History Revisited

by Jemisard

Disclaimers: They arenıt mine. You know that. Iım just borrowing them.

Notes: Thank You Hanofer, Peja, Taryn, for putting up my work. Thank you the the G-Wiz team for rekindling my interest, Fiend runner for encouraging me to write, Lythias for being himself. Matt, it was your recovery which put in the mood to write this. Todesengel, for cheering me up when I fell to depression again. In fact, all the vying members. You might not realise it, but thanks.

Summary: While being held captive, the guys reminisce about their days back in the academy.

Warnings: Misuse of characters, warping of canon, probably. Cruelty, profanity, implied m/m relationships.

The cell was unbearably cold. Allura shivered and wrapped her arms around herself a bit tighter. ³We really did it this time.²

Keith leant back against the wall and stretched his arm around Lance, who just murmured and buried into the warmth deeper. ³No, I did it. Iım responsible for this team.²

³Right, and we couldnıt have ignored you like we have in the past. This lies on all our shoulders, Keith.² Allura sighed. ³How is he?²

³His fever dropped about a minute ago.² Keith brushed Lanceıs fringe out of his eyes, careful to avoid the bruising on his head. ³I donıt know how much longer he has though, without medical help.²

Allura paced the cell again. ³They could have at least given us a blanket for him!²

³Why? They donıt care if heıs dead. They donıt care what happens to us, just so long as we donıt get out.²

Allura turned again. ³Well, they arenıt to know about the virus, are they?²

There was a snicker from the other corner. ³That robeast is as good as dead already. So are all the others that they have at the moment.² Pidgeıs eyes glittered in the darkness and he convulsed slightly in shivers.

Allura knelt down next to Pidge. ³You okay?²

He shrugged. ³Iım fine.²

Hunk snorted from the other corner. ³Youıre freezing, squirt. I can see youıre shaking from here.²

³Am not!²

³Are so.²

³You two! Stop arguing.²

They both turned to Keith. ³We arenıt arguing. This is normal for us,² Pidge laughed.

Keith rested his head against Lanceıs. ³We really donıt need this right now.²

Allura stood up and walked over the her captain. ³Hey, weıre in this together. All the way.²

Pidge moved over and curled up on the other side of Lance. ³We need something to do something to pass the time while we wait for Coran to get our message.²

³If he gets it.²

³He will.² Hunk picked up Pidge and sat down next to Lance, his arms loosely wrapped around his small friend. ³Cımere, Allura. We need to share warmth, or we wonıt make it through the night.²

Allura looked at the four of them, piled up like sleeping puppies. ³You know, a lot of pilots wouldnıt dare do that with a woman around.²

Pidge nodded sagely. ³Homophobia. Well, Iıd rather live with strange looks than die because of pride.²

³You live with strange looks anyway, weıd be really messed up if you were homophobic, and, well, what pride?²

Pidge hit Hunk in the chest before leaning deeper into his large friend. ³So not fair.²

Allura laughed and curled herself in next to Keith. ³How long have you all known each other? I mean, I know about Keith, Lance and Sven at the academy, but when did the five of you meet?²

The three conscious pilots in question exchanged glances. Keith grimaced slightly. ³Actually, we met when Lance put his foot in it with Hunk and Pidge, during a class. He said something he shouldnıt have, and they got pissed off at him.²

Hunk laughed at the memory. ³Thatıs right. He was only teasing, I donıt think he really meant it, but.....²

³.....when you live with being bullied, you get a little defensive.² Pidge finished.

Hunk smiled softly, his eyes closing. ³You were so small back then. Remember when they needed to get the mascot out of the air ventilation system?²

³Yeah, they sent me because I was the smallest.²

Keith had closed his eyes. ³You nearly got killed when the fan came back on unexpectedly. It youıd been an inch taller......²

³Iıdıve been killed. I know. You think I didnıt get all this back then, as well?²

Allura leant in closer. ³I want to hear about how you met.²

Keith glanced at her. ³Well, it doesn't really make sense unless you know about all of us before we met.²

³So tell me.²

³Itıs a long story.²

³You have a long time to tell it in.²

Keith sighed. ³I can only tell you about Sven, Lance and me.²

They all nodded and listened as Keith told the story.


It was the start of the first year. Keith stretched out and smiled inside. The academy, all he had ever wanted, all he had dreamed, inside this building.

He noticed a large boy against one wall, glaring at everyone from under dark locks with smoldering blue eyes.

Keith continued to gaze around the room. He locked eyes with a young man, his light brown hair hiding his features.

