by JoAnn

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Warnings: YAOI, in the full, traditional sense of the word. Not shonen ai, not lime. Smut. Very descriptive smut.

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Staring at the mesmerizing flow of hips and breasts and swinging hair, Lotor’s expression darkens. Growing ever more still, suddenly, he explodes into motion. His wine goblet crashes across the room. The dancers freeze, eyes wide above their veils, the music falters to a stop. Snapping upright, he leaves the room without a word.

Stalking down the hallway, his glare has the guards jerking to attention far more sharply than is their wont.

Slamming the doors to Haggar’s lab open, Lotor announces himself in his usual manner. “Witch! Old witch, where are you?”

“Your Highness.” The cracked voice answers from behind Lotor, causing him to jump slightly.

Growling to cover his surprise and ignoring the gleam of malicious humor in Haggar’s eyes, Lotor glares. “What new robeast do you have now?”

Slowly petting Coba, Haggar’s eyes glitter dangerously. “I’ve told you before, I’ve nothing right now that has any sort of chance at defeating Voltron. Your Highness.”

Frowning petulantly, Lotor glowers. “But you do have more than one, right?”

“Numbers will not make enough of a difference. My robeasts don’t fight that well together.”

“But—we could attack two different planets at once. That way, Voltron will be split… And then, we could send an attack to Arus, and capture the Lions one at a time…”

Staring first in palpable doubt, Haggar’s gaze becomes thoughtful. “You may just have something, Your Highness. Control, though, is the key. But, I think I can work that out…”

Backing out of her lab, leaving Haggar muttering to herself, Lotor smiles.


Lance finds Keith, as expected, scanning for trouble. “Great leader – give it up. Doom isn’t attacking.”

“I know, but it’s been too long. They must be up to something.”

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but… Did it occur to you that just maybe we’ve worn them down? That they need some time to recover and think up a new approach?”

“You realize that line of thought isn’t comforting.”

“Keith… Sleep. If you’re sleep-deprived, when they do surprise us, you’re not going to be able to rise to the challenge.”

“Just one more sweep through…”

“If you don’t get out of there in ten seconds, I’m signaling Hunk in.”

Craning his head, Keith can see Hunk smiling very cheerfully at him from the doorway. Blinking, he shrugs his shoulders at Lance, and shuts the computer down.


“I’m ready. The robeasts are prepared for transport. Where do you wish to attack, my Prince?”

Lotor smiles, and points. “Slowly, mind you. Give them a chance – a small chance – to alert the Voltron Force about the attack.”


Klaxons sound. As one, the Voltron force members tumble out of their beds and rush to the control room.

Coran sits before the monitor, his face grim. “Two messages have just come in. Doom has just attacked the planets Ria and Gaie. Both managed to send a visual before their communications were cut off.”

Frowning, all of them can see two robeasts, larger than anything else around them. The robeasts are the last image captured before the visual cuts out. Supporting the robeasts’ efforts are doom drone fighters and troop ships.

“Now what?” Allura’s quiet question breaks the silence.

Lance cracks his knuckles. “This feels like a trap. I don’t like this at all.”

Hunk turns on him. “You don’t mean that we ought to just let Doom attack those defenseless planets?”

Pidge grips Hunk’s arm. “No – he means that this could be a way for Doom to lure us away from Arus. Apart, the lions might be able to defeat those robeasts – but it would take longer than it would for Voltron alone.”

“And those planets don’t have enough time to wait for Voltron to finish at one before going to the other, even if it isn’t a trick to get us away from Arus.” Keith frowns. “Right. I think this is what we should do. Allura and Lance – you go to Ria, it’s further from Arus than Gaie. Red and Blue lions fight well together, and Blue is faster than Yellow. Hunk and Pidge – the two of you go to Gaie. Black Lion will stay at Arus. Black, along with the castle, ought to be enough to at least hold off any Doom attack until the rest of you can finish and get back here.”

Lance growls. “I don’t like this. I don’t think this will turn out well.”

Exasperated, Keith lifts an eyebrow. “If anyone has any better suggestions, I’m open to them.”

