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Welcome to my Voltron story archive. This page contains not only my stories, but also many of the stories that go through vying, along with every Voltron yaoi story I can get my hands on. This page exists mainly because I spent so much time searching for yaoi Voltron stories myself a couple of years ago. I was ecstatically happy when I finally found one and I decided an archive collection would be a wonderful thing. That said, I'm always taking submissions of any Voltron story, not only yaoi ones. If you have anything you'd like to have up here, let me know! You'll make me an incredibly happy person!! Arigato, minna-san.

The "I just couldn't help myself!" quote of the moment:

Lance: "I'll catch you later, Lotor. I've got to save the universe."

Lotor: "Sorry, pretty boy. You're not going anywhere until we finish this!"

Voltron 3D, Biography: The Voltron Force

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Please note the following warning labels following the story titles:
Yaoi: Stories containing material that deals with male/male relationships. They are not necessarily graphic, but don't read them if the thought of two men in a relationship bothers you.
Yuri: Stories containing material that deals with female/female relationships
Lemon: Stories with adult content. Should not be read by anyone under the age of 18, period. (NC-17 rated)
Lime: Contain references to adult material, but are not graphic (R-rated)
Violence : Stories contain scenes which are violent. Reader discretion is advised.

Additional Story Descriptions:
AU: Alternate Universe- the story takes place out of the series timeline
SF: Songfic- a story revolving around the lyrics to a song
VF: Videofic- basically just a description of action, kind of like a music video
NC: Non-consensual situations (rape)
X: Crossover with another series
UF: Unfinished

The Stories

Note #4002: I just moved a bunch of these stories here from other pages simply to keep me from losing my sanity trying to remember where everything is. I think all the links are working, but some of the back links on the story pages themselves might accidently take you someplace strange. Sorry about that. I'm trying to catch them all. The only two additional pages still up are the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Lotor archives for Lotor stories and the Parodies archive, mainly because there's too much there to move.^^

By Athene-chan Anime

The New Guy Yaoi Lemon

By Bob

Abrau Mishi: UF, X A crossover with C.J.Cherryh's Chanur books
Part 1
Part 2

Broken Promises: UF, NC Warning: This story contains scenes of rape and violence. Reader discretion is strongly advised.
Part 1: Yaoi Lemon Violence
Part 2: Yaoi Lemon Violence
Part 3: Yaoi Lemon Violence

I'll Be: Yaoi Sven and Lance. Warning: Some of the language might be offensive to some people. Maybe. Just in case. View Katherine's Comic Version

Thank You, Part 1: Yaoi Lemon Violence Warning: This story contains graphic images and violence. Please use discretion.
Thank You, Part 2: Yaoi Lime Violence

Bob's Poems Yaoi

By Campion44

The Taming of the Red Lion: Yaoi AU Violence
Chapter 1
Chapter 2 See warnings in Chapter 1

By Forest

Untitled Yaoi

Crossed Signals Written with JoAnn as a prequel to JoAnn's The Promise Yaoi Lime

Gravitate to Me Yaoi SF

I Want Yaoi

Perfect Yaoi AU Lime Violence

Something Not Subtle Yaoi

Sweet Bird of Truth SF, AU

The Timing is Everything Trilogy Cowritten with JoAnn Yaoi Lime

Undertow Companion to Gravitate to Me Yaoi Lime

Worship Yaoi Lemon

By Jemisard

Broken Green Yaoi-suggestive

Dark Reflections Yaoi-suggestive AU

History Revisited Yaoi AU

By JoAnn

Air Yaoi

Anchor Companion to Forest's Gravitate to Me Yaoi

Animal Force Yaoi AU

Best Laid Plans

Betrayal An alternate ending for A Midwinter's Dream Yaoi Violence AU

Gifts Yaoi AU

Forces of Nature Trilogy Seduction, Confrontation, and Choice Yaoi NC Lemon

Insecurities Yaoi

Inside Out Yaoi AU

Learning Curve Yaoi Lemon

Masquerade Yaoi Lime AU
Masquerade, Part 2

A Midwinter's Dream Yaoi AU

One With the Light Yaoi AU SF

Perfect Yaoi AU Lime Violence

Crossed Signals Written with Forest as a prequel to The Promise Yaoi Lime

The Promise Yaoi Lemon Revised 7/11/00 Note: A revised, combined version of Trust and Promise


Seduction Yaoi

Surprise Yaoi Lemon

The Best Laid Plans Yaoi AU

The Highwayman Yaoi AU, SF

The Timing is Everything Trilogy Cowritten with Forest Yaoi Lime

To Make a Blade Yaoi Lemon AU

Truth Yaoi AU

By Kaie Darkstar

Kaie's Page: Hametsu

Black as Love, Sweet as Death UF, AU

Note: These do not correspond with the chapters on kaie's site. They exist solely to catch your interest and go partake of the lovely whole.