He walked over and stuck out his hand. ³Keith Redfield.²

³Lance Kingsley.²

³Nice to meet you.²

³Yeah, ditto.²

Keith noticed the edgy looks that Lance kept giving the room. He was on edge, more than would be expected even for in here. ³Are you feeling okay?²

³Fine. Redfield?²

³Yeah?² Keith asked cautiously. ³Why?²

Lance shook his head. ³Nothing. Just.....²

³Hey, Cassie, you made it!²

Lance spun around to face the voice. ³Marcus Clay.²

Marcus, a large and imposing figure, sauntered over. ³Still spouting prophecies, Cassie?²

Keith frowned. ³Whatıs going on?²

Marcus grinned. ³You not met Cassie? Cassandra Kingsley?²

Lance shoved past the other boy, sprinting from the area. Keith watched him go helplessly, before turning to Marcus angrily. ³You had no right to do that!²

³Boy, you really are new to the area. Everyone from here knows about Cassie.²

³His name is Lance.²

³Whatever. Everyone calls him Cassie, Cassandra, whatever.² He leered. ³This your first year, boy?²

³Yeah.² Keith bristled at the words, but remained calm.

³Youıll wanna do good. Take it from me, me and my boys can make life easy in here. All you gotta do is stay on our good side. You look bright, you know what to do.²

He raised an eyebrow. ³And if I donıt?²

³You wonıt need to worry about next year. Just keep away from Cassie, heıs bad news.²

Keith watched them walk off, disgust rising in him. He wanted to find Lance, make sure the other boy was okay, but as he moved off to find him, the loudspeaker crackled to life. ³Attention, students. You should now check your passes. Boys, you should all be in hall 1B. Girls, you should be in hall 2B. If this is not the case, please speak to a supervisor at the front of the hall. If you are lost, press the red button on your pass.²

Keith glanced around. A few girls wandered out and some boys were ushered in by a supervisor. The speaker crackled to life again. ³You have just had your room allocation uploaded to your pass. Please check it to receive your number and move off in an orderly fashion towards the door with your allocation.²

Keith checked his number. 779C. Okay. He moved towards the C door, finding himself pressed against a myriad of students as he went. The tall, brooding boy was on his left, a good head above the rest.

He spied Lance further behind him, heading for the same door.

³Ow, watch it!²

He glanced around briefly, then down. A boy, not yet a teenager, was holding his foot, glaring reproachfully at Keith. He swallowed under the fierce gaze. ³Umm, sorry.²

The boy blinked at him and disappeared into the swirling mass of students. Keith shook his head. He had to have been mistaken about the boy, his eyes were just playing tricks on him.

He reached the next hall division, and quickly diverted himself down the hallway marked 700-799.

He finally made it to his room. He leant against it gratefully, pulling out his pass to open it.

³Let me.²

He stared up at the brooding blue eyes. ³Thanks.²

³No problem.²

He could hear a heavy accent, Swedish or the like. ³Keith. Keith Redfield.²

³Sven Bjornsen.²

³Nice to meet you.²

They shook hands and the door swung open. Sven stepped inside and took in the room as Keith dropped his stuff on one of the beds. ³Dere are three beds.²


³Ve have anoder roommate.²

The door burst open and Lance stalked in and stopped. He looked angry and upset, but he smiled sheepishly when he saw Keith. ³Hey again.²

³Hey. Coincidence, huh?²

³Yeah.² He threw his gear onto a bed and flopped down. ³Hey, Sven.²

Sven frowned. ³Do I know you?² Lance looked up. ³Shit, Iım sorry, Iım so sorry. Lance. Lance Kingsley.²

³Sven Bjornsen. But you know dat.²

He blushed. ³Iım sorry.²

³Cassandra.² Keith suddenly clicked with the name. ³Cassandra of Troy.²

Lance leapt to his feet. ³What do you about that?²

³Cassandra could see the future, but no one ever listened. She prophesied the downfall of Troy.²

³Yeah, thatıs her.²

³Youıre a latent?²

Sven glanced at them. ³Vhat is latent?²

³A latent psion. Someone with mind powers that never developed fully, and only appear periodically, often as a gut instinct or a sense or deja vu.² His eyes hadnıt left Lanceıs. ³Am I right?²

Lance nodded, his head falling. ³Iım not very good, I just get names, places. Little premonitions.²

Sven looked him up and down. ³Sounds like trouble.²

³Yes. It is. Like with your name.²

Keith smiled. ³And mine. You knew I was going to be your roommate.²

³Yes. I didnıt want you to know.²

³Thatıs okay. You canıt help what you have.²

Lance sat down again, gazing up at them. ³Thanks. A lot of people donıt see it that way.²

Sven started unpacking his things. ³Ve need to get ready. Lesson allocation vill be soon.²

³What do you want to end up in?² Keith glanced Sven.

