by JoAnn

Notes: I noticed, when Taryn listed the stories by pairing, that I had an appalling hole in my fic pairings. I didn’t use Sven in a yaoi pairing at all! So, I had to fix that. Here’s part of the fix

Basically, I blame this on Taryn, and also Forest (who chatted and encouraged and beta’d)…. Well, and kaie, too, since I think his Keith made sort of an appearance here…

This is set after the first robeast and before Yurak becomes a robeast. (I can write something that could be canon! Well, if you squint.)

Disclaimer: WEPownsVoltron.

Warning: Sappy and sweet and PWP. And I got a cold or something, so I blame that if this doesn’t make much sense. ^^


Walking into his new quarters, Keith’s black eyes are wide in his expressionless face. Hesitating for a moment, black eyes meet brown, and then Keith moves swiftly toward his lover. Straddling Sven’s hips, sliding his hands into thick, sleek hair, Keith tucks his head into Sven’s neck.

Long arms wrap around Keith. A deep, accented voice rumbles through both their chests. “What’s wrong, kitten?”

Keith rolls his eyes. “Must you?”

Laughing brown eyes in a calm face meet put-upon black eyes.

Shaking his head, Keith gives up. “I’m scared. Terrified might fit better, actually.”

A long-fingered hand strokes his back, soothing him, gentling him. “We’re doing well; we beat Yurak. We fought in the Lions, and we even managed to form Voltron.”

Keith snorts. “It’s pure dumb luck that robeast didn’t crush us before we figured out what we were doing. And -- Yurak’s not that good, or he wouldn’t be doing mop-up on an all but dead planet. So beating him doesn’t mean very much at all. When Zarkon really turns his attention back here, we’re going to be in a great deal of trouble.”

Hugging Keith tightly, Sven cuts him off with a gentle kiss. “We can handle it all. By the time Zarkon reacts, we’ll be that much better with the lions. He’s never gone up against Voltron before -- anything we can do with Voltron will be an unpleasant surprise.” Looking worriedly at his captain, Sven frowns. “You know all that. What’s really bothering you, kitten?”

Keith blushes, and refuses to meet Sven’s eyes. “I thought… I thought we’d be advisors. Not actually piloting Voltron. I thought we’d... be... well… not as noticeable as we are. I almost failed etiquette class!” Keith swallows hard, blushing even brighter at his almost-wail. Still unable to look at Sven, he manages to calm down, somewhat -- the warm hands rubbing his back helping a great deal. “I’m supposedly in charge --"

Sven muffles a snort at that.

“And that means I’ll have to talk to royalty!”

Sven shakes his head fondly, and firmly grips Keith’s chin, forcing the black eyes to meet his. “You’ll do fine. You handled Princess Allura just right the first time you met her -- you were the only one to have the wit to kiss her hand.”

Keith smiles suddenly. The sweetness in that embarrassed smile pulls something deep inside Sven. “I had an ulterior motive -- I didn’t want her to get caught up in you.”

Laughter bursting out of him, Sven manages to hold Keith tighter. For his part, Keith looks extremely smug at being able the cause of Sven’s merriment. Regaining control, Sven’s lips still twitch when he asks, “What do you mean?”

Eyes suddenly serious, Keith lifts a hand and gently traces Sven’s cheekbones. “Tall, dark, and exotically handsome, with a mysterious, aloof air -- how could she not fall for you? So, I did my best to distract her.”

Eyes just as serious, his face expressionless, Sven leans forward. “I hope you didn’t think I’d share you.”

Keith’s eyes widen slightly at the subtle threat. Shaking his head silently, he carefully kisses Sven.

Breaking the gentle kiss, Sven studies his captain. “Good. You are mine, and no one else’s.” Smiling suddenly, Sven’s eyes laugh at Keith. “And you can handle the etiquette. When you don’t think about it, you stop tripping yourself up.” Smile turning into a playful leer, Sven continues. “I’ll just keep you so busy you won’t have time to fret.”

Laughing, the tension draining from his body, Keith settles deeper onto Sven. “I’ll hold you to that.”


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