Silence answers him.

“Right then. Get out and back as fast as you can.”


Haggar smiles viciously. “We have them.”

Lotor’s evil laughter has his guards twitching.

Monitoring the Lion’s progress, a cruel look slashes across his face. Once each pair of lions has engaged the doom forces, Lotor sends the signal for the attack on Arus to begin.


“Mother of God!” Keith’s hoarse exclamation sounds tinnily through the communicators. “Coran – you’d better get the castle ready to attack.”

“Acknowledged. Initiating battleship sequence now.”

While the castle reforms, Black Lion rushes out to battle the swarm of fighters and to attempt to distract the two robeasts descending on Arus.


Frowning as he dodges and fires, Keith’s worry intensifies. Opening the channel to the other Lions, he listens to their battles. At a lull, he interrupts. “Guys – Doom’s attacking Arus. Coran and I have matters under control right now, but the sooner you can wrap it up, the better. But – do not approach Arus until all four of you are together.”

“Keith--!” Lance’s protest is cut off.

“Listen to me. There’s something odd about the way we’re being attacked here. If something happens, at least the four of you will be together to fight.”


Lotor snarls at Haggar. “What happened? Those robeasts didn’t last for very long against a paltry two lions.”

“I told you, they weren’t that good. Besides, most of my concentration is at Arus – so their fighting abilities suffered.”

“Fine. We’ll just have to settle with Black Lion. The way the others are behaving, we’re not going to get a chance at capturing them.”

“As you will, my Prince.”

Lotor snorts, and leans back.


Coran cries out in despair as the attacks suddenly intensify. Both robeasts concentrate on Black Lion. The combination is too much, and Black is sent crashing to the ground.

Yelling and pleading have no effect on the comatose pilot within Black.

Just as suddenly as the attack intensified, the attackers break away. The robeasts pick up Black Lion and leave with him.

Coran can do nothing but watch. The last attack run destroyed his thrusters. And the rest of the Voltron Force is still too far away to make it back in time.


Smiling in triumph, Lotor strides to the prison cells, a self-satisfied swagger in every step he takes.

Pausing for a moment outside the cell door, Lotor’s smile widens into a smirk as he savors the knowledge that Captain Keith of the Voltron Force is bound in the room before him.

Stepping inside, Lotor freezes as the door quietly swings shut behind him.

Keith, still unconscious, is slumped against the far wall, strung up by the manacles stretching his arms wide. The stark white of his outfit contrasts with the dark green wall behind him. Without his helmet, belt, boots, or gloves, but with the rest of his uniform intact, he looks curiously both vulnerable and strong. The positioning of his body and the skin-tight clothing highlights every muscle in his torso and arms. Long legs sprawled open and the longish black hair flowing across his face add to his appeal.

Swallowing dryly, Lotor can’t tear his eyes away; he can’t even blink.

The sight of his nemesis unconscious and bound triggers lust in him that none of his slave dancers could. Almost against his will, he steps cat-quiet closer to the barely breathing figure. Slowly he reaches out, his hand sliding through silky black hair, exposing Keith’s face to his gaze.

Dark lashes accent Keith’s cheekbones. Inhaling sharply, Lotor can smell the sharp tang of his sweat and the underlying sweetness of Keith’s natural scent.

Suddenly, Keith’s eyes snap open. Lotor realizes that his face is barely a handspan from Keith’s and that he’s kneeling between his captive’s legs, close enough to feel when the captain’s muscles tense with the nearness of his enemy. Big brown eyes wide and full of shock, Keith’s mouth opens.

The temptation is too much for Lotor. His right hand reaches up and anchor’s Keith’s face in place as Lotor takes his mouth in a savage kiss. Whatever Keith was going to say is lost.


Drowning in sensation, a part of his mind screams at him. His legs are free, Lotor is most certainly within range – he ought to hurt his captor. Keith gets as far as closing his legs around Lotor’s torso, before his body turns traitor.