³Piloting. You?²

³Piloting. Lance?²

³Pilot. I love flying.²

They grinned at each other, well Keith and Lance grinned, Sven smiled a bit. ³This is going to be great.²


Keith leant back and wrapped his arms around Lance a bit tighter. ³We were inseparable. It was always the three of us. We took care of one another. Sven was picked on for having an accent, I was too serious and studious for most of them and Lance......² he trailed off. ³I had nearly forgotten at times he was a latent. It only emerged when trouble was coming. He usually didnıt say anything, just became insistent about some things. He had to be there at certain times, do certain things.²

Allura stroked Lanceıs forehead. ³Did they often come true?²

³No. But I think it was because he wouldnıt let them. He changed what could have been, so many times probably, without our knowing.²

Pidge stirred from where he lay. ³Like today. He warned us not to come.²

Keith nodded. ³God, I forgot so often. Theyıre so few like him.²

Hunk nodded. ³I want to hear the rest. What happened after that?²

Allura smiled. ³Yeah, what happened then?²

Keith pointed at Hunk. ³Tell us about you two. I canıt remember when you two werenıt friends.²

Hunk smiled. ³We met before the academy, during the selection process.²

Allura hit him lightly. ³Cımon, the whole story.²

³Nah, Iım not good with words. Pidge, you tell them.²

³ıKay. It was a dark and stormy night....²

Hunk hit him in the head lightly. ³Pidge!²

³Donıt do that, I have a fragile head.²

³Fragile as granite.Tell the story.²

³Iım too tired to tell this story. You do this one, Iıll tell the next.² He smiled up at Hunk and battered his eyelashes.

They all laughed at the display, and Hunk gave up the fight. ³Okay, okay. It was at the robotics class, the day before they announced the final audition placements.....²


³Class, you have twenty minutes to construct a machine that is capable of some form of physical work. It must be moving and have at least two circuit boards. You have been partnered with someone from the computing class who will do the programming. Mechanics, stay by your desk, your computer partner will find you.²

Hunk leant against his desk. He hated working with strangers, most of them were too involved with themselves to notice their quiet team mate.

³Hey, number 12?²

He looked at the skinny girl. ³Yeah.²

³Cool. Iım Tanny.²


She bounced on the balls of her feet. ³That your real name?²


³So what is it?²


³Cool.² She bounced again and launched into a detailed account of what she was going to do, what he would do and why she was the best choice to decide. He tuned her out, she was just like the others. She thought he was stupid, he could read it in her manner.

³Do you understand what I mean? Those were pretty difficult ideas.²

Hunk nodded and sat down, pulling out the necessary tools. She smiled at him indulgently. ³Good. Iıll get to work on the programming.²

He watched her sit down and type away at the board, making it clear that she didnıt need to pay attention to what she did, because she was too good at this to stuff up. He turned back to his work, carefully registering every turn of the screwdriver. If she wanted to be flippant about this, so be it. He wanted this position badly, he needed it.

He watched the machine build up from the frame outwards. Tanny flirted with a couple of guys, threw some exasperated looks in his direction while talking to a friend of hers and finished programming the boards.

Twenty minutes later, he had the boards installed and the machine working. The teacher yelled for them stop and had them all bring their work up the front.

There was a protest from near Tanny. She glanced down and smirked. ³Hey, shrimp. Didnıt think you made it this far.² She tossed her hair over her shoulder. ³You know they only take four computing student from this class? Thatıs out of twelve of us.²

Hunk leant around her to see who she talking to, but she moved into his line of vision again. He tapped her shoulder. ³Weıre blocking the line.²

She bounced off, calling over to someone about having lunch now and was gone. He shook his head. ³Please don't let her get in.²

³Thatıs not too nice to say about your partner.²

He looked down, and stared. A boy stood at his feet, reaching his waist. Large amber eyes blinked from behind round glasses. ³Hey? You okay? You look shell shocked.²

³Iım fine.²

³You donıt like Tanny, huh?²

Hunk blushed. ³Well, itıs not exactly that, I just......²

³.....canıt stand the sight of her. Donıt worry, I know how you feel.²

Hunk smiled. ³Mı nameıs Hiroshi, but everyone calls me Hunk.²

³Tienshi. They call me Pidge.²

³Whyıs that?²

He got a skeptical look that was very wrong on such a young face. ³Use your brain.²

³Oh.² he blushed again. ³Sorry, turned it off while I was working with Tanny.²

Pidge stared for a second, shocked, before he burst out laughing. ³Oh, thatıs a classic.²

Hunk smiled wider. Not many people appreciated his dry humour. ³You human?²

³Do I look it? No, donıt answer that. I know I look young for a human, Iım not human though. But I am old enough to get in. Iım Baltonian.²

³Oh. Right, thatıd explain it,² he said dubiously. He guessed that explained it. He didnıt actually know anything about the Baltonians.

