The Black Fire Bond

by Spubba

This is considered a “spin-off” of Heroes right now, although if I like it enough, I might incorporate it into the main story line.

Disclaimer: WEP owns Voltron and stuff.

Hunk’s eyes roamed over Pidge, who was curled up comfortably on the couch, reading a tech manual. He couldn’t take his eyes off his lover today. Pidge’s eyes were just too intensely green, his young-old face too captivating for words. The wiry, angular limbs, folded in graceful curves, presented a symphony of form, motion amidst stillness, wrapped in Pidge’s favored baggy white shirt and loose-fitting pants, continuing on to his bare feet tucked neatly beneath him. And of course there was Pidge’s incredibly soft and fragrant hair, feathery in the morning sunlight that filtered in through the parlor’s tall windows, flaming from rich auburn to copper in the glare.

Pidge looked up from his reading and squinted through his glasses at Hunk. “What?”

Hunk only smiled. Pidge was especially cute when he was annoyed.

“Let’s get married,” said Hunk impulsively.

“Yeah, sure.” Pidge snorted and stuck his nose back in the book.

Hunk scowled ever so slightly. “I’m serious. Let’s get married.”

Pidge closed the manual and took off his glasses, eyeing Hunk with all the fearful brilliant intensity he could muster. Hunk blinked.

“Why on earth would you want to get married, Hunk? We’re together. We’ll always be together. Everyone knows that. So why would you want to go through some stupid ceremony that costs an arm and a leg just to make a statement that’s already been made?”

“Why the hell not? When men and women fall in love, the first thing they start talking about is getting hitched. Why should it be so different between us?”

“’Cause it’s not necessary.”

“What if it is for me?”

Pidge put his glasses back on, sighed, and set the book down on the end table. “What sort of wedding did you have in mind?”

Hunk smiled. “I take that as a yes.”

“Yes what?”

“Yes, you’ll marry me.”

Pidge leaped up off the couch, catlike in his agility. “Oh, no you don’t! I never said I’d marry you!” But Hunk saw the mischievous gleam in Pidge’s eyes as he ranted. Moving quickly, Hunk caught his lover’s wrist, stopping him, and lowered himself carefully to one knee.

“Pidge, will you marry me?”

“Good Lord. You are serious.”

“Serious as a heart attack.”

“A what?”

“Never mind. Answer the question.”

Pidge writhed out of Hunk’s grip, only to catch his lover’s face in his palms. Looking down into the warm brown eyes, he finally smiled and planted a quick kiss on the blushing lips.

“Of course I’ll marry you, Hunk.”


“No, no, not Terran style. God, if I have to go through another long, drawn-out ceremony with rings and flower girls and best men and maids of honor and people throwing rice everywhere, I’ll scream.” Lance glared at Hunk. “For God’s sake, make it original, man. I mean, when Sven and I got married, we did it our way.”

“I do like some of the Terran traditions, if not all of them. Especially the rings. We’re definitely doing the rings.”

Lance rolled his eyes.

“We’re also doing the Black Fire Bond.”

Lance snapped to rigid attention in his chair. “Now that is groovy, man. I wasn’t sure Sven would agree to it, but we’re happy we did it. You do know that it’s irreversible, right? You can’t dissolve a Black Fire.” Lance pulled up his shirt sleeve, baring his upper arm and the intricate seal deeply imprinted upon the white skin, its colors softly swirling with hidden life.

“Yeah. I mean, we haven’t formally announced it yet, but we’re definitely going to do it. And we have to pick out our design. That’s going to take ages.”

“After that, the only thing that’s left is picking out a china pattern. Oh, yeah, and deciding which one of you gets to wear the poofy dress.”

Hunk sneered at him. “Yeah. We decided you should wear it, since it suits you best.” Lance stuck out his tongue, and Hunk snickered. “But seriously, how did you guys come up with your design? It’s wicked-looking.”

“We picked it out of a book. I think Allura’s still got it. You can get anyone to do the initial tattoo. That’s the easy part. But Coran has to do the ceremony, ‘cause he’s the only one around here who knows how to apply the magic.”

“Does it work?”

“It worked better on me than it did Sven. He still ogles you on occasion. ‘Course, he’s always been a stubborn son of a bitch. Part of the reason I’m so attracted to him.”

Hunk chuckled. “Sven’s ogling shouldn’t bug you. It just means he’s still alive. And knowing Pidge, he’ll always resist a Black Fire to some extent. Not me, though. I’m a big pushover.”

“Yeah, that, and you’re totally in love with him.”

“Oh, shit, I was in love with that little booger ever since I first laid eyes on him. Of course, it was a different kind of love back then. Do you know that we were roommates all throughout Academy? And then at the 5th? And then, when we came here and got separate rooms, I didn’t sleep a wink for a month. I guess I just missed having him there, across the room from me.

“I couldn’t imagine life without him. I can’t seem to remember when it crossed over from me liking him just as a friend, to when I knew I wanted him forever, but there was something special about us from very early on.”

