Drachemagus' Halloween Challenge

I think that it would be cool if we could have a Halloween challenge since it's pretty close. This is a poem that I wrote; maybe it can get some creative juices flowing {g} ~DracheMagus

Autumn Moon, full and bright.
Wolfsbane is blooming below,
human form is let go.

On this October night,
wolf song greets mortal ears,
and banishes all fears.

He met the wolf at his door.
No danger lies herein,
the one whom he adores.
He calmly lets him in.

The Responses

Forest's Response

All Hallow's Eve by Jemi

Halloween Revenge Parts 1 and 2 by Phoenix Note: unfinished

On That Day by Tiki

Nuit by Todesengel

All's Hallow Eve by Todesengel

Moonlight by Todesengel

Todesengel's Drag Response

Whys and Were-fores by Zoe

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