Cost of Protection, Part 5

by Tiki

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Lance sat there staring at Kay in complete shock. He hadn't been expecting to see something like this. It was almost like it had come straight out of a science fiction movie.

Kay's face was perfectly normal until you got to his eyes. Then things got weird. The pupil of his right eye instead of being brown like when Lance last saw him was now a deep yellow. The area around it was a lighter shade of yellow. His left eye looked pretty normal. It was just a few shades lighter than normal.

Kay tilted his head to the side. He held out his hand. "Are you done now? I would like my glasses back now."

That jolted Lance out of his shock. He handed the glasses back to Kay. "Oh yeah sure." What in the world was going on here?

Kay placed the glasses back on his face. "I'm sure you want to know what Sven did to me. To tell you the truth I'm not really sure myself. All I really know is every couple of days Sven calls this old hag and she gives me an injection."

Kay leaned back on the bench, laying his head back again. "I guess its his way of keeping his property in line. Well, it certainly works."

Lance swallowed. "You're awfully calm about this. Haven't you ever tried to leave?"

"Don't think I haven't." Kay laughed softly. "I did once. I went three weeks. I don't remember much after the first ten days. All I know is I was so sick Pidge thought I was dying. He ran back to Sven."

"He really loves you doesn't he?"

"I guess." Kay sat up straight and turned to Lance. "Talking about this is making me depressed, let's do something fun."

The abrupt change in Kay's attitude was a bit of a shock to Lance but he could understand it. "What exactly are you thinking of?"

"Hmm let me think..." Kay looked at his watch. "Well Pidge should be here soon. I'll let him decide."

Lance blinked. "Pidge is coming here too?"

"Of course I am." A pair of arms came around Lance's shoulders and squeezed lightly. "He's just the cutest thing isn't he, Kay? Can I keep him?"

"Down boy." Kay stood up and turned around. "Anyway where would you keep him? There's not much room at our place."

Lance untangled himself from Pidge's arms and stood up. "What am I some kind of pet?"

Pidge completely ignored Lance and spoke to Kay. "I never thought about that. Couldn't he fit in your room?"

Kay crossed his arms and looked at Pidge. "Is he even housebroken?"

Pidge stuck his forefinger in his mouth and nibbled on the end. " You do have a point there. I still think he's cute."

Kay took a long look at Lance. He put one hand of his chin, thinking about it. "He is attractive. Looks like he's good quality too, even if he is a bit skinny."

"Wait a minute. What do you mean by a bit skinny?" This conversation had been confusing to say the least. Lance didn't like being talked about like he was some sort of pet Pidge wanted to bring home. Now they were saying he was too skinny.

Pidge came around and wrapped his arms around Lance. "He's not too skinny. He fits right in my arms."

These two don't even hear me. Lance rolled his eyes. And I think Pidge is hitting on me. Where is his hand going? Now I know he's hitting on me. He slapped at Pidge's wandering hand. "Stop that! Let go of me!"

"I was just having a little fun," Pidge pouted cutely.

The cute act didn't cut it with Lance. This kid was getting just a bit too friendly with his body. "You were trying to stick your hand down my pants."

Kay tried to hold in his laughter and failed. "I think your technique needs work Pidge."

Pidge let go of Lance and walked over to Kay. He wrapped his arms around him and stuck his tongue out at Lance. "Well you don't seem to mind."

"You know better than to try it on me. Now give him back his wallet."

My wallet? Lance felt around in his pocket and his wallet was gone. When had Pidge done it? The wandering hand. Lance took a step towards him. "Okay, where is it?"

Pidge made a face. He let go of Kay and reached into his pocket. "You know you're no fun anymore Kay." He held out Lance's wallet. "If I have to return his wallet, you give him back his keys and his watch."

"I was wondering if you would notice." Kay pulled out Lance's keys and the watch. "Sorry about that. It's an old habit."

Lance took back the wallet, watch and keys. As he put everything back in his pockets, he wondered what he was geting himself into. They had picked his pockets so easily. He had never even noticed.


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