Today My World Slipped Away

by Phoenix

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We made it final today
I gave you all I had, you made your getaway
All the love we once made
Turned to memories today

"Is this all of the report?" the general asked the brown haired soldier in front of him. The soldier just nodded, his hazel eyes empty. He resembled an empty shell, drained of his soul. The general looked at the soldier's companions: two soldiers, one small and one large, and a blonde woman. The smaller soldier looked like he was about to burst into tears, while the larger soldier had his hand on the other's shoulder trying to provide him comfort though his own eyes were blood shot too. The woman's eyes were also swollen, but that was the only emotion that she displayed.

Sighing, the general looked back to the brown haired soldier. "Well, it looks like you are now in charge of the team, though I don't think there will be anymore attacks here on Arus since you have defeated Doom." He couldn't help but notice how the soldier and his companions tensed when he mentioned the change in command.

He turned his attention to the older man in the room. "I will return to base with your report and tell them of the casualty. I am sorry for your loss, but...."

"How dare you!?!" the woman growled out, her eyes blazing. "You treat him as if he was nothing! He was our friend! Our captain! How can you treat his death as if it was just another casualty!!"

It took both the small and large soldiers to hold the woman back, though the anger glowing in their eyes showed how much they wanted to tear into the general as well. Between the woman's foul language and the general's stuttering no one noticed the brown haired soldier leaving the room.

I left the courtroom and went straight to the church
I hit my knees and told God how much I hurt
Nothin' left of my heart
It's gonna be so hard to make a new start

The soldier was drenched from the pouring rain by the time he reached the church. Walking behind the church, he headed down the hill into a forest. The pouring rain made everything appear gray and cold as he walked through the forest until he reached a stream. Not far from the stream was an ancient weeping willow. Its limbs draped down, creating a veil around a tombstone that stood at the trunk's base. For a moment, the soldier stood in front of the tombstone and stared. Then he fell to his knees as his tears mixed with the rain.

'Cause today my world slipped away
We buried the plans that we made
And tonight I'm alone and afraid
'Cause today my world slipped away

"WHY?!? Why did you have to die?!? There was still so much we had to do together. Why did you leave me?!?" Images of the battle flooded his mind....a beam of light heading towards him from the Doom Prince's ship.....Black Lion jumping between his lion and the light.....his lover's screams of pain......the ship turning to open fire at the other lions.....Black Lion lunging at the ship.....explosions......then silence. Closing his eyes, he laid his head on the cold stone, trying to shut out the nightmare. "Why did you have to take out the ship? Why didn't you let me do it so that I could have joined you instead of being here alone?"

All my friends say I'll make it alright
I'll recover and start a new life
But that'll be so hard to do
'Cause livin' ain't worth livin' without you

'I love you with all my heart and soul.' He could still hear the words his lover had said as he held him in his arms that night before the nightmare. They had made so many plans that night....once the war was over they would leave the military so that they could marry.....get a place of their own at this very spot.....adopt a few war orphans and raise them as their love forever and never leave each other's side. He shook his head as he lifted it off of the stone. No more. Their dreams together are buried with his lover. All that was left of his world was the shattered pieces of his heart.

"I will love you forever. Please wait for me my love." Exhausted, he curled up next to the stone, letting the cold and emptiness overcome him.

'Cause today my world slipped away
We buried the plans that we made
And tonight I'm alone and afraid
'Cause today my world slipped away

"Here he is." The blonde woman bented down and touched the soldier's head. "He is freezing. We better take him home."

The larger soldier nodded. With tears running down his face, he picked the soldier up and headed back towards the castle. The woman turned to the smaller soldier who stood in front of the grave.

"It's NOT fair!!" He couldn't stop the tears as he looked up at the woman.

"I know." The woman kneeled and wrapped her arms around him, her own tears mixing with his own. She looked up into the sky at the dark clouds. "It looks like more rain. Let's go inside." Together they followed the other soldier toward the castle.

A gentle breeze blew through the branches of the weeping willow, allowing its tears to fall and join the others below.

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