Pidge smiled. ³You want to get lunch? Iım starved.²

Hunk perked up at the mention of food. ³Sure. Iıd love to get something.²

Pidge disappeared out the door, with Hunk in tow, ignoring the jibes that were whispered in their direction.


³David and Goliath.² Hunk laughed. ³Remember?²

³Could I forget?² Pidge shivered. ³Itıs getting cold in here.²

³Yeah.² Hunk pulled off his jacket and wrapped it around Pidge. ³You need this more than I do. Smaller people lose heat quicker.²

³I taught you that.² Keith smiled. ³In the gym.²

³The day we met,² Hunk closed his eyes.

³When the air conditioning had packed in.² Pidge piped up.

Allura watched the exchange. ³Well, do I get to hear this story now?²

Hunk shoved Pidge. ³Your turn, squirt.²

³Go to hell, Hiroshi.²

³Just tell the princess the story, Tienshi.²

Pidge stuck out his tongue. Hunk eyed him off. ³Iıve warned you before. You do that, Iıll bite it.²

³Youıll bite it anyway.²

Hunk shrugged. ³Yeah, but in private.²

³Hunk! Youıre letting him distract you again.²

Hunk glared at Pidge. ³You always do that. You always try to distract me. Now, get on with the story or I will bite you. Iım getting hungry.²

Pidge sighed. ³Fine. It was gym day, in the hall, and the air conditioning packed in, and it was the hottest day in twelve years.......²


Pidge stood near the ropes, a sinking feeling reaching through him. He hated the ropes. He knew heıd never make it up there.

Hunk squeezed his shoulder gently. ³Youıll be fine. Just like the rock climbing we did last week.²

³I nearly fell off there as well.²

The teacher was rambling on about the necessity of strength and endurance. Pidge adjusted his glasses and looked up at ropes. Why did he need strength? He didnıt get in here on merit of his physical strength, he wanted to be a technician.

³Hey, we gotta join our group.²

They moved over to three other boys, who were looking as uncomfortable as the rest of them. The smaller dark haired one smiled. ³Hi, Iım Keith Redfield. This is Sven Bjornsen,² he gestured to the larger boy, ³and Lance Kingsley,² he pointed to their fairer companion.

³Tienshi Kiribati. This is Hiroshi Ueda.² He scuffed his feet. ³Most people call us Pidge and Hunk.²

Lance eyed them off. ³I can see why.²

Pidge threw a dirty look at the other boy, but didnıt say anything. Lance ignored it and looked up at the rope. ³Who wants to go first?²

Sven stepped forward. ³I vill.²

He jumped up the rope and started to easily climb it. Pidge watched him, envious of the ease that he accomplished it with. He slid back down and held it out to the others. ³Who is next?²

Hunk took the rope gingerly. ³Sıpose I could try.²

He swung up the rope, easily carrying his weight up. Keith whistled. ³He makes it look easier than you do, Sven.²

Lance gave them a cursory glance. ³Itıs too hot for this. We should be doing swimming on a day like this.²

³Why isnıt the air conditioning on?²

³Broke down.² Pidge muttered. ³The tech teacher thought heıd be smart and show us how it worked. Thereıs something blocking it up and he said he could fix it, no problem. He put something in there and now it wonıt come out.²

Keith stared. ³He what?²

³He put some kind of food in there and it wonıt come out.²

Hunk dropped next to them. ³Your turn, squirt.²

³Go to hell, Hiroshi,² he said amiably. ³Iım not going up that thing.²

Lance grabbed it. ³I will then. Iım not scared of heights.²

Pidge glared at him. ³Iım not scared of heights. I just donıt see the point of this.²

Lance shrugged and started climbing. ³If you want to finish, you need to be fit, strong and healthy.² He looked down at them pointedly, a half smile on his face.

Pidge felt his face burn in anger. ³And just what are you implying?²

³Nothinı.² Lance grinned and continued upwards.

Keith lay his hand of Pidgeıs shoulder. ³Just ignore Lance. He can be a bit nasty at times, but he doesnıt mean it.²

³I do!² A yell came from near the top of the rope. ³Every single word of it. I donıt say what I donıt mean.²

Pidge snarled. His forehead was burning and he could hear his heart rate increase. He stared up at Lance, his eyes going wide, and he could feel a tingling sensation in the back of his head that he often associated with rage.

Lance had nearly grabbed the top when his hand swung wild and he slipped. He fell nearly all the way down before he managed to grab hold again.

They crowded forward. ³You okay?² Keith yelled up.

