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Note: A lot of these links have moved recently, along with the mass exodus of many sites from free servers. I'm in the midst of trying to retrack down working links, so some of them might still currently be down. If you find a set that aren't working, or know of where anything has moved, feel free to let me know. Thank you, and I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience.

This page is intended to help people find information on yaoi anime and manga through links and series titles they may not have known existed. Just to clarify that, by this I mean anime and/or manga that was actually intended to be yaoi by the creator, not the extremely slashable series such as Gundam Wing and Weiss Kreuz, tempting though they may be. There are a lot of yaoi-themed manga out there, so for the minute I'm focusing more on the manga that have at the very least been animated into one OAV, or the ones that I am at the very least a bit familiar with. I may eventually create a mirror list for yaoi manga, but that's in the far future.

It's extremely time consuming to search for titles and links, so if I'm missing your favorite series or website, please let me know and I'll be more than happy add them. All of the links should be working but do keep in mind that web sites move around or disappear and it may take time for me to fix the link.

Terms it may be helpful to know:
Anime: video animation (cartoons)
AU: alternate universe; anything that is non-canon for a series
Biseinin: "beautiful youth", older than a bishounen
Bishounen: "beautiful boy", roughly 13-16 years, but commonly used for any age by anyone western
Dika or Doujinshika: person who draws doujinshis
Doujinshi: fandrawn manga, usually based on a popular anime (think 'zine in English); can be innocent or sexually graphic
Fan Art: unpublished fan art based on popular tv shows, books, movies, video games, or real people
Fan Fiction: unpublished fan stories based on popular tv shows, books, movies, video games, or real people
Hentai: "perverted", but generally refers to anime containing any graphic sex at all, including male/female
June: (pronounced ju-nay) male/male original character stories by amateurs and professionals; term comes from the name of a Japanese magazine
Manga: comic books
Mangaka: comic book artist
OAV: original animation video
PWP: Plot? What plot? Sex just for the sake of sex
Seme: male/male sexual configuration- top (attack), by convention the taller character
Shoujo: anime and manga intended for girls
Shounen: anime and manga intended for boys
Shounen Ai: "boy love"; depicting love between boys, but not necessarily sex; tends to emphasize emotion
Slash: essentially western yaoi, but usually based on live action tv shows; often some justification, however thin, based on the series itself
Uke: male/male sexual configuration- bottom (receive), by convention the shorter character
UST: unresolved sexual tension
Yaoi: "yama nash, ochi nash, imi nash", no climax no point no meaning (see PWP); depicts sex between two men, often graphically; unlike western slash, there doesn't need to be any justification from the series itself

Aestheticism A good resource for absolutely anything yaoi. As a note, you do need to get an ID to be allowed into the Cybershoppe and Virtual Yaoi City, where the NC-17 fanfics are kept. They're free and only require proof that you're over 18 years of age.
Aestheticism Mailing List's Guide for the Perplexed All you've ever wanted to know about yaoi manga, from which most of these series arose. There's information for nearly every series you can think of, as well as the non-yaoi manga popular with slash-happy fans.
Jose Ni A resource guide to homosexuality, bisexuality, and transgenderism in anime
Just what is an "otaku" anyway? A guide to useful Japanese terms found in anime
Gay/Lesbian themes in japanamation
What is yaoi?


2 OAV's available subtitled by the Lupin Gang; the OAV's are based on a novel written by Rieko Yoshihara

General Information:
Aestheticism Ai no Kusabi The absolute first place to go before you even attempt to watch the anime. Very detailed descriptions with pictures. Believe me, you'll be incredibly lost if you don't have help, but it's worth it! Just click on the Visitor's entrance- the link's on the next page.
Lupin Gang Anime: Ai no Kusabi The group responsible for the fansub if not the script. Lots of helpful background information here.
Alex's Ai no Kusbai A helpful page with a lot of info including a glossary of terms and a beautiful image gallery.
Katze no Miko's Ai no Kusabi Hall info, character guides, and images
Ai no KusabiAn illustrated synopis
Ai no KusabiFor those who want their background info in Korean... They do have nice images, though.

