The Bet

by Tiki

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There was a knock on the door. Keith pulled his head out from under the bed. "Who is it?"


"Come on in." Keith started looking under the bed again.

Pidge walked into the room and got a good look at Keith's butt. He watched it wave back and forth as Keith looked under the bed. It was quite a sight.

"Did you want something?" Keith muffled voice came from under the bed.

Pidge snapped back to reality. "Not really. Umm, what are you doing?"

"A little spring cleaning."

"Keith, it's summer."

"I know it's summer." Keith backed out from under his bed, the handle of a footlocker in his hands. He sat back on his knees and brushed his hair out of his eyes. "This is the first real chance I've had to do this in a while. I'm amazed at all this junk in here."

"I could give you a hand."

"Great." Keith stood up. "Just start going through that stuff by my bed and I'll get the closet."

Several minutes went by before Pidge spoke again. "Keith, what's this?" Pidge held up a picture.

Keith stuck his head out of the closet and looked at Pidge. He took one look at the picture and blinked. Where in the world had Pidge found that? He was sure he'd burnt the damn thing. "Where did you find that?"

"In your footlocker." Pidge waved the photo around. "Care to explain why you and Sven are dressed like that? Unless you want me to guess?"

Keith sighed. "I can't just ask you to forget you ever saw that picture right?" Pidge shook his head. "I'll tell you but don't say a word to anyone else. I'm too embarrassed." He stepped out of the closet and sat on the floor next to Pidge.

"So what's with the maid uniforms in the picture?" Pidge looked back at the picture in his hand. "And the sexy pose. I didn't know you where into that kind of stuff."

"I'm not." Pidge looked at him. "It's a long story. It all started with a bet..."


"You can't be serious."

Lance shook his head. "Sorry Keith, you're the one who said you could get into anywhere."

"But the Dean's private office! I'm not that insane!"

"If you can't do it," Lance looked down at his hands and back up at Keith, "I know several people who would be very interested in what you were really doing on spring break."

Keith's eyes narrowed. "You wouldn't. You were there too."

"I didn't participate in your activities." Lance smirked. He knew he had Keith. "You can't prove I was there."

Lance had him and Keith knew it. "How do you expect me to get in?"

A wicked smile broke out on Lance's face. "The dean having his house cleaned tonight," Lance's smile got wider, "by a maid service. You and Sven can sneak in with them."

"A maid service? And where would I get a uniform from?"

He pointed over to some lockers. "Third locker from the left. Put on everything."

"What does Sven have to do with this?"

"He's going to make sure you don't try to get out of it. Isn't that right Sven?" Lance looked over in Sven's direction. Sven didn't look to happy with what he had to do, but he nodded in response.

Keith sighed in resignation and walked slowly over to the lockers Lance had pointed out. Inside the third one two uniforms were hanging. There were also shoes, garters belts, stockings underwear and two caps. Keith pulled at one of the bras. "You want me to wear this?" He waved the offending article in the air.

"I said everything didn't I?"


Keith looked around nervously. He didn't see any of the other 'girls' around. Just go in, snatch something off the old man's desk and get out. Simple. He took a deep breath and sighed. "I can do this." He took a step towards the dean's office.

"Oh Katherine dear!"

Keith froze. He plastered a fake smile on his face and turned around. "You wanted something Ms. Stone?"

"I know it's not your assigned area but could you be a dear and clean the office? One of the other girls got sick and we were already short."

Keith couldn't believe his luck. The supervisor had just given him an excuse to be in the dean's office. "Of course Ms. Stone. I'll get to it right away."

Ms. Stone looked around. "I wonder where Dunca could be?"

"I think she's still doing the front windows."

"Thank you Katherine."

Keith opened the door to the office and walked in. He quickly went over to the desk and grabbed a piece of stationery and a pen and slid them into his pocket. "Got my proof. Now I'll just clean up a bit and get out of here."

He was dusting off the bookshelves when he heard the door open. Keith turned around to see the dean standing there. "Oh I'm sorry sir. I'll just get right out of your way." He began to walk to the door.

The dean stayed right where he was. "There's no rush. Why don't we get better acquainted?" He reached back and locked the door. Then he began to step towards Keith. He squinted at Keith's nametag. "Katherine isn't it? Why don't we talk?"

This is not happening. Keith was starting to panic. I have to get out of here before this gets any worse. "Excuse me sir but I really have to go."

The dean walked up and backed Keith into the desk. "Don't rush off Katherine. I'm sure you can spare a few minutes."

"We're short a few girls tonight so we're really busy." Keith tried to edge past from the dean. A hand brushed under his skirt. "Sir! I'm not that sort of girl!"

"Just one little kiss, then you can go."

Keith bit his lip. He just wanted out. If kissing the dean would get him out of this crazy situation, then he'd do it. "Just one then you'll let me go?"

The dean smiled. "Of course."

Keith closed his eyes and let the dean kiss him. It was revolting. He had to struggle to keep from throwing up. He felt the other man's tongue slip into his mouth and barely resisted the urge to bit down on it. When he felt a hand sliding up his leg, Keith pushed away. "I said one kiss nothing else."

The dean chuckled. "So you did. But what a kiss." He walked over to the door and unlocked it. He opened the door and held it open for Keith. "And as I said, you may go."

Keith nearly ran out of the room.

As soon as the job was done, Keith and Sven walked over to where Lance was waiting with the car. Lance leaned against the car, watching them approach. "So Dunca, how'd Katherine do?"

Sven opened the door and sat in the car. "He went in the office. I saw him come running out."

"I was not running." Keith snatched the cap off of his head and loosened his collar. "I just want to get this crap off."

The first thing Keith did as soon as they got back was to take the make-up off his face. He stared at himself in the mirror. He had kissed the dean. "I feel sick." He walked out of the bathroom.

Sven had his leg hiked up on a chair, struggling with his stocking. "I can't get this damn thing off." He looked up and saw Keith. "A little help?"

Keith sighed and walked over. He pulled another chair besides Sven's and threw his leg over it. "Just watch what I'm doing. It's pretty simple really."

Sven gave Keith a look. "Is it really?"

"Let's just say I know my way around these things. Now pay attention." Sven lowered his leg and walked over to Keith. He leaned over slightly to get a better look. "Like I said it's very simple."

Keith had just finished taking off his stocking when he heard his name. "What?" He looked up just in time to see Lance snap the picture.

Lance lowered the camera and smirked at him. "Oh la la Keith, don't you look fetching. You should dress like that more often."

The shock of having his picture taken like that was just starting to wear off. Keith slowly blinked his eyes. Then he lowered his skirt and took his leg off the chair. "You did not just take my picture while I'm dressed like this."

"I couldn't help myself." Lance waved the picture in the air. "This is for my personal collection."

"I don't think so, not if you value your life. Come back here so I can hurt you!"


"So what happened after that?"

"Lance got away." Keith scowled at the memory. "The rat ran outside where I couldn't follow him."

"Did you get caught?"

"No. The next time I saw the dean he did wink at me though." A slightly puzzled frown crossed Keith's face. "I still have the feeling he knew about exactly who 'Katherine' was the whole time."

Pidge looked down at his hands. He kept his head lowered and glanced up at Keith. "I have one more question."


Pidge reached into the footlocker. He pulled out a very familiar piece of black clothing. "Why do you still have the outfit?"

Keith turned red and lowered his face into his hands. "This is why I should clean more often."

the end

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