³I, I will be. I donıt know what happened. I misjudged....²

³Kingsley! Enough talking! Get up that rope!²

Lance glared at the teacher, stuck up his finger in a widely recognised sign and started to climb again. Pidge sat down, feeling tired. Hunk sat next to him. ³You okay? You look, shocked or something.²

³Just,² the world swam in and out of vision. ³I donıt feel so good.²

Lance dropped next to them. ³Getting sick just thinking about it, huh?²

Hunk stood up and leaned over Lance, using his considerable bulk to intimidate. ³Hey, leave him alone. You didnıt go so well yourself.²

Lance turned red. ³What, you think the kid has a better chance?²

³Iım no kid!² Pidge leapt to his feet, ignoring the nausea and dizziness. ³I am not a child, and I wonıt be treated as one.²

³You look like one.² Lance stated.

³Iım not.² Pidge grabbed the rope and started to climb. ³Iım as old as you are, you bastha!²

Lance spluttered. ³What did you call me?!²

Pidge ignored him and continued upwards. Hunk sniggered. ³I think you upset him.²

³I upset him! Iım not the one slinging around terms like that.²

³You insulted him. He isnıt a child.²

Keith wrapped his hand around Lanceıs arm. ³Hey, leave it, Lance.²

By now, a small group had gathered. Pidge had reached the top in his anger and was shimmying back down again to take on Lance. Marcus Clay sauntered over from his tutoring. ³Whatıs going on here, Cassie?²

Lanceıs lip curled. ³Fuck off, Marcus.²

Marcus gestured at Lance. ³You wanna try me, Cassie?²

Hunk stepped forwards. ³Hey. Back off. This ainıt your fight.²

Lance looked on in surprised at the bigger boy, but wisely kept his mouth shut. Marcusıs eyebrow made a bid for his hair line. ³What did you say, fat boy?²

Pidge dropped to the floor in front of them. ³Fuck off. You leave him alone, both of them.²

³Whoıs gonna make me, runt? You?²

³Ja.² Sven stepped forwards with Keith, the five of them in a protective group. ³Ve vill.²

Marcus stared at the five junior boys. Cassie, fat boy, runt, sweedy and nerd. All facing off against him.

³Youıll keep. All of you.²

He backed off and went back to his group. They turned to one another and smiled. ³That was an unexpected development.² Pidge noted.

Lance laughed. ³You sound like Keith when heıs on an all night study binge.²

Keith punched him in the arm playfully. ³Hey, watch who you insult, Lancelot.²

Lance punched him back. ³Donıt call me that.²

Sven shook his head. ³Give your egos a rest.²

Keith stuck out his hand to Hunk and Pidge. ³Friends?²

The five of them piled their hands on top of one another. ³Friends.²

Lance quickly moved away. ³Itıs too hot to be affectionate.²

Pidge snickered. ³Thatıs cause youıre large. Smaller people lose heat quicker.²

Keith turned to them. ³Basic biology. Surface area to volume ratio. The smaller you are, the more heat you lose. Larger people fare better in the cold.²

Lance shook his head. ³God, two of them. Iım going to go mad.²

Hunk started laughing, and soon they were all off.


Pidge yawned. ³So, thatıs how we met. In the gym.²

Keith shifted Lanceıs weight in his arms and leant back against Hunk. ³Apart from that incident at the beginning of the year, when I stepped on your foot.²

³Mm, I nearly forgot about that.² Pidge turned his face up to Hunk. ³I loved the academy, it was so much fun.²

³No you didnıt. You hated every minute of it. You couldnıt wait to get out of there.²

³Yeah, well, funny how you remember things differently when youıre freezing your butt off.²

Allura stifled a yawn and blinked. ³How is he now?²

³Not good.² Keith brushed his lips against Lanceıs forehead. ³His feverıs gone up. He needs a doctor, soon.²

Pidge shook his head. ³They wonıt get here in time. We need to get out and get him to Red. She can take you two back fastest.²

Allura lay her hand against the small pilotıs head. ³You must be running a fever too, because you seem to think we can get out of here.²

Pidge stared up at Hunk, their eyes locking. ³We can.²

³No, Pidge.²

Allura coughed. ³Hunk, you canıt break the walls.²

³He isnıt talking about me doing it. He wants to break them.²

Allura only just managed to stop herself laughing. She had long ago learnt not to laugh at their teammate. It only pissed him off. ³Pidge? If Hunk canıt....²

³I can.²

She stared at the large brown eyes. ³How?²

³I,² he paused and took a deep breath. ³I can. Trust me.²

Hunk held onto him. ³No, you canıt do it.²

³Stop being sentimental, Hunk. Itıs the only way. Iıve done it before.²

³And nearly got yourself killed. You canıt!²

³You canıt stop me!² Pidge stood up and shrugged off the orange jacket. ³If you act fast, Iıll be fine.²

Hunk went to grab Pidge, but was frozen in place by a glare. ³Okay, Tienshi. You win.²

Allura was shocked. Hunk almost never Pidgeıs real name, except when things were really serious or telling a personal joke. She extended her hand, not sure what to do. ³What are you going to do?²

Pidge took off his glasses and handed them to Hunk. ³Donıt you dare break them.²

³I wonıt.²

He looked older with them off. He nodded to Keith. ³You need to move. All of you, in the far corner. Hunk, you need to shield them.²

³I know.² He picked up Lance easily and lay him in the corner. ³Princess, you next. Then Keith.²

They moved into the corner. Allura turned to watch the two of them.