Image Galleries:
Ai no Kusabi Gallery Pretty self-explanatory, ne?
Ai no Kusabi The page is in Chinese, but the images are worth a look.
Thentavius's Cavern of Ai no Kusabi Gallery of images
Samui Tanoshimi Yet another image gallery
The Inner CourtAn AnK gallery in Italian

Fan Fiction:
Kim's Cafe Scroll down under anime and look for My Soul to Take.
Corpus Yaoi 2 stories in the fanfic archive
Taryn's Tales from Other Fandoms Okay, so it's my page. Still, stories by three authors- you should go look.
Roo's Lemon Heaven Roo's many fanfics, including an AnK called Cup of Desire
Aestheticism Look under original and misc. in the fanfiction archive index
Only You A short fan-drawn manga. The drawings are cute, but it's in Japanese.

ankThe first AnK mailing list
ankmlThe second AnK mailing list
Vanilla~Bishounen winAMP Skins WinAmp skins
Anime CD InformationWhere to go to find the CD.
Kamui K: Discography A discography for the CD's.
psyCKo-Manga's Anime Song LyricsJust in case you want lyrics to go with your new CD.
Shiozawa/Morikawa Private CollectionsSeries notes in Japanese


1 OAV, available only in Japanese, as far as I can tell

As many of you have noted, the image gallery has disappeared. The only current site I can provide you provides a quick description, which might be helpful if you've never heard of it. Go here. Not incredibly helpful, but I haven't given up looking.


1 OAV, available only in Japanese; based on an original novel

General Information:
Shoujo Anime List

And that's it- all I can currently find. But I'm still looking...


1 OAV; Available in Japanese

Image Gallery:
The Yaoi Musuem Kazuna Uchida's Manga Gallery


2 OAV's + 5 music videos; Available fansubbed by Lupin Gang

General Information:
Hiyami's Animanga Soul CatcherInformation on Zetsuai
Miyuki's Zetsuai 1989 Page Everything you've ever wanted for Zetsuai 1989: information, an image gallery, fan fics, fan art
Feel the Forbidden Love A Zetsuai information page
The Taste of Love Information, manga gallery, song lyrics
Project ZX Bronze information in Spanish

Image Galleries:
Zetsuai 1989 Image scans from Zetsuai
Bronze Gallery Images from the Bronze series
Bronze:Zetsuai since 1989 An image gallery, MP3's, and music
Kaze no Ohimesamai Illustrations and images from Zetsuai and Bronze
The Yaoi Gallery Lots of images throughout the galleries
Bronze World Still more images
Endless Desire A gallery with images from artbooks, the cd's, and manga scans
Jenn's Anime Page Manga gallery
Club Minami Image gallery, mostly manga covers
Evil is Here Bronze Fan Art

Fan Fiction:
Fanfics Monica's Bronze Fanfics
Aestheticism Look for Zetsuai under the fan fiction category index
Izumi Takuto's Home Page More fics!
Celebration A bunch of Bronze fanfics by Lady Setsuna

Manga Translations:
Zetsuai 1989 Translation of Zetsuai 1989
Zetsu Manga and doujinshi translations, fanfiction, MP3's and song lyrics
ObZeXion Manga translations, fanfics, fan art
Wild Angel's Gate: Bronze Manga scans and translations
edp translations by Sabina Translations of manga volume 4
Bronze: Zetsuai Since 1989 Translations, manga gallery, music

The Koji Nanjo Shrine A shrine to everyone's favorite tortured superstar
Bronze Lyrics The translated lyrics to Koji Nanjo's music
Project: Akihito Shrine A shrine to the neglected Nanjo brother
Zetsuai/Bronze Webring An entire list of Bronze-related sites
Wing Zero's Dimension Bronze Winamp Skins
Zetsuai MP3 Horde Need an MP3 fix?

Weiss Takagi: Keikaku Annex Part 1 Discography and MP3's


3 OAV's; Commercially available subbed or dubbed

General Information:
EROS General information and scans from the anime and manga, music from the anime
Messiah no Miko's Earthian Hall General information, character descriptions
Earthian by Yun Kouga Information, fan art, fan fics, Winamp skins, wallpaper, a message board- you name it, it's there
Earthian Series synopsis, image gallery, lyric translations, video clips

Image Galleries:
Earthian Shrine Screen captures from the anime
Monica's Earthian Page Manga scans
World of Earthian Still more pics
Samui Tanoshimi Earthian scans and screen captures
Anime Art- Earthian I think you can probably figure this one out

Fan Fiction:
Corpus Yaoi Fics and manga scans
The Angel's Roost The home of Shara's fanfics
Aestheticism Look under original and misc. in the fan fiction category index

Chihaya A shrine to Chihaya, including more series info
Earthian Earthian screensavers and wallpaper. Impress your friends and coworkers
Love Kagetsuya A shrine to Kagetsuya


1 OAV; Available in Japanese or Mandarin

General Information:
Maki Maruto's Seikimatsu Darling Manga series info


1 OAV; Commercially available in either subbed or dubbed format from Anime Works or nearly any video store near you

General Information:
EROS A FAKE fan page with descriptions of the manga and OAV as well as a manga image gallery and ISBN's
Otome: General series information
"Sanami Matoh" Synopsis of the manga series love youA German fan page (although the menus are in English)
T.H.E.M. Reduced Anime: FAKE Want a series synopsis in 5 seconds flat? This is the site for you.
FAKE review Have more than 5 seconds and really want to know if it's worth buying? This is the long thorough version of the reduced review.

