Cost of Protection, Part 6

by Tiki

Disclaimer: Voltron is the property of WEP. The song Keith's lip synching is "Can't Get Enough" by Montell Jordan.

They finally decided to take walk around the park. Lance tried to keep an eye on both Kay and Pidge. He was still upset about them picking his pockets.

Kay talked little about himself or Pidge. His reply to Lance's questions was, "you know enough about us now, why should I say more?" Lance talked a bit about his work at Arus Inc. Mainly he talked about his problems with Voltron. He didn't give any specifics, he just talked about how his latest project was turning into a nightmare.

Lance was sure half of what he said didn't make sense. It wasn't making much sense to him and he was saying it. He did like his last idea on how to deal with Voltron. Just blow the damn thing up and the president with it.

Around seven o'clock Kay decided it was time for him and Pidge to go. He stopped beside Lance and just looked at him. "Well, this was interesting." He adjusted the glasses on his face. "We should do this again. Come on Pidge, reality's calling."

"And I was having fun to. Better go before massa calls out the dogs."

"Real cute. Let's go." Kay started to walk away.

"Don't mind him. He always gets grumpy around this time. Come back next week okay?"

Lance spent the weekend and the next week working on the Voltron project. He was going to get it to work if it killed him. Which at the rate things were going, it would.

Friday morning found Lance staring blankly at the latest reports on his desks. He just couldn't understand. It was as if the damn thing was sabotaging itself. They had managed to get Voltron to load into a computer without crashing except now Voltron attacked itself. "A sledgehammer to good for this piece of crap. A blowtorch, definitely need a blowtorch."

"For you or for the system?" Lance looked up to see Allura standing in his door. She walked in and shut the door behind her.

"Allura! I'm going crazy."

Allura gestured to the papers lying around the room. "So I guessed. You know the nasty rumor you told me about? It was true." She began to pace the room. "The company's in more trouble than you know. If we don't come up with something soon, Arus Inc. is doomed."

"You can't be serious."

"That old fool has us on the brink of bankruptcy. I don't know what I'm going to do."

"You'll think of something."


That afternoon found Lance in Dante Park again. He looked over by the lake but didn't see Kay. "I guess he didn't want to see me again." He stuck his hands in his pockets and started to head back to where he left his car.

"Watch out, I can't stop!"

Pidge flew past him on rollerblades, Kay close behind him. He caught Pidge before he could smack right into a tree. Making sure the younger man was staying upright, he bladed over to Lance. "So you're here again, I wondered if you'd come."

Kay had thought about him? Lance was shocked. "I didn't know you could rollerblade."

"Special occasion," Kay smiled, "Sven's out of town. So we play."

Pidge slowly rolled up to Lance. "He considers this playing, I'm thinking slow torture." He looked up at Lance's face. "You look down. What about?"

Lance shrugged. "Same as last time, problems at work."

"Damn. Is it the same thing you were talking about before?" Lance nodded. Pidge lifted the sunglasses off of his face. "Why don't we take him to the party with us tonight, Kay?"

Kay thought about it for a moment. "I guess it wouldn't hurt. So how about it? It's costume so don't worry about somebody recognizing you."

"And get your mind off your problems."

The offer was tempting. Sven wasn't in town and it was a costume party. He also really needed a break from Voltron. Why not, Lance thought, nothing too bad can happen at one little party. "Okay."

Pidge grabbed Lance's arm. "Great. I know just what you should wear too."

The first thing Pidge insisted they do we go to Lance's house. To see what he had to work with. Pidge wouldn't sit still in the car and played with the radio so much Kay threatened to shut it off if he didn't stop it.

When they finally got to Lance's house, Pidge insisted on a tour. In his words, "This may be one of the few chances Kay and I get to see how people normally live." Pidge became really excited when he saw Lance's motorcycle.

Before anyone could stop him, Pidge had climbed onto the bike. Caressing the handlebars, Pidge looked up at Lance. "This is beautiful. I didn't know you owned such a beautiful bike. The feel of hard throbbing metal between your legs."

"Pidge stop drooling."

Sorry Kay," Pidge didn't look sorry at all. "Hey Lance, I bet there's leather in your closet somewhere."

Lance decided right the expression on Pidge's face right then scared him. "Why am I suddenly afraid to let you anywhere near my closet?"

"Little old me?" Pidge blinked. "I wouldn't do anything bad."

"Indecent yes. He probably will do that," Kay whispered. "He has a strange sense of humor and he likes you."

Lance gulped nervously. "What does he do to people he doesn't like?"

"You really don't want to know." Kay walked over to Pidge. "Do you mind taking Lance to the party? I have some things I need to do. I'll meet you there."

"Okay." Pidge climbed off the bike. "You promise to be there?"

Kay smiled. "Of course. You know it." He looked at Lance out of the corner of his eye. "Maybe you can talk Lance into taking his bike. See you later."

Pidge clasped his hands under his chin and blinked up at Lance. "Please, oh please?"


Lance and Pidge pulled up on Lance's bike across the street from the warehouse Pidge had told him the party was in. There were a couple of cars parked along the street otherwise the place looked abandoned. Lance looked around nervously. "Are you sure there's a party going on here? It looks a little deserted."

Pidge slid off the bike, adjusting his tights. "Of course it is. It just looks deserted so the cops won't raid the place." He checked his make-up in one of the mirrors and turned to Lance. "Well come on, we're missing all the fun."

Lance let Pidge lead him to the warehouse. When they were a couple of feet away from the main entrance, he heard music playing faintly. He wasn't lying about there being a party here, he thought.

Pidge spoke to the guy at the door for a minute and then he and Lance went into the warehouse. The music being heard outside was deceptive. Inside the music was blasting. The crowd that went to Club Doom had nothing on this place. There were wall to wall people.

Lance looked around to see if he spotted Kay. He couldn't here a word Pidge was saying. He looked down at the little imp by his side and tried to read his lips in the dim lighting. Finally Pidge sighed and pointed.

Lance looked were Pidge was pointing to and finally spotted Kay. Why is it every time I see this man he's even more beautiful than before? While Pidge had dressed up as an imp and Lance was a leather clad biker, Kay was a fallen angel. Black fabric wings rose from his shoulders. He wore his black shirt unbuttoned and tight black jeans.

He stalked towards Lance, the crowd parting before him. Kay was a predator in his element and Lance was the prey. He stopped in front of Lance and placed a finger on Lance's lips. Pidge had slipped away but Lance didn't notice. His eyes were on Kay's lips. He was mouthing the words to the music playing and Lance felt like Kay was saying just to him.

Don't tell your friend...That's a no-no
Cause if she knows she's gonna wanna go
Home with me

Lance found himself lost in Kay's eyes. This was insanity and he didn't care.

See me in 10 minutes in 30 I'm up in it 'cause
I'ma put it on you until you can't enough
I'ma work your body until you can't get enough

He didn't know what had possessed Kay tonight. Whatever it was he was just going to go along with. Lance just lapped up the attention. Even if it was just for tonight, he love every minute of it.

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