Now and Forever, I Am Yours

by Phoenix

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Pidge smiled as he glanced around. Everything was perfect. The streamers were placed gracefully in the right places. The roses were arranged just right to catch the sunlight as it passed through the church windows, enhancing their beauty. Everything was absolutely perfect. Then.......why was he so damn nervous?

Pidge tugged at his necktie for the hundredth time. He still couldn't figure out how his lover convinced him to wear this suit. He looked like a fricking penguin! He was so busy messing with his suit that he almost jumped out of his skin when a hand lightly touched his shoulder.

Pidge turned quickly to see his best man's black eyes sparkling with amusement. Keith chuckled at the 'deer in the headlight look' on his friend's face. "Take it easy Pidge. Everything is going to be just fine."

His groom's man leaned against Keith's shoulder. "Of course, it is never too late to run for the nearest exit."

Pidge couldn't help but laugh as Keith elbowed Lance in the stomach, causing Lance to almost fall over into a vase of roses. Only his incredible flexibility kept him from crashing into it. Pidge never thought anyone could twisted their body in so many odd angles in an attempt to regain balance. "Thanks guys, I needed that."

Pidge glanced around once more. It seemed like everyone on Arus was there. He smiled as some of the children waved at him from the benches. He was so glad they could all be there for the happiest event of his life. Now if only this blasted tie wasn't so tight.

He smiled as Keith straightened Lance's tie, once again. Lance was messing with his tie more than he was. Pidge still had no clue how on Arus Keith was able to get Lance into that suit and tie without Lance running for the nearest spaceship. Pidge was positive some bribery was involved. He had to admit that the two of them looked dashing in their black suits.

As Lance continued to whine about the tie, Pidge wondered when the two of them would finally tie the knot. They had all hoped that with the defeat of Doom, they would be able to finally relax for a while. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case for Keith. Captains with his skill and expertise were few and far between in the Galaxy Alliance. It wasn't even a month after Doom's fall that the Alliance heads started calling and offering Keith all sorts of new command positions. Of course Keith refused every one, no matter how tempting they were.

Pidge frowned. It definitely hadn't been easy for those two. The calls just kept coming, some pleading and some not so friendly. Then those so-called heads showed up at the castle's front door. When they took Keith into a room for a 'private briefing', they all feared the worst. Especially Lance. He was a regular nut case. As the hours and yelling increased, he looked ready for the asylum. Pidge was certain that Lance was either going to wear the floor clear through with his fast pacing or knock someone into a comma with his frantic hand waving. Finally, Allura had had enough.

He couldn't have been more proud of her. Allura just walked right in there and quickly put those bastards in their place. She literally tore into those men, criticizing and scolding them for being so selfish when Voltron was still needed despite Doom's defeat. Allura showed no mercy. It took all of Pidge's self control to keep a straight face as the heads squirmed under her attack. The sight of the most powerful men in the Galaxy Alliance shaking in their boots was hilarious!

All of that control flew out the window when he glanced at his captain. In all the years that Pidge knew Keith, Keith had never lost his composure. But, when Allura's language took on a more interesting vocabulary, Keith's eyes nearly popped out of his head and his jaw almost went through the floor! Pidge couldn't stop laughing for two days! And that was the last time they heard from the 'heads'. Pidge and the others quickly learned to never ever piss off a woman, especially Allura!

"SHIT!" Pidge almost jumped through the roof when the music started. Kelly, Keith's twin sister, came down the isle first. Pidge's eyes widen in amazement. He had never seen the smuggler in a dress before. She looked breathtaking in her midnight blue gown. Kelly even had her long black hair in a french braid! Allura was definitely a woman of many talents if she was able to get her lover to dress up like that! However, he was willing bet that Kelly still had a weapon of some sort hidden under her dress. Like brother, like sister.

As Kelly got closer to the guys, she started making quiet kissing noises with her lips. Pidge could literally feel his face turning bright red. Fortunately for him, Keith's glares made her stop. But not before she made a quiet sucking sound and licked her lips as she winked at Pidge and moved to her position near the alter.

The maid of honor was next. Allura looked fabulous! The matching midnight blue gown suited her much better than her damn frilly pink dresses. Kelly had definitely been rubbing off on Allura, and not just in language. Kelly's rebellious streak was what Allura needed to break out of the 'princess mode' and become the leader that her people needed. Not only that, but Kelly was the only person in all of Arus who wasn't afraid of Nanny. Pidge still wasn't sure if Kelly was really courageous or really suicidal. Whatever it was, she had cut the apron strings that Nanny had attached to Allura, allowing Allura to finally be her own person. Though, he definitely didn't want to be on the same planet if Nanny ever found out about Allura and Kelly's relationship!

Pidge's breath stopped when his bride stepped forward. His lover was gorgeous! The white gown hung loosely, but not enough to hide that wonderful figure. As his bride stepped gracefully forward, he could feel his heart responding to each step. Even the veil covering the face could not hide that beautiful sight that was forever burned into his mind.

"Pidge, close your mouth before you flood us out of the church."

Pidge's mouth snapped shut at his captain's advice. He could hear Lance and Kelly snickering over the music. Not for long. Their snickering was quickly replaced with muffled cries as their significant others stomped on their feet.

Coran smiled as the bride took the groom's hand. "We are gathered here today to join these two in the bonds of holy matrimony." Taking the rings from Keith and Allura, Coran turned back to the couple. "You may say the vows."

Pidge's hands were shaking as he took the ring from Coran and turned to his bride. "I have loved you from the moment I saw you. From then on, I have wanted nothing more than to be your companion for all eternity. You are the air I breathe and the water I drink. You are more than my love. You are my life." Even with the veil on, Pidge could see the tears falling down his lover's face as he place the ring on the finger.

His bride reached over and took the ring from Coran. Pidge's heart soared with every word his lover spoke. "I knew the moment I saw you that you were the one who I would spend all eternity with. My soul has and always will be connected with yours. My love for you is as endless as space itself. You and I are one, now and forever." Pidge's heart nearly exploded with joy as the ring was placed on his finger.

Coran turned to the congregation. "I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Tears fell from Pidge's eyes as he lifted the veil and gazed into his lover's velvet brown eyes. He chuckled as his hand lightly grazed the orange headband his lover had managed to sneak on while dressing. "I love you more than anything in this entire universe."

"I love you more. Let's give them a kiss to remember."

Pidge's laugh was quickly silenced as his wife's lips crushed against his.

Keith grinned as he watched the two engage in an aggressive round of 'tonsil hockey'. They were definitely wasting any time. He shook his head as he glanced at Allura's glowing red face. He wasn't sure if it was from the newly weds' kiss or Kelly's wolf cries. He was betting on the latter. As he glanced at Lance, he mentally dropped his jaw at Lance's perplexed statement. "What's the matter? Didn't you think they would go through with it?"

Lance grinned sheepishly. "That's not it. I knew they would do it. I just can't figure out how Pidge was able to get Hunk into that dress!"

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