Cost of Protection, Part 3

by Tiki

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Pidge pulled Lance through the doorway. He let go of Lance's arm and walked over to Kay. Pidge leaned against him and wrapped his arms around Kay. "Rough night?"

Kay opened his eyes and patted Pidge on the back. He looked down at him and smiled. "Not really. No rougher than usual." He looked up and realized someone else was in the room. "Who's your friend?"

Lance was staring at Kay. He thought the other man was beautiful when he had seen him dancing. Up close Kay was breathtaking. His black hair looked softer than silk. His entire body was a work of art. He felt like he could drown in the dark brown eyes looking at him.

Still holding on to Kay, Pidge turned around. "Lance is just a guy from the club."

Kay's eyes narrowed. "Really?" He took a step towards Lance.

Lance took a step back. Kay had gone from work of art to a predator in seconds. And he had a feeling he was Kay's prey.

Pidge tightened his grip on Kay. "He's not like that. Calm down Kay. I just brought him in here to meet you."

Kay's expression remained cold. "We've met. Now he can go."

Lance held up his hands as a gesture of peace. "I'm not here to cause trouble. I was just admiring your dancing."

Kay's eyebrow went up. "Are you sure it was my dancing you were admiring? That would be a first."

Pidge put one hand on Kay's chest. "Come on Kay, be nice."

"I think he is being nice."

Pidge stared up at Kay. His bottom lip quivered a bit. Kay sighed and rolled his eyes. "Why'd you bring him in here? You know the rules. We could get in serious trouble."

"Sven won't notice. Anyway he came in with me."

"That doesn't make me any happier." Kay glanced at the wall. "I better go before Sven gets jumpy." Kay untangled himself from Pidge and walked slowly towards the door. He paused at the door, then disappeared into the club.

Lance released the breath he realized he was holding. "That went well."

Pidge leaned back with his arms crossed against the wall. "I think he likes you."

"What gives you that idea?"

Pidge smirked again and straightened up. "I just know Kay. Let's get you out of here before anybody gets suspicious."

"Oh yeah, like there was nothing suspicious about me following you in here. You can't be older than thirteen, how do you even get in this place?"

"I told you, Sven's one of the owners and I'm his property. He likes to keep an eye on what he owns." He tugged Lance towards a door on the other side of the room. "We can go this way. Private exit."

Pidge dragged Lance through a long hallway. Several of the doors were cracked open and Lance got a brief glimpse of what was going inside the room as he passed.

Club Doom caters to all kinds he thought. He'd only had the briefest look in the rooms but he was pretty sure some of the things he had seen were illegal if not immoral. At the last door they passed, Lance stopped. "I didn't know that was physically possible."

"Well now you do." Pidge tugged on Lance's arm again. "Time to go, you've had your thrill."

"What kind of guy do you think I am?"

"The kind who wants to stay alive maybe." Pidge stopped in front of a door with an exit sign. He released his grip on Lance's arm. "Here's where you get off. You've met Kay now so this time take my advice. Stay away from here. We don't need your kind of trouble."

"I happen to like trouble."

Pidge pushed open the door and gestured for Lance to leave. "Go and don't come back. If you show up again I'll tell Sven."

"I thought you liked me."

"Maybe I do, but Kay's all I have. You wouldn't understand it." Pidge pushed Lance through the door. He shook his head as he shut the door. "He's all I have and I have to protect him. Stay away from here." The door shut in Lance's face.


Over the next couple of weeks Lance was too busy with Voltron to think much about Pidge, Kay or Club Doom. That damn system was turning into a nightmare. He just couldn't understand it. It just wouldn't work.

"I should just take a sledgehammer and beat the damn thing."

"I don't think it'll help Lance."

He turned around to see Allura leaning in the doorway. She walked over and leaned against his desk. He rolled his eyes. "Just think what'll do for my stress levels though. What does our dear president want now? My head on a pike perhaps?"

"Coran doesn't know I'm even here." Allura put a hand on Lance's shoulder. "You should take a break from all of this. You're not thinking clearly."

"A break would be good." Lance massaged his neck. The stress was starting to get to him. "An afternoon away from this mess...Pure heaven."

"Then as your CEO I'm telling you to get out of this office." Allura punched Lance playfully in the arm. She made shooing motions with her hands. "Now go."

"You don't have to tell me twice."


Lance sped through the streets on his motorcycle. He was heading out of town. Oh man, does this feel good. How long has it been since I've done this? He absently watched as the city fell away.

"Just me and the road. Why did I ever leave?"

He rode through the countryside for hours. As darkness began to fall Lance headed back for the city. As good as the last few hours had been he had to eventually go back to work. Back to working on Voltron.

With his thoughts more on Voltron than on his driving, Lance almost didn't see the kid in front of him. At the last second he swerved and crashed into some trashcans. Pulling off his helmet, he walked over to where the kid was standing. "Hey kid, you okay?"

"Yeah." The kid's eyes got wide as he got a good look at the person who almost hit him. "Lance?"

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