Cost of Protection, Part 1

by Tiki

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Within moments off stepping into Club Doom, Lance felt he had made a mistake coming here. He looked at the young woman at his side. The flashing lights shined across her blond hair. "Lee, are you sure you won't to go to this place?" He made sure to use fake name for the night.

Lee smiled up at Lance. "Of course Lance, my guardian wouldn't think to look for me in a place like this." She patted his arm. "Let's go have some fun before he sends the cops after me again." She left his side and disappeared into the crowd.

It took Lance a few minutes to find Lee again. He tapped her on the shoulder to get her attention. "Don't do that. I'll be at the bar if you need me." Lee nodded briefly.

Once Lance had his drink, he took a better look at the club. There were tables scattered around the room. The dance floor was huge and split into three levels. It was on the top level he spotted him. Moving to the pulsing beat of the music was a vision.

His black hair seemed to glow in the light. Sweat gleamed off the skin exposed by his red tank top. His jeans were molded to his finely muscled thighs. Lance couldn't seemed to take his eyes off of him.

Lance felt someone come up beside him. "Beautiful, isn't he?" He heard whispered into his ear.

"Who?" Lance sighed. He turned his head to see who was talking to him. A kid with his brown hair held back by the dark sunglasses on top of his head stood next to the table.

"The guy you're staring at," he smirked. He leaned against the table. "They sometimes call him Black Lion here, but I call him Kay."

"You know him?"

"Of course I do. Call me Pidge." Pidge pulled a chair up to Lance's table and sat down. "You're new here at Club Doom so I'll give you some free advice for now. If you value your health, don't think about Kay."


Pidge tilted his head to the right. "Look at the only table on the third level. See the guy sitting there?"

Lance looked where Pidge indicated. A man in a dark business suit sat there with a glass in his hand. He appeared to be staring at Kay. "Yeah, who is he?"

"That's Sven. He's the one of the owners of Club Doom and Kay's keeper."

Lance raised an eyebrow in surprise at the word keeper but guessed it just meant Sven was had possesion issues. "Interesting."

Pidge leaned closer to Lance. He glanced around the room quickly. His eyes narrowed as he half-whispered, "Don't take me lightly. If Sven even thinks you're making eyes at his property, the next place you'll be seen is the morgue."

"Why the advice? You don't know me."

Pidge smirked, "I may look young but it doesn't mean I'm an idiot. I recognized the blond you came in with. It doesn't take a genius to figure out who you are."

So that was it. Now he knew Pidge's game. "The price of your silence?"

Pidge stood up and walked next to Lance. He laid an arm across Lance's shoulders. "Just don't get yourself killed. We don't need that kind of trouble down here." He kissed Lance's cheek and disappeared into the crowd.


He managed to get Lee home before her guardian had noticed she was missing. That was an accomplishment in itself. The man usually checked in on his ward every two hours. For some reason this night he hadn't. Lance was glad for the break, he hadn't really wanted to deal with the man.

Hours after leaving Club Doom, the young dancer Kay, stayed on Lance's mind. Even from where he sat Lance had been able to see the beauty of Kay and Lance loved beautiful things.

The morning came and Lance went back to his old routine. Gone was the leather jacket of the night before. In its place was a business suit. The party animal was replaced by the new vice-president of R&D at Arus Inc.

As he headed to his office for the day, his cell phone rang. Keeping one hand on the wheel he answered. "Darling, I thought I told you not to call this number."

"Ha. Cute Lance."

"How is our oh so charming CEO this morning?" His eyes stayed on the road but Lance's mind was elsewhere. "Something has to be up for you to call me this early Allura."

She sighed into the phone. "The president has called a meeting. He wants an update on your progress with the V project. He expects it ready for final testing and production by three weeks."

"What?!" Lance swerved slightly, barely missing the car in the next lane. "Is the old man nuts? The operating system is still crashing on us. It's no where near finished!"

"Try explaining that to Coran. Just get here as quick as you can." Allura hung up.

"Damn it, what is he thinking?" The V project or the Voltron system was the newest baby of Arus Inc. Also it was one of the oldest projects at the company. The idea behind the Voltron system had been thought up by the former president and father of the current CEO, Alfor.

The idea behind the Voltron system was simple. It was supposed to be the ultimate in anti-hacking and virus protection software. The system would make Arus Inc. a fortune, if the damn thing ever worked.

Unfortunately, it didn't. Whenever they tried to upload it into a computer, it crashed. The latest attempt with the Voltron system had taken down every computer in the R&D department for a week. There was no way they could get the system up and running in three weeks. If the president pushed production... Lance shuddered as he thought of the damage and law suits that could result.

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