The slick tongue playing in and out of his mouth stakes a claim that Keith gives into. Blue hands roam over his uniform, find the hidden catches, and strip his pants from him, shoving his top up. Long, soft hair slides across his torso, spreading shivers in its wake. A soft mouth and sharp teeth mark, nip, and suck at his nipples, causing him to arch and moan. Keith’s hands clench and release rhythmically, helplessly.


Lotor revels in his control over the captain of the Voltron force. Every thing he does seems to inflame his captive even more. Delicious involuntary thrusting movements of Keith’s hips, the helpless squirming motions of the body trapped between Lotor’s weight and the wall drive the inferno within Lotor higher.

Keith’s head rolls back, the stretch of his neck calling out irresistibly to Lotor. Answering the summons, he sucks and bites at the cords of Keith’s neck, grinding their groins together. Keith groans and twists even more – his sensitive skin abraded by Lotor’s clothes.

Snarling, Lotor breaks away, pulling free of the long legs that had entrapped him. Panting, his eyes roam the pale length of the almost naked body before him as he hurriedly strips out of his clothes.


Heavy-lidded, Keith can’t help but watch in fascinated lust as Lotor’s body is revealed to him. Knowing he should take this time to regain control, to try to get the upper hand, all he does is spread his legs further apart in helpless need.


Licking his lips, eyes intent, heat flaring with every move he makes, Lotor closes in on Keith. One hand makes a fist in Keith’s hair. The other takes firm hold of both their cocks. Nakedness to nakedness, the friction and the heat is too much for them. As Lotor’s mouth again takes possession of Keith’s, they both explode in orgasm.


Breathing slowing, Keith shivers in realization. He’d just had the best sex of his life – with his archenemy. While he was manacled to the wall of his prison cell. And it wasn’t even full-blown sex – just rubbing against each other. Shuddering, Keith refuses to think anymore about it. Instead, he tightens his leg hold of Lotor and tucks his head into Lotor’s neck, nuzzling against the soft, sweat slicked strands.


Stunned, Lotor’s grip eases off of Keith. His palms find their way to the wall behind his captive, but still close enough to feel the heat radiating from Keith. Body to body still, he can feel the stickiness of their seed between them, as well as the hard muscles and bones of the body against his. Caught up in the post-orgasmic haze, he doesn’t react when Keith’s legs twine even tighter around his torso. Lotor’s breath doesn’t catch until Keith tucks his head sweetly under Lotor’s chin.

Eyes closing, relishing the closeness that is all too rare for him, Lotor decides in one reckless moment to take a chance.


Ignoring the screaming of his rational mind, Keith tries to concentrate on the hot, hard body before him.

Lotor presses himself even closer to Keith, leaning his weight against Keith’s. Lotor’s hands caress their way to Keith’s captive wrists – and free them.

For one wild moment, visions of wrapping his arms around Lotor’s neck and snapping it dance through Keith’s mind. Instead, without direction from his brain, he slips out of his shirt and his arms wind themselves around Lotor’s back, sliding under the long tendrils of white hair.

Smile hidden against black hair, Lotor slides his hands under Keith’s butt, hefting the slighter man. Keith’s only response is to coil tighter against Lotor.

Standing carefully, Lotor walks out of the cell, wearing Keith and nothing else.

The guards very carefully do not meet his challenging gaze.


The short walk to Lotor’s bedchambers is excruciating. With every step, Keith can feel Lotor’s groin rub against his own. In a very short time, he’s hard again. He can’t help but thrust his hips back, using the leverage of his arms and legs. Even when Lotor falters, almost falling, Keith can’t help moving, driving both of them closer to the edge.


Groaning, Lotor decides his bed is too far. Instead, he falls, with Keith under him, on the couch in the outer chamber. Precum slicks the slow grind of their hips.

Growling, Lotor adds to the collection of marks on Keith’s neck, on his way to Keith’s mouth. His hands roam Keith’s body, staking claim.


Meeting the passion in Lotor’s kiss, Keith arches. He can feel Lotor’s hands taking advantage of his position to slide over his back and to hover, teasingly at the start of his cleft. Amazingly, although Lotor’s kiss is blatantly possessive, his hands at Keith’s opening are touchingly hesitant – as if Lotor’s asking rather than demanding.