Chapter 1: Black as Love Yaoi
Chapter 2: Red as Blood Yaoi
Chapter 3: Secret Sorcery Yaoi

By Karen

Something to Remember Her By

Memories Sequel to Something to Remember Her By

By KiffexJ

Fine Time Yaoi AU Lime

By LordHador

Sunny Interlude Yaoi Lemon

By Mars

Priestess Mars-chan's Spa of Insanity

It Hurts to Be in Love Yaoi SF

Multiple Authors (Challenges)

Drachemagus' Halloween Challenge Index Yaoi Violence AU

Jemisard's Clue/Cluedo Challenge Index Yaoi Violence AU

Todesengel's Hunk/Sven Food Challenge Index Updated 4/14/01 Yaoi Lime

Morning Surprise Index Updated 3/26/01 Yaoi Yuri Lime

Phoenix's Things the Voltron Character's Would Never Say

Raini's Pic Challenge Yaoi AU

By Phoenix

Allura Finds Out Bloopers Yaoi Yuri

I Can't Get Over You Yaoi SF

Little Red Riding Hood- Phoenix Style Yaoi

Now and Forever, I Am Yours Yaoi Yuri AU

The Dance Sequel to Today My World Slipped Away Yaoi SF

The Perfect Man Yaoi SF

Today My World Slipped Away Yaoi SF

The Twelve Pains of Christmas SF

By Raini

Desensitisation Yaoi AU

By Sandy

Dark Angel: UF, AU, NC Warning: This story contains scenes of rape and violence. Reader discretion is strongly advised.
Discovery, Part 1 Yaoi Lemon Violence
Discovery, Part 2 Yaoi Violence

The Ice Prince: UF, AU
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

By Sarah

Sarah's Page

Sarah's Poems

By Silver Wolf

Visit Silver Wolf's Voltron Page

Beauty Yaoi NC AU

By Spubba the Mad

Spubba's Fan Art

Visit Spubba's Asylum for more fantastic stories and artwork

The Black Fire Bond Yaoi AU

Broken Man Yaoi AU Lime Violence

Lance's Lesson Yaoi Lemon

The Morning After Yaoi AU

Perfect Yaoi AU Lime Violence

Restraint Yaoi Lime AU

Untitled Yaoi Lemon Violence NC

By Taryn

A Voltron Christmas Carol

Allura Finds Out: Yaoi Lime

Angel: AU, VF Yaoi

The Darkest Night Yaoi Violence AU

Everything I Touch: SF

Fog: AU Yaoi-ish

Haunting Me: VF Yaoi

I Want Yaoi

In the End Yaoi AU

Journey to the Land of Oz Yaoi AU Lime

Keeper of the Crystal

The Lucky Ones Yaoi AU

Midwinter Eve Yaoi

Perfect Yaoi AU Lime Violence

Quiet Yaoi Lemon

The Price You Pay Yaoi Violence AU

Relief: Yaoi Lime

Save Yourself: AU Violence

The Sleeping Princess Yaoi AU

Waiting Comic fic

You Lyric wheel fic Yaoi

By Tiki

Ashes Yaoi AU

The Bet Yaoi

Cost of Protection, Part 1 Yaoi AU
Cost of Protection, Part 2
Cost of Protection, Part 3
Cost of Protection, Part 4
Cost of Protection, Part 5
Cost of Protection, Part 6
Cost of Protection, Part 7
Cost of Protection, Part 8
Cost of Protection, Part 9 Violence

Crushed RosesYaoi Violence AU

You Don't Have ToYaoi Lime

By Todesengel Gebieterangst

For more of Todesengel's stories go to Durcheinanderreich. You've especially got to go read Broken Wings. It's an excellent story.

Accoustic #3 Yaoi Violence AU VF

Downtime Yaoi Violence AU

I Know Yaoi

Out of Time Yaoi

You're a God Yaoi SF

By Verdigris Fire

Let the Morning...Yaoi Lemon
Part 1
Part 1

By whizbang

Whizbang's Nasty Goblin

Blue with Envy, Part 1 Yaoi UF

Relations Yaoi

By Willow

Willow's Fan Art

CimmerianWillow's Art Page

A Lesson in Authority Yaoi Lemon

Crossing the Rubicon, Part 1 Yaoi Violence UF

Crossing the Rubicon, Part 2

Crossing the Rubicon, Part 3

Voltron Follies Yaoi Lemon a hint of Yuri

By Zoe

Another Typical Lunch Break Yaoi AU

Descend from Grace Yaoi SF Violence

Devil's Dance Revised 8/25/01 Yaoi

Over It A follow-up to Descend from Grace Yaoi Violence

Post-Coital Bliss Revised 8/25/01 Yaoi Lemon

Spaces Between Yaoi

Tempting Fate Yaoi

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