Morning Surprise

Morning Surprise began as a challenge to the vying mailing list from Phoenix. For a complete description of the challenge, read the rules and prologue section below.

There are currently three versions of the story, two finished and one in progress. If anyone else would like to continue with their own version, by all means feel free. It's just too silly to pass up. ^.^ Warning: All the versions of this story contain YAOI (male/male) and YURI (female/female) material. If that kind of thing offends you, I'd seriously suggest not reading them.

by Phoenix

Rules and Prologue The original challenge. This should definitely be read first.

by JoAnn

JoAnn's Silly Version JoAnn's version most closely following the actual rules of the challenge.

Eye of the Beholder Revised 6/3/00 A more serious spin-off of the original challenge.
Eye of the Beholder, Part 2
Eye of the Beholder, Part 3

by Todesengel

Todesengel's Version, Part 1

Todesengel's Version, Part 2 The exciting conclusion.

Todesengel's Version, the Blooper Reel Sometimes it's just so hard to make those characters behave...

by Zoe

A Slight Change in Perspective, Part 1 in progress

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