorted to the palace.

The idea was simple enough, lock the two of them in a room until Sven overcame his hatred. Due to their violent tendencies they would both be restrained, but other than that they would be left alone and. The doctor would observe them via a camera secreted in the room. There would also be someone observing them on the monitor in the old control room twenty-four hours a day in case one of them slipped their restraints. The doctor thought it foolproof, but the Voltron force knew better. Since they didn't want either Sven hurt or Lotor to escape, they decided to keep watch over the two of them personally, just in case.

It all started out just the way the Voltron force expected. There was one instance of panic early on when Sven broke his restrains and started to strangle Lotor. But they soon had him restrained again, this time with stronger restraints. After five hours of shouting insults the audio receivers were turned down in the control room and a game of poker was started. By the next day both subjects were silent, not surprising considering the amount of yelling that had gone on the day before, and Pidge was nearly a hundred dollars richer.

By the seventh day of silence even the Voltron force was in awe of Sven's and Lotor's stubbornness and everyone knew not to play poker with Pidge, especially after the strip poker episode. Eleven days passed and they all began to worry, except Hunk who had taken Pidge up on the strip poker game to their immense satisfaction. It was fifteen days into the 'desensitisation' treatment and even the psychiatrist was thinking of calling the whole thing off when Lotor finally broke the silence... with a complement. It was hard to say who was the most shocked, Sven, the Voltron force, or the psychiatrist, but for the rest of the day the two patients talked. Mostly they talked about their battles against each other and that led to talk about how much they had enjoyed matching their wits against one another. By the end of the seventeenth day the two seemed to be becoming fast friends. The psychiatrist became pompous. Romelle, certain that her husband had been cured was ecstatic. The Voltron force was worried, although Lance was to pissed off at Keith to worry all that much about Sven. But when they confronted the doctor with their concerns he pushed them aside saying that reactions like this were not unheard of in this form of treatment. Still uncertain, but mollified for the time being, the team went back to their daily tasks. Pidge and Hunk resumed their vigil in the control room, while Lance attempted to catch-up on his paper work. Allura went back to trying to rule a planet, and Keith, who having already finished his tasks, started writing very bad poetry to Lance in hopes of getting back on his good side.

It was Romelle who found the note on the nineteenth day laying on the table in the dining hall. Allura found her weeping and gibbering something about not being blue. It wasn't until after the psychiatrist had sedated Romelle that Hunk found the note crumpled on the floor under the dining table. Reading the note, Romelle's state suddenly became clear and the danger to the group apparent. Grabbing the attention the rest of the Voltron force he read the note to them. Amazingly it was Pidge who perfectly voiced the team's reaction to the contents of the letter.

'Oh fuck.'


To the my friends and loved ones,

I am proud to say that thanks to my treatment I am now in touch with my emotions. I have discovered it was not revenge and hatred that fuelled my obsession with Lotor, but love and desire. Fortunately Lotor too has come to the same realisation and we have escaped together. I would like to say that this announcement was the sole purpose of this letter, especially in regards to our many years of friendship, but you captured my love and placed him in a prison where he was abused and raped repeatedly. So even if he was inclined to forgive you, which he is not, I would not be able to. I'm leaving you this warning as a token of our past friendship, so use it wisely, for we will destroy you.



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