Pidge stood on his toes and gently kissed Hunk. ³Donıt worry, Hiroshi. Iıll be fine. You get Lance and me back quickly though.²

³I promise.² They kissed again and Hunk covered them with his body. ³Okay.²

Allura heard a faint rumbling noise before the wall exploded over them.


Allura stood up shakily. The wall had exploded outwards. She had a thin layer of dirt covering her, but was completely unharmed.

Hunk had run over to where Pidgeıs body lay on the ground. He picked him up and turned to face Keith. ³You carry him. You arenıt strong enough to carry Lance out there, but I can.²

Allura followed them as they ran out to where their lions lay in waiting. She helped Hunk maneuver Lance into Black, then ran to Blue while Pidge was settled in behind Hunk.

They took off, heading into space.

Allura finally found her voice. ³What happened in there?²

There was silence from Yellow. Keith coughed. ³Heıs one of them, isnıt he?²


³One of what?² Allura asked mildly.

³Why didnıt either of you say anything?²

³One of what?²

³There was no point. He canıt harness it.²

³ONE OF WHAT?² She bellowed.

Keith sighed. ³Pidge is a latent, like Lance.²

³What? How, why did he never....?²

³He canıt control it,² Hunk said. ³It isnıt like Lance, Lance is a clairvoyant, he gets instincts and that. Pidge is a psion, a true psion. He can manipulate matter and raw energy, force things to happen.²

Allura could hear Keithıs anger, despite the fact his voice was normal. ³Why did you never tell us? He could be dangerous if it isnıt controlled.²

³Because the only way he can do it is by tapping his energy!² Hunk sounded near tears. ³He can barely summon it, itıs painful and tiring.²

Allura wanted to hug the big man, but she could only send her sympathy with her voice. ³What do you mean, Hunk? His energy?²

³He drains part of his energy to do small things. We all have an energy field, we know that. It gives us the strength to do things. He taps into that to do small things.²

³And large things?² Keith didnıt sound very happy at the prospect, in fact he sounded down right worried.

³His life. The only way he can do things like blow that wall is by draining part of his life. He will recover, but he needs to be in medical care.²

Allura was stunned. ³How long have you known?²

³I found out the day he did. The academy tests everyone to see if theyıre latent. He blew up a table in there. He had done it a couple of times before, but only when he got angry or scared.²

Keith almost laughed. ³When Lance slipped on the rope, his hand suddenly swung wide of the top.²

³Uh huh. Pidge pushed him. By accident.²

Arus was coming into sight. Allura breathed a sigh of relief. ³Weıre nearly there.²

³Guys, please donıt say anything to anyone about this. It isnıt an issue most of the time. Heıs just our friend who, on rare, selected occasions can do weird things.²

Allura smiled softly, despite the fact that she couldnıt be seen. ³I promise. Not a word.²


Lance and Pidge were both fine. They had woken up, and, despite a lot of protesting from the doctor, decided that they were well enough to leave.

They had all laughed at the sight of Lotorıs robeasts malfunctioning and dying on him. The virus had worked wonders on them.

Now, they sat in the dining room, while Nanny tried to make them sick with the copious amounts of food she was doling out. Hunk had already finished off his own, and most of Lanceıs and had started eying off Alluraıs plate. She caught him staring and moved further away. ³Forget it, this is mine.²

Hunk sighed and turned his gaze to Pidge , who promptly stood up and moved to the opposite side of the table. ³No, mine, Hunk.²

He tried Keith, but gave up when all he got was a look that said it all.

Allura decided to try and change his mood. ³Hey, why donıt you tell us about something at the academy?²

³Nah, I told my story.² He absently reached over and took a slice apple of Alluraıs plate. ³Lance can tell one.²

Lance raised his eyebrow. ³Tell one what?²

³A story from our academy days. Weıve all told ours. Itıs your turn.²

Lance coughed. ³Uh, no.²

³Please?² Allura begged.