Image Galleries:
Astral Animations Synopsis of first video and large screen capture gallery
Fake Series info and image gallery
The San.San.'s Page A fan page for the manga artist with an image gallery
The Yaoi Shrine Wonderful scans from all 6 FAKE manga
Tenshi no Seishin Wonderful fan art from a very talented artist
Matoh A manga character image gallery with THAT SCENE from BexBoy!!!

Fan Fiction:
FAKE Fanfiction
Aestheticism Look under original and misc. in the fanfiction archive index
Hi no Miko's Yaoi Fanfiction An X-Files/FAKE crossover

FAKE mailing list A manga-oriented mailing list through OneList
Dee and Ryo's Hideaway A FAKE club on Yahoo


1 OAV; Available fansubbed by the Lupin Gang

General Information:
The Lupin Gang Two images and a copy of the script if you're desperate.

I can't find any fan pages for this anime whatsoever. There is a reasonably good description on the Aestheticism Page as well.


1 OAV; Available in Japanese

Nothing yet


1 OAV; Available only in Japanese

I can't find anything on the anime or manga, other than the hope that Techno Girls might eventually fansub it.


1 OAV; Available in Japanese

General Information:
Shoujo Anime/Manga List (Part 2) Quick series description


1 OAV; Available fansubbed by the Techno Girls

General Information:
Shoujo and General Movie review

Image Gallery:
Kaze to Ki no Uta General information and images


1 OAV; Commercially available dubbed

General Information:
Kimera There are a lot of reviews out there. I tried to choose one that wasn't too opinionated.
Genesis-Kimera Synopsis and images

Image Galleries:
Kimera Artbook scans
Anime Art: Kimera


2 OAV's; Commercially available, subtitled only, from nearly everywhere (Just as a note: yes, the subbing really is that bad)

General Information:
Aestheticism's Kizuna Page Mostly manga series information
Lady Andromeda's Galactic Court: Kizuna's Homepage Series/manga info, character guides, cd's
Kizuna by Kazuma Kodaka Translations and info from Hidden Pages

Image Galleries:
The Yaoi Shrine Artbook scans
The Yaoi Shrine Manga scans
Kizuna Manga Scans You can never see too many manga scans, now can you?
Uru-chan's Lair of Licentiousness A small page of Kizuna manga scans
The Yaoi Gallery Lots of Kizuna images throughout the gallery

Fan Fiction:
The Yaoi Shrine A couple few Kizuna fics
Sakura Lemon Fanfiction ArchiveDesperate? They do have one story.
FAKE Fanfiction And Kizuna fics too!!
Aestheticism Just go to the story archive index, of course
Kizuna Fics More Kizuna fanfics!

Kai Sagano A shrine dedicated solely to Kai


2 OVA's; Available in Japanese

General Information:
Mirai's World KKH information through Aestheticism's Virtual Yaoi City (ie- you need a password)

Image Galleries:
The Yaoi Shrine Artbook scans
The Yaoi Shrine Manga scans


1 OAV; Available in Japanese

Nothing so far


1 OAV; Available in Japanese

General Information:
Shoujo Anime/Manga List (Part 3) A quick description


1 OAV; Available in Japanese or Mandarin

General Information:
Shoujo Anime/Manga List (Part 3) OAV description

Image Galleries:
Edge Artbook scans
The Yaoi Shrine Manga scans


Series and movie (early 80's); Available in Japanese

Image Galleries:
The Yaoi Musueum- Pataliro's Anime Gallery
The Yaoi Museum- Minco Maya's Gallery Manga scans

Fan Fiction:
Manga-Based Fanfiction One story


Series; Available dubbed

General Information:
They Were 11 Information and character descriptions
Genesis-They Were 11 General information

Image Galleries:
They Were 11 Gallery
They Were Eleven Yet another image gallery
They Were 11


Series; Commercially available subbed or dubbed

NOTE: I'm still looking for yaoi-oriented Utena sites. If you can help me, I'd very much appreciate it.

Image Galleries:
Demon City
Anime Art: Utena
The Yaoi Shrine Doujinshi scans

Fan Fiction:
Aestheticism Look under Original and Miscellaneous


I've been told that two OAV's exist for Zeus, but I can't find anything definite on them. If anyone knows where I can find them- or if they even actually exist- please let me know and I'll love you forever.

General Information:
Team Bonet's Zeus Shrine Information and images

Image Gallery:
The Yaoi Shrine Manga scans
Corpus Yaoi More manga Scans!!!