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Taryn's Voltron Parodies

Please note the following warning labels following the story titles:
Yaoi: Stories containing material that deals with male/male relationships. They are not necessarily graphic, but don't read them if the thought of two men in a relationship bothers you.
Yuri: Stories containing material that deals with female/female relationships.
Lemon: Stories with adult content. Should not be read by anyone under the age of 18, period.
Violence : Stories contain scenes which are violent. Reader discretion is advised.

The Voltron the Third Dimension Survival Guide

This was originally going to get it's very own page, but so far that hasn't happened.

The Unofficial Voltron the Third Dimension Drinking Game!! As if there's an official one.

When Voltron Writers Get Desperate: Appearing courtesy of Tamysan and Voltron: Tales from the Denubian Drive-In

by Taryn

A Bedtime Story If you think Voltron: the Third Dimension is the coolest thing you've ever seen, you probably want to skip this one.

A Voltron Fairy Tale Yaoi

And the Award Goes to... Yaoi A multi-anime crossover parody.

Run! Run while you can! It's time for:

Voltron Karaoke Theater

aka What Taryn Does When She Gets Very Bored

What Would Good King Alfor Do? If I have to watch one more episode where King Alfor's Ghost suddenly appears to save the day, I'll scream.

I Want It That Way Yaoi This probably also falls somewhere into the 'it's better if you just don't ask' category.

A Day Off Yaoi Because I really just couldn't leave the idea alone.

By Jenn

Jenn's Fan Art

The Rocky Horror Voltron Show Yaoi I just love this!

By Phoenix

Voltron Bloopers Yaoi Yuri as well, for that matter. But only very slightly.

You know you're a Voltron fanatic when...

By Todesengel Gebieterangst

Visit Todesengel's Page: Durcheinanderreich

Voltron Bloopers Continued Yaoi the Fanfic Version

Outtakes Yaoi The Voltron Force does Star Wars

By Shannon

Shannon's Page: V-Force II

Stuff and Whatnot I especially recommend the PTA story.

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