“That’s because you guys were so made for each other. It just took years for you both to realize it.”

“Well, at least we did eventually.”

“So you guys are doing Black Fire for sure?”

“Yeah, at the end of the ceremony, I think. Once we’ve selected our design, we’ll have a dinner and everyone can be there for our formal announcement.”

“While you’re at it, try and pick wedding colors that aren’t completely tacky, all right?”

“Describe tacky.”

“Anything purple. Every wedding I’ve been to had purple. And for God’s sake, don’t either of you wear white. I’ve heard enough noise coming from you guys’ room at night and I know that both of you are so not qualified to even go near that color.”

Hunk laughed. “We’re just gonna wear suits, man. But if you want to wear a white dress, you’re allowed.”


“I’m nervous,” muttered Hunk. Lance patted his shoulder softly and the big man flinched, his fresh tattoo still raw. “Ouch.”

“The spell doesn’t help any. It’ll always be sensitive, especially after Coran infuses the magic into the ink. But you have to do it while the wound is still open, otherwise it doesn’t work.”

Hunk grimaced. “Thanks. That makes it feel so much better.” His arm tingled with dread anticipation.

Lance straightened Hunk’s tie and smiled up at him. “You look good. Pidge is going to eat you alive tonight.”

“I thought that was the general idea.”

“Just wait until after the reception, okay?”


They stood quietly in the darkened room with Coran as Sven lit the candles. Each tiny flame illuminated more and more of the chamber until Hunk could see everything around him, from the crisp black and white of Sven’s tuxedo to the pale peach of the roses that covered every available surface. Hunk smiled. The roses were almost white, with only their centers touched with the fairest blush of peach. Allura had selected them, and they were perfect. Each flower reminded Hunk of his lover- innocent looking on the outside, but rich with passion within.

He twirled absently at a nearby ribbon while they waited. God, but he was nervous! His heart kept skipping a beat whenever he looked towards the door, flanked by Allura and Nanny. Pidge would soon appear there, and then he could get on with the rest of his life.

The rest of their lives.

His lips silently formed the words of their vows. He just hoped he could get through this without forgetting something.

And then Pidge was standing there, as if he had materialized out of thin air. Hunk’s breath caught sharply in his throat. This is it, he thought.

Pidge was radiant. He wore a tuxedo, just like Hunk’s, but there was a special light in his glimmering emerald eyes, a brilliance that Hunk had never seen before. Keith, who had so vehemently opposed their union so recently, smiled approvingly at Hunk, and then actually leaned over and kissed Pidge on the cheek.

“For luck,” whispered Keith. The chamber was so quiet, Hunk could hear him; he could hear the sound of scattered rose petals being crushed as Pidge moved into the room.

His hand unconsciously slipped into his front pocket, finding the golden band hidden there, twirling it around and around in his fingers as the beautiful boy walked towards him, moving so gracefully he almost seemed to be floating, until at last he stood by Hunk’s side. The green eyes were impossibly intense, the curvaceous full mouth set in a firm expression of severity that was so like Pidge when he was thinking about something important. Hunk swallowed and instinctively reached for Pidge’s hand, their fingers brushing lightly together before they turned to face Coran.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today to witness a very significant event in the lives of these two individuals…” Hunk had meant to listen to Coran’s words, but he found himself lost in Pidge’s brilliant emerald eyes, sparkling with orange fire in the candlelight.

And then Coran cleared his throat and was looking at him, and all of a sudden Hunk had forgotten what he was supposed to say. Lance leaned over and whispered into his ear, and the phrases came back.

In the silence, Hunk’s soft-spoken words rang out clearly in his deep baritone voice.

“Set me as a seal upon your heart,
As a seal upon your arm;
For love is as strong as death,
jealousy as cruel as the grave;
its flames are flames of fire,
a most vehement flame.
Many waters cannot quench love,
Nor can the floods drown it.”

Lance had helped him find that verse, from the holy scriptures of his own religion. Hunk had felt drawn to the words immediately, especially in the context of the Black Fire bond.

“Pidge, ever since we met, we’ve never been apart. I could never imagine life without you now. This ring and this seal are symbols of my pledge. I’m a simple man, love, but you’ve known me long enough to know that I’m a man of my word, and my word is my bond. My solemn vow is this: that in good times and bad times, I’ll always be there for you. I’m a man who will stick by your side in times of difficulty and in times of grief, and my only wish is that you will accept me for who I am…”

Hunk swallowed hard. Speech was becoming difficult.

“…and for as long as this man shall live.”

As he spoke, Pidge’s eyes shimmered with unshed tears, and when Hunk’s trembling fingers found the ring and, awkwardly, slipped it onto his lover’s finger, the boy blinked, setting one liquid diamond free. It slid down his smooth cheek, a gemstone on a sea of pink satin, and Hunk caught it quickly with a fingertip and smiled, wishing that he had some kind of container, a magic box in which he could hold such precious mementos as these.

Pidge’s voice came out harsh, raspy, as he spoke the poem that he had written just for Hunk.

