Keeper of the Crystal, Notes and Prologue

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Author's Notes:

Just a few quick notes as a prelude to this story.

1. The story takes place in the Voltron: the Third Dimension timeline, somewhere immediately after the "Grey Lion" episode, but no particular knowledge of the series is required. I almost immediately veer off into territory that's entirely my own anyway.

2. I tried to make this as episodic as possible, so certain elements were obviously required. Just bear with me.^^

3. Hugs and thank you's to Jenn and Bob, my poor abused pre-readers. Also thank you to Kaie. I never, ever would have finished this without the attack sheep to distract me. Really.

Just as an additional note of interest, a lot of the names I use in the prologue are from the Old Irish dialect of Gaelic. Just to make this educational^^, here's what they mean:

Tearmann: sanctuary

sinnsear: ancestors

droch: evil, bad

Usga: holy one

Cuthach: wrath

Bas: death


In time before time there existed a wonderful place, a place full of peace, love, and happiness. The place was called Tearmann by those blessed to live there, the sinnsear. In time there came to be others, the droch, who ignored the teachings of the revered sacred ones and coveted the land of Tearmann. The sinnsear were affrighted because the droch possessed the knowledge of dark magic. This knowledge had been refused to the sinnsear by the sacred ones as evil and unholy. Tales of ancient times spoke of the droch war chief who had climbed the holy mountain and stolen the books of evil, and the sinnsear were justly afraid. They prayed many days and nights to the revered sacred ones, and there came to be among them a man called Usga.

Usga brought the knowledge of the magic of the light to the sinnsear so that they might smite down the covetous droch. The sinnsear chose Usga to be their war chief in this battle of magic. The battle lasted many years, and the land of Tearmann suffered unjustly.

Finally it came to pass that a droch dark magician named Cuthach developed a weapon of unspeakable evil. The weapon was called the Blood Crystal. Cuthach used the blood of the sinnsear mages to lock their souls into the crystal for all eternity, with their power ever available for the uses of evil. None of the sinnsear could stand against this weapon, and even the mighty Usga fell to Cuthach's control. The droch rejoiced as they lay claim to the land of their vanquished enemies and committed many atrocities against the peaceful sinnsear peasants. However the beauty of Tearmann touched the droch, and a time of peace soon descended. The new chief, moved by the sacred place, ordered Cuthach to destroy the blood crystal. Driven to madness by the possession of power, Cuthach refused and captured all the droch magicians in the crystal until only she remained free.

The revered sacred ones grew angry at the misuse of power in the land of Tearmann and caused earthquakes and floods to bury the land under the sea. Cuthach was never heard from after and the remaining sinnsear and droch set aside their differences, lest the sacred ones take further offense at their actions. Saddened by the loss of Tearmann, the people called their new home Bas so that they may never forget the price of the practice of magic.

Legend of Tearmann, as told by Larn the storyteller, circa 4500 NE (New Era)

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