Lance shook his head. ³No way, princess. I donıt have a story to tell.²

Keithıs eye took on a wicked glint. ³Sure you do.²

Lance stared at him. ³No way, definitely not that one.²

³Which one?²

Keith grinned. ³The hand to hand combat story.²

³No, no, and no. I will not tell it.²

³Thatıs an order, Lance.²

³I donıt care. I donıt listen to your orders on duty, what makes you think I will now?² Lance picked up a piece of orange and waved it emphatically. ³You want her to hear it, you have to do it yourself.²

Keith grabbed the hand with the orange and brought it to his own mouth, taking the fruit and then sucking a finger. Lance moaned slightly.

³You got a room!² Pidge yelled. ³Do that somewhere else, Iım trying to eat.²

Keith released the finger and smiled. ³Please?²

Lance saw the promise in the black eyes. ³Okay, you win. Iıll tell you the hand to hand combat story.²


It was the end of the third academy year. All five of them had made it through to the final training, and, amazingly, were being assigned together as part of a team.

Lance yawned and stretched again. He was getting well and truly sick of early mornings.

The teacher told them to get into pairs and start their hand to hand fighting. Sven grabbed Keith and pulled him to the side, whispering something in his ear hurriedly.

Prick, Lance thought. He knows how I feel about Keith, and what does he do? Starts flirting and and acting up.

Not that I can really blame him, he mused.

³Hey, you joining me today?²

Lance blinked and looked down. ³Sorry, Hunk, I wasnıt really with it.²

Something clicked in his head. ³Why are you with me today? You usually go with Pidge.²

³Heıs having his sciences test, he canıt be here. Besides, you need a partner.²

Do I ever, Lance thought to himself, but not the sort you mean. ³Sure, sounds good.²

Hunk bowed to him and took a ready stance. Lance bowed as well and bounced on the balls of his feet, gauging the best line of attack.

He swiped in at Hunkıs side, pulling short and kicking to the other side instead. Hunk pushed him away and took a swing for his head.

Lance ducked it and wrapped his legs around Hunkıs, bringing him to the ground, hard.

Hunk grinned and stood up. ³Ready?²


They started again, feinting and striking, not really doing much but testing each otherıs weaknesses. Lance decided that the straight approach would be best, just plunge into the fray head first as it were.

His preferred way of fighting.

He lunged at Hunk and slammed him back. Hunk grabbed him and twisted, using his bulk to force Lance backwards again. Lance went to grab his arm but caught a glimpse of Keith and Sven from the corner of his eye.

Sven was lying on Keith, their legs twined around one another, laughing their heads off. Neither of them was making attempts to move.

A hand landed on him and he found himself staring up at the ceiling. Hunk grinned down at him. ³You okay?²

³Yeah, fine.² He got up and turned to watch his two friends. They had gotten up and were fighting again. He turned back to his partner. ³Ready?²


He dodged back as Hunk lunged at him, grabbing the arm that went for him. He brought his knee into Hunkıs stomach, pulling the blow, and went to bring his hands down on the back of the neck.

Keith had his arms wrapped around Sven and was tickling him mercilessly. Sven had his hand resting on Keithıs lower back, the other was dropping a little lower, as he laughed.

He felt a a blow to his leg and he crumpled onto the ground. Hunk loomed over him. ³Are you really okay? You seemed distracted.²

Lance stood up, feeling white rage burn in him. He had told Sven about his crush on their best friend two weeks ago, and all the bastard had done was take advantage of the fact that Lance wasnıt willing to run the risk of losing Keith by telling him how he felt.

³You wanna fight Keith instead? I feel like a little bit of training with Sven.²

Hunkıs face fell. ³I didnıt hurt you did I? Iıve been told I get a little...²

³No, it isnıt anything like that.² Lance lay his hand on Hunkıs shoulder briefly, to show that there were no hard feelings. ³I just gotta sort something out with Sven.²

He walked over to the two of them. ³Hey. Sven, can I train with you for a while?²

Sven glanced at him. ³Ja. Sounds like fun. Ve not train together much.²

Keith smiled at them and walked over to Hunk. Lance snarled slightly and threw himself at Sven, pummeling him with his fists, not pulling one of them. Sven howled in pain as one of the blows connected with his jaw. He rolled over, pinning Lance under him. ³Vhat are you doing?²

³You fucking bastard,² he hissed. ³You knew, you knew.²

³Knew vhat, Lance?²

Lance kicked up and forced Sven off him. He rolled backwards onto his feet again. ³Cımon then, fight me.²

Sven sighed. ³I donıt know vhat is wrong.²

Lance kicked out savagely. Sven blocked it and tried to grab Lance, who twisted away. ³Vhat have I done?²

³You know!² He launched himself at the Swede and grappled with him. ³You knew and you did it anyway!²

Hunk and Keith had stopped fighting and were watching their two friends battle it out in stunned silence. The teacher had gone, and fortunately there were no other students in this class at the moment, as the other three were at the sciences exam.