“My heart. It beats within you.
My soul has become yours;
Your desires overwhelm me.
My body, like the thirsting soil,
Begs for your rain upon it.
Become for me an oasis;
Bring flowers to the desert,
Nourishment to the gardens,
The gardens of my secret places.

“Hunk, I felt a void within me before you came along. My longings were answered when you opened your eyes and looked up at me; at that moment I knew that you were for me, now and always. It is my wish that you will let me always be part of you, as your friend, as well as your lover. In times of calm and in times of turmoil, in lean times and in times of plenty, I offer my solemn pledge to you, that I will never leave you, nor forsake you. I only hope that you will accept me with all my imperfections…”

Pidge’s hand reached out, catching Hunk’s fingers. Hunk felt the cool band sliding over the third finger of his left hand.

“… and for as long as this man shall live.”

The image of Pidge wavered in Hunk’s vision, and he found that he had to avert his eyes and swallow hard to relieve the ache in his throat. He felt wetness on his own face and, blushing, wiped the tears away. Glancing over at Lance, who stood just beside him, he smiled; Lance, too, was dabbing at his eyes.

“I always cry at these things,” he confessed softly, and Hunk smiled.

Coran drew the vial of precious Black Fire oil from his pocket. “And now, for the setting of the Seal. The Black Fire vow is the most serious promise two beings can make to each other, for the bond of Black Fire is permanent and irreversible. At this time, I will make you this final offer: if you do not feel ready to take the oath, you may cancel at this time.”

Pidge and Hunk looked from Coran at each other and smiled.

“We’re ready,” they said in unison.

“Good.” Coran nodded, and at his prompt, the two newlyweds removed their jackets, vests, and shirts. Suddenly the formal ceremony seemed to take on a tribal air, as the two newly-tattooed lovers faced each other shirtless in the light of a hundred tiny fires. Hunk’s eyes locked on Pidge’s tattoo, identical to his, still swollen in its newness. Keith stepped close to Pidge, and Hunk could feel Lance behind him, hovering, ready to catch him when the magic took effect. Hunk’s heart jumped with that realization, and he steeled himself for what was to come. In the dimness, Pidge’s emerald eyes were wide behind his glasses, but his face was hard.

Coran poured some of the black oil on his hand and touched it to Hunk’s shoulder, then to Pidge’s. Hunk’s flesh screamed at the touch, the fluid seeping into the fresh wound and making it sting anew. Pidge winced ever so slightly.

Then Coran placed Hunk’s hand on Pidge’s shoulder, and Pidge placed his own hand over Hunk’s tattoo, pressing the oil into the raw flesh as Hunk did the same, and Coran began to utter strange words that Hunk had never heard before.

Reality blurred, and the floor tilted beneath him. Hunk felt hands catch him as he slumped to the floor, still gazing up into his beloved’s impossibly bright eyes, his arm absolutely on fire with the pain of the Black Fire magic. Pidge leaned over him, eyelashes fluttering, his lips parted in an expression of utter torture as the agony ripped through him, beads of sweat beginning to stand out on his brow. Yet Pidge and Hunk retained their grip on each other, with the help of Keith, Lance, and Sven, whose hands covered theirs, keeping the bond tight as the magic wound through their bodies.. Coran leaned over the couple, now lying on the floor facing each other, as the final magic worked its way into their souls and Hunk felt the bond taking place.

He flowed into Pidge, became Pidge; he saw himself, sweating and red-faced, panting on the floor of the wedding chamber, surrounded by crushed rose petals and fallen ribbons, saw himself through Pidge’s eyes and felt Pidge’s love for him, felt the boy’s burning love with an intensity he could never have imagined, and knew that Pidge was experiencing the same thing, seeing himself through Hunk’s eyes. And even as the spell subsided (but would never truly go away) and Hunk became himself again, he knew that he would never again be just Hunk, he would be Hunk/Pidge, and Pidge would be Pidge/Hunk.

Their vision cleared and they sat up. Already the throbbing was beginning to ebb from Hunk’s arm; pulling his hand away from Pidge’s skin, he noticed that the oil had been completely absorbed. They stood up and looked in wonderment at each other, remembering the special moment when they had, for an instant, realized the extent of the other’s love.

“Touch your marks.” Coran’s voice faded in and out of reality.

Hunk looked down at his tattoo, the lines now moving slightly, ebbing and flowing with life. He reached out and touched Pidge’s mark, and its lines shifted into a new form, pulsing with strange colors now etched into the black. Pidge gasped and reached out, doing the same to Hunk, and he felt the odd crawling sensation as his own lines shifted. As Pidge’s fingers drew back, the seal reverted to its original form, its colors fading until, once again, it looked almost like an ordinary tattoo.

“That,” said Keith, looking on admirably, “is seriously nifty.”

Hunk and Pidge looked at him and chuckled. Coran smiled. “Only the lover’s touch brings the new picture to the surface, a constant reminder of the bond. You may kiss each other.”

Hunk pressed the tight skin against his and found the soft lips. Their flesh melted together amidst candle stars and blushing roses.

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