Cost of Protection, Part 2

by Tiki

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Lance leaned back in his chair, closed his eyes and sighed. "This is a nightmare," he covered his face with his hands. "There's no way we can get Voltron ready in time. I'm toast."

He had tried very hard to convince Coran that Voltron couldn't be ready within three weeks. Lance just couldn't get the old man to listen. Finally Allura had managed to make him see reason.

Okay, the reasoning she used was that rushing the Voltron system into production in three weeks would throw off their production lines was lame, but it worked. Temporarily.

Now instead of three weeks Lance had three and a half months. Not that it would make much of a difference with the state the system was in right now. He could only hope for a miracle.

No miracle appeared for Lance that week. He looked over the latest reports on the Voltron system and felt like crying. "I swear it's like the damn thing has it out for me. It just refuses to work right."

Three days ago Voltron had once again shut down all the computers in R&D. Unlike the last time, it also got into the company system. Over the last three days it had shut down every computer in the main office of Arus Inc. He had just started receiving reports of computer shutdowns from the other offices.

"This is a nightmare." Lance threw his hands and groaned. He just couldn't handle this right now. He was about to go crazy.

He needed to relax. Lance picked up the phone, preparing to call Allura up to see if she wanted to get into a little trouble tonight. Then he remembered and put it back down.

Damn, he had forgotten she was going to be out of town this weekend. It had something to do with Arus Inc. So he was alone for the weekend. What would he do with himself?


Once again Lance found himself walking through the doors of Club Doom. This time he was alone. He made his way through the crowd and found a table. He looked around the dance floor.

Lance wouldn't admit it if anyone asked him but he was looking to see if Kay was there. He spotted him on the third level. As crowded as the club was, where Kay danced there was plenty of empty space. Tonight he was wearing tight white pants, black boots and a leather vest.

I must be losing it, Lance thought. I can't get him out of my mind. That kid, Pidge, he warned me to stay away. So why am I here again?

Lance was watching Kay dance when he felt a thump on the table. He looked over and saw Pidge sitting on the table. The boy was wearing an outfit similar to Kay's, except Pidge was wearing a frilly white shirt under his vest. A black headband completed the outfit. "Do you know you look like a pirate?"

Pidge leaned across the table. "You like to live dangerously don't you? I warned you about this."

Lance leaned in until his face almost touched Pidge's. "What's life without a little danger?"

"Sven will eat you alive. And I was starting to like you too." Pidge gave Lance a quick kiss on the lips. "Maybe he'll let me play with you before he kills you. I can always hope." He straightened up.

Something about this kid didn't quite make sense to Lance. He knew too much. Something was missing. He needed some more information. "You know a lot about Sven and Kay don't you?"

Pidge looked over to where Sven was watching Kay. He sighed and turned back to Lance. "I should. He owns me too."

"What?" This was not something Lance normally heard. "He owns you and Kay?" That would explain where Pidge got his information from.

Pidge tilted his head to the side. "You really have no idea what you've walked into do you?" He stared at Lance and shook his head. "I should have known. Your kind doesn't understand what goes on down here."

"Make me understand."

"All you need to know is Kay and I are Sven's property. He can do anything he wants with us."

Anything he wants. Lance had an idea of what anything could cover. He didn't want to think about that. This subject was making him feel weird. "How well do you know Kay?"

"Pretty well." Pidge smirked and hopped off the table. He held out a hand to Lance. "Dance with me."

"Won't Sven be upset?"

"About you dancing with me? He won't care." He grabbed Lance's arm and dragged him onto the dance floor. "I dance with who I want."

Pidge pulled Lance through the crowded dance floor. They went to the right side of the second level before Pidge stopped. He backed Lance towards a group of three and said, "Come on and dance. No one's going to notice in here."

Pidge was a funny kid. As long as no one noticed Lance decided it should be okay to humor him. The words I'm dancing with a kid ran over and over through Lance's mind. I just hope nobody I know is here, he thought. I really don't want to explain this.

They were dancing for maybe ten or fifteen minutes before Pidge stopped. He put his hand on Lance's arm and whispered, "Come on here's your chance."

"Chance for what?"

"You want to meet Kay don't you?" Pidge smiled and tugged on Lance's sleeve. "This might be one of your few chances to do it. Follow me."

Lance followed Pidge through the maze of bodies. What was he doing? Did he even want to meet Kay? This was madness but he couldn't seem to stop himself. Pidge stopped in front of a door. He looked around and then pushed the door open.

On the other side, leaning against the wall, was Kay.

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