Hunk grabbed Lance and pulled him backwards as he tried to bite Svenıs arm. ³Hey, buddy, thatıs Pidgeıs dirty trick.²

Lance struggled against the arms holding him, still screaming abuse at Sven, slowly calming and sinking into the warm embrace, crying silently.

Keith was holding onto Sven. ³What happened?² he whispered.

³I donıt know. He vent mad, started screaming that I knew, and did it anyvay.²

³Knew what?² Keith sat Sven down and glanced over at Lance, who was now kneeling on the floor with Hunk mothering him. ³Did what?²


Lance watched the two of them together, whispering, touching, Keith was so bloody gentle with Sven.

Well, all heıd done now was drive them closer together.

³You should tell him.² Hunk murmured.

³Tell who what?²

³Tell Keith how you feel about him. He wonıt be upset.²

³How did you know?²

³We all worked it out, except for Keith of course. He wonıt mind.²

³What about him and Sven? Or is that why he wonıt mind?²

Hunk nodded. ³Go talk to him. Now.²

Lance found himself being pushed over to where Keith and Sven sat. They gazed up at him. He coughed nervously. ³Can, can I speak to you, Keith? Alone.²

He stared at Sven with a hard gaze. Sven stood up and walked off with Hunk. Lance sat next to Keith, staring at the floor, making sure not to sit to close. Keith moved in slightly. ³Whatıs wrong with you, Lance?²

Lance moved away slightly. ³I, itıs nothing.²

Keith moved in closer again. ³Lance, why are you avoiding me?²

³Iım not,² he whispered, shifting away again.

³Look at me,² Keith said. He closed the distance between them again.

³No.² Lance was quickly running out of bench to slide along.

³Why?² Keith pressed himself up next to Lance, so their thighs touched. Lance pulled away as if burnt. ³I, I canıt.²

³Why? What have I done?²

Lance had run out of room. He was sitting against the wall now. He tried to press into it further, willing it to open and swallow him up. ³You havenıt done anything. I did.²

³What? Lance, look at me, please. Tell me I did nothing wrong.²

Lance looked up, not meeting Keithıs eyes, staring at his mouth instead. ³You did nothing wrong.²

³Look me in the eye, Lance.²

Lance closed his eyes and took a deep breath, before looking up and staring into those black eyes. ³You did noth...²

He would have finished the sentence, but Keithıs mouth was making it hard for him speak. He felt a tongue run around the inside of his mouth and leant into it, exploring what he could.

They broke apart. Keith grinned. ³You donıt mind?²

³You wanker.² Lance hit him and pulled him back for another kiss.

When they separated again it was Lance who was grinning. ³So, you and Sven arenıt together?²

Keith stared at him and then started laughing. ³No! What on earth gave you that idea?²

Lance went red. ³I thought, I talked to him, and then you and he, I thought,²

³He told me that you might be a little more receptive to my advances than I thought.²

³But today...²

³We were just mucking about. Thereıs nothing going on between us.²

Lance went redder. ³Oh shit, I just pummeled him for no reason.²

Keith nodded. ³Yep. He was trying to set us up. I spoke to him about you.²

Lance buried his face in the wall. ³Oh, God, I feel so bad now.²

Keith pulled him away from the wall. ³Well, he did get us together in a round about way.²

Lance leant in for a brief kiss. ³I gotta go apologise.²

He ran out and stopped, turning back to Keith. ³See you later.²


Lance winked and disappeared out the door. So, maybe Sven wasnıt the prick heıd accused him of being.


Lance was bright red by the end of the story. ³Okay, happy now? Sheıs heard the humiliating story of how we got together.²

Allura was laughing so hard she nearly fell off the seat. ³That was a classic! You tried to bite Sven?²

³I was upset!² Lance defensively, standing up. ³I thought he was being a callous prick.²

Keith pushed Lance back into his seat and kissed him lightly. ³Calm down, sheıs just making a point.²

Lance chewed his bottom lip. ³Sorry, Allura. I just, I hate having to hear that story and I hate telling it even more.²

Keith stood up. ³Cımon, Iım going to bed.² He gave Lance a smoldering look. ³Coming?²

Lance grabbed his jacket from the back of the chair and followed Keith out. ³Night all!²

³Night!² They yelled back. Allura yawned. ³You want to tell me anymore stories?²

Hunk laughed. ³Still looking for gossip?²

³Uh huh. So, how did you two end up together?²

Pidge glanced at Hunk with a half smile. ³Maybe another night, Allura.²

Allura watched Pidge get up and pile his plates onto the cart in the corner. Hunk did the same, with the same mysterious smile on his face. Allura frowned. ³Cımon guys,² she pleaded.

³Night, princess.² Pidge smiled at her as he left. Hunk nodded silently and followed.

Allura shook her head and went to bed.


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