Unable to ignore the siren call of his own need, Keith answers wordlessly, spreading his legs wider in invitation, one leg sliding off the couch to push against the rug covered floor.


Surprised at Keith’s easy acquiescence, Lotor hesitates for a moment, before he sends one hand exploring Keith’s body while the other searches for the tube he knows is nearby.

Even though the search is complicated by Lotor’s refusal to relinquish Keith’s mouth, in a very short time, he finds the tube of massage oil. Coating his fingers heavily, Lotor carefully slides one finger into Keith’s opening.


Legs tensing, Keith’s head falls back, neck arching. Sphincter muscles clench spasmodically on the single digit piercing him, before relaxing. Shivers trace their way throughout his body. One elegant hand smoothes the shivers away, even as the other starts a slow thrusting motion.


Lotor’s eyes are intent, devouring the startlement and the passion blooming in Keith’s face. Once the grip on his finger relaxes, he slides in another, scissoring them, stroking in deep. Twisting, he rakes his fingers across Keith’s prostate.


Eyes snapping wide open in shock, Keith’s whole body jerks. One of his hands flies up to his mouth, muffling the scream before it can escape.

Slitting his eyes in lust, Lotor takes pity on Keith, and leans forward. Nudging Keith’s sheltering hand aside, he claims Keith’s mouth in a deep kiss, even as he continues stretching and teasing him.


Three fingers and both of them are shaking, close to losing it. Deciding that enough is enough, Lotor pulls his hand free, gratified at the instinctive protest of the hot body under him.

Eager fingers take control of the tube of oil. Keith’s slender fingers caress Lotor’s cock, learning its shape in the guise of coating it. The feel of those fingers nearly pushes Lotor too far. With a growl, he grabs Keith’s wrists, forcing them away. Taking a deep, calming breath, he sinks slowly into Keith.


Shuddering, Keith writhes under Lotor. The relentless push of Lotor’s body into his is almost more than he can bear. Arching violently, he attempts to impale himself quickly. Instead, Lotor’s hand reaches out and pins his hips in place.


The slick heat of Keith closing tightly around his cock almost triggers Lotor’s climax. Deepening his possession of Keith’s mouth, he manages to distract himself enough to push himself in with control and finesse. Panting, he goes slowly until he’s in all the way. Keith is twisting and moving restlessly under him as much as he can.

Carefully, Lotor increases the pace.


Moans spilling from him when Lotor finally relinquishes his mouth, Keith does his best to urge Lotor into a faster rhythm. Soon enough, the two of them are moving violently against each other, building the rhythm faster and harder.


Screaming, they explode.


Breathing and heart rate slowly subsiding to normal, Lotor manages to get enough control to ease himself carefully out of Keith. Keith’s only reaction is a soft groan and a flutter of his eyelids.

Smiling ruefully at the sight of Keith spread out on the couch, semen drying on his stomach, Lotor manages to tear himself away.

Coming back with a soft cloth in hand, he gently cleans Keith.


Sighing, Keith doesn’t protest when Lotor levers him up and guides him into bed. Snuggling under the soft covers, he instinctively curls around Lotor when he slides into bed. The quiet breathing and the steady thud of Lotor’s heartbeat lull him to sleep.


Half-waking, Lotor smiles, nuzzling into the black hair resting on his shoulder.


Prying his eyes open, Keith slowly wakes to the realization that none of this was a dream. He really is curled into the possessive grip of Prince Lotor of Doom. Swallowing hard, he makes his decision.


Hidden in her cowl, Haggar frowns. For all that Zarkon has thundered out an impressive and cutting lecture on Lotor’s folly, somehow the Prince’s sullen responses don’t quite ring true.


Escaping from the solicitude of his teammates, Keith leans against the balcony, staring through the brilliant colors of an Arusian sunset. One hand slips into his pocket, fingering a tied bundle of hair – soft white hairs mingling